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Andrew Luke
30-05-2008, 05:41
So you get the picture. I am trying to revamp my old sixth edition vamps, while making sure they are both fun to play against and a challenge for all comers. My club has players of pretty much every army, so no tailoring here! Anyway, the army is led by an aged Blood dragon, whom has become powerful yet frail, so he must leave most of the fighting to his two squires.

Vamp General, +1 lvl, MotBA, Flayed Hauberk, Lord of the Dead, Forbidden Lore, Helm of Command, Power stone, Dispel scroll 435

Vamp, BSB, hatred Banner, Walking Death, Avatar of Death 205

Vamp, Walking Death, Avatar of Death, Black pariapt 165

20 Skellies FC, spears, dead legion 225

15 Skellies HW, shield FC, war banner 165

10 Skellies 80

Corpse Cart, Balefire 100

5 Dire Wolves 40

12 Grave Guard GW, Champ 168

20 Grave Guard FC, Barrows 315

5 Black Knights Standard, Champ, Vigor 177

Varghulf 175


Points may be a bit off on the chars cuz I went mostly from memory while looking at what is on my workspace. I need to save time plotting so more time for painting.

I feel like its good fluffy VC list, strong at magic, strong in combat, but not to OTT either. I may drop the helm of command, as it really is no brainer choice, which makes me less of a fan. Again, I am building a fun army for club play, but can still bring a challenge for a skilled general, so save your comments like "put the Regen banner on the GG, get ghoul bunkers, 2 Varghufs!!1!" for the WAAC peeps plz ;)

30-05-2008, 07:52
It is most awesome from the fluff point of view, and I believe it can preform equally well in action. Skeletons, Grave Guard and Black Knights go together perfectly, and the wolves and Varghulf fit the bestial role. Now, Corpse Cart is enough fluffy for itself, though it suits Zombies more adequately, so summoning some around it would fit to the most.

As for the Regen banner... just kidding. But seriously, don't drop Helm because it would fit the role amazingly well, as the former Vampire fighter has turned to magic, but cannot resist its basic urges to participate in combat, so when his minions are being charged, his mind transcends and merges with them, making them fight as ferociously as he would in his best days. Thats fluffy.

As those two lesser Vampires represent his pupils, you may switch that Walking Death on a non-BSB Vampire to something else if they are in the same unit, as in that case two Walking Deaths are pointless.

30-05-2008, 08:08
i agree stick with the helm soo fluffy (im most impressed)

i would drop the unit of 10 skellis in favor for a ghoul unit not as a bunker but as a bit of verity and to add a punch to one of your flanks, imo they are soo good im sure you know the stats for them so i wont repeat them,

other than that i love your list its fantastic :D



Andrew Luke
30-05-2008, 14:20
Thanks for all the praise guys, I put a fair amount of work into this army, I am glad you like it :)

I have always considered ghouls, because 2 poisoned attacks each is some of the best active CR availiable to VC. I also like that they can't have a banner, cuz then I am not tempted to turn an 80 point unit into 180 VPs. I orignally planned to have my Hatred BSB in a nice unit of ghouls with ghoulkin, but took it out cuz I thought it was too good! We will see... I might get a spearhead cuz I need zombies to summon, as one of you mentioned, so then a unit of ghoul flankers is in. The two Vamp squires will have IoN and raise dead as their spells 90% of the time, as I don't like having spells I need to throw lots of dice at to cast on low level dude. I was thinking maybe I should squeeze in a book?

I may tweak it just a hair towards even more vampiric fluff by having one of the squires be more bestial. I am thinking talisman of lyncni on the GW vamp and maybe some Fell bats and prehaps Summon beasts. Then I could have grave guard and black knights crushing an enemy flank, bats, wolves, Varghulf and a nasty gw vamp harassing the back line, and a slow methodic march up the middle with the ancient general and his horde...