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21-10-2005, 23:11
ok i need some fluff for my racdes in including. ive been thinking about this project al;l day, and have decided to try and go the whole way. to make a new wargame, and if all goes down well, maybe try to get some people playing it, and even, at some point, in the gfar future, get them published and make a whole site dedicated tothe game, and even prduce my own models!

but before i can start writing stats and things, i need to decide some background.

from what i can tell you about the setting, thing generic fantasy with steampunk aspects for a few races, and in a big way!

to start the description of races, i shall begin with humans!

humans of *insert cool name here*

pretty backwards as a race, and to image them, think medieval, with peasants, footnights, and magic! also technology being slowing introduced by half elf (details later) and goblin (also later) trading.

the very basi of the humans, are the peasants. just farming people, happy with their peacefull lives, untill the breakdown of *something, undecided* when they were exposed to the ever expanding *something cool for a name* world.

now the human lord *some cool name* has begun the advancement and crusade of the *cool name* world, with his forces, and wars rage against the corrupting forces of (evil guys).

peasants do not see war often, though since the crusades and wars started, they have been drafted in to fight, using only the pitiful scraps of armour provided to them, and what arms they can find for themselves, be it from theft, corpse looting, forging, or what they find in the farmhouse, they are made to turn up with it.

they generaly wear a padded armour, made ususaly from old bed quilts (most likely smelling bad, and flea infested) stitched together badly, with maybe a wooden breastplate, or even a scrap of metal used for some makeshift armour.
the ususaly carry some kind of polearm, as they prefer to keep as far away from what theyre fighting as possible. remember, they dont want to be there! they use anything from looted halberds, to a breadknife tied to a stick.
they generaly carry a shield of some kind (though not always) made form anything from treebark, a saucepan lid, to parts of doors with nails driven through.
they also turn up with some kind of headgear. usually a pot or pan, with no handle.

next up from the peasants, are the miltia. they arent so poor, as the sign up to fight. still poor fighters, turning up with whatever they can muster, although they recielve a short sword, or dagger, a leather jerkin, bucker, and some basic training from their lord.
they mostly turn up wielding their gifted equipment, as well as a side arm of whatever they can get. pitchforks are usualy quite commen, as are long knifes, or the most basic bludgiouning things like a table leg.

the main human fighters are organised, and trained for specific purposes. they are usually from working class families (therefor higher than the peasants and milita), and can apply to be trained from the age of 15, though many lie about age, and sign up as young as 13! their equipment is supplied depending on their training.

swordsmen receive good training, a metal breastplate, some tough clothes, a sword, and small shield from their lord, and are willing to fight at anytime, ususaly sent of to a garison

spear guard are trained using medium spears (2 metres, give or take 10 cm) supplied by their lords, and sometimes receive bucklers. for armour they are given a basic pot helmet, made of low quality steel, and wear studded leathers. they are always shipped to garrisons, as charging cavalry can be knocked off horses, and spears can be thrown from defenses. all in all they are defesive fighters.

halbardiers have halbards, or other polearms, and are trainded, and eqyuipped simlarly to spearguard.

archers are supplied with a bow, a quiver of 200 arrows and uniform, as well as archery trainging, and the training to craft arrows from natural resources, when the arrows supplied run out.

riflers are rare, and supplied with the finest half elven rifles, and a uniform. other than this, they are trained alongside archers, learning to craft bullets from scraps of metal, or even small pebbles.

the elite human troops are better equipped, carrying finely balenced greatswords, crafte by the dwarves of old, before they were wiped out by *something evil*. these are the lords guard

they arerecruited from noble bloodlines, and are equipped with half plate armour, a balenced dwarven greatsword, and insignia of their lord. they are trained from when they are children, untill they are 16, and can fight under the rules of the *name of human empire*.

more to come...

21-10-2005, 23:21
in the elite troops there are also the cavalry. equipped with fine lances of heartwood of oak, designed to impact causing horrendous damage, then snap so the knight can change weapons to his finely crafted longsword.

the are also recruited from noble blodlines, and wear full plate armour, and ride noble steeds. they often ornately decorate their armour, with personal heraldry or insignia, as well as that of their lord. their helmets are decorated with feathers, and other fine, and rare decorative trinkets.

to lead the forces to battle, there are human rulers. teh champions, and lords.
champions are equipped as the force they are attatched to, so a champion of the lords guard would have half plate rmour and a dwarven gratsword. lords however rarely fight alongside their troops, and only do so when the need arises. they are very inspiring people, and also very skilled, and often gifted with superior muscle formation, and a tougher physique than other men. this is often revered as a mark from the heavens. they use whatever equipment they favour, be it a magical greatsword made my the ancient elves of lore, or a simple bow.

they aklso are very rich, and often spend most of their time making decisions from the main room of their mansion, palace, or even castle. some may see it as the easy life, but they decide who does what, and th lives of his men are in his hands...

well, i think that about rounds up the humans. next up, i think will be the good old fantasy orcs. gie me a few minutes to think. i may have to pull an all nighter now i have the ideas!

21-10-2005, 23:37
humans also make minor use of magic, though do not have specialised users. mainly they use petit spells, or enchantments.


orcs are a race of visious, savage green skinned raiers from the northern mountains. they live only tofight, and often brak into civil wars of their own, when not raiding.

the very basic orc is a warrior. a huge muscle bound, thick skinned, beast, often toting great cleavers the size of a man, and jaws similar insize to that of a bears. all in all, they are living weapons.

the more elite orcs, have a darker skin town, more brown tinted, ranging from a dark khaki, to a ritch red/brown tone. they are walking piles of mucsle, weailding huge great hunks of metal, in two hands, to cause horrific damage.
they often wear armour as well. this coupled with their thick skin, sheer hardiness, and ability to shrug of wounds, makes them very hard to get the better of.

due to the unorganised way of orcs, they will fight with whatever, so dont organise themselves before a fight, prefering to group up on the battlefield, often swapping weapons, it return for some tasty human body parts to eat.

the biggest and hardest of all orcs, are the bosses, and lords.
their sakin tone is almost black, usually with ahint of a brown, or dark green.
they wear heavy armours, and carry huge weapons, often enchanted, by the tribes shamans, with dark arts.

shamans orf the tribe, often fight in battle as well. though they are not the toughest of orcs, they become frenzied due to their magic, and blast around unpredictable magical power.

orcs use little in the way of cavalry, but the biggest orcs often ride on giant boars, or wolves.

orcs have their settlements in mountinous areas, from where they can crudely plan raides, and launch attacks. they sometimes settle in caves, or build small villages (usualy with the help of enslaved humans, which often become food afterwords)

that about tidies up the subject of orcs. nothing too complicated, as goblins are seperate altogether... and their up next!

Hideous Loon
22-10-2005, 12:40
Sounds very cool, and sort of like a real-world medieval army (the humans that is). How many races will be included in this project? The Humans, the Orcs and the Goblins are obvious, as are the "half elves" (whatever they might be). Who else?

EDIT: Having just read your original thread, I find that the races are set. Forgive me.

22-10-2005, 18:15
im gonna say, that elves and dwrvfes, are not to be a standalone race, more of the dying race stuff, in this sase, it barely has a heartbeat! their more for background, and playminor parts in armies.

so far, the main races that ive thought of will be-

half elves
new race (unsure yet. maybe satyr/centuar race..)

wizards (going to expand apon. more of an add on to armies.)
something new maybe (reptian maybe? mroe of a neutral evil goin on there...)

something0mancers (neuromancer? technomancer?)
vamipres, and generic undead- (energy vampires! traditional fantasy evil!)
a race of iron golem type creatures (see D&D monster manual. something like the 'inevitables' and 'iron golem pictures. big, nasty, robotic things.)

22-10-2005, 19:24
onto goblins!

goblins inhabit the land south of the humann races, operating in wastelands, and as far as deserts, to the poles. they are traders, and get around the worl with ease, in their great mechanised creations, and airships

they use technology on a level simlar to that of the half elves, with weapons and equipment using blackpowder, fuel based equipment, steam power, combustion engines, and ver sophistcated rifles, using a repeating system.

the only problem with this high powered equipment, is the lack of skill, and body mass of the goblins that create them, so if they are hostile, it takes anything from 3 goblins to set up and fire a repeating rifle, and up to 10 to operate something big like a combustion-steam powered vehicle. their greatest creation, the submission tank, takes a good 20-30 goblins to keep it running smoothly, ad even then it is prone to misfiring, or self destructing by mistake.

there are few varieties of goblin, and their skin colour varies immensly, dependingon where they are, as pigment changes to suit the environment. though as their blood olour is green, the colours tend to be anything from a very pale bone colour, almost white, to a ruddy bron colour, and even almost blick on the gobling that work in the anciant mines of the long fogotten dwarves.

the smallest of goblins, often just calles Gobs, or Gobshites by their overseers, as until they grow, they are generaly used for menial tasks, and labour work, as well as being hurded into battle with the latest explosives, and lethaly experimantal equipment. usualy lethal the the Gob though.
Gobs wear nothing in the war of armour, but as the goblins, they usualy wear a pair of goggles, and a grin on their face, as well as some old work clothes, being anything from overalls, to a simple cloth around the waist.

The medium sized goblins are refered to, simply, as goblins. or gobling traders, or whatever their job may be in the goblin clan.
they generaly carry anything from mechanical hand to hand weapons, up to weaons that work with blackpowder, hammer powered bullets (as modern day handguns, or revolvers), or weapons that rely on focused beams of light to create lasers of a sort. generaly the weapons are powerful, but due to the shakey, and often derranged traitsof goblins when theyre fighting (with such a small body, and a very large adrenal gland, it excites them a lot), that they often find it hard to aim, and fight well, usualy relying on numbers, and speed, as well as supirior equipment.
goblin wear what they like, or what is suited to what they do, though usualy have a reinforced jacket, or vest, some fingerless gloves, and some king of short trousers, as well as a pair of goggles, and sometimes a helmet.

the larger goblins are known as trademasters, taskmasters, or something similar, and are the guys in charge, they use similar gear to that of a goblin, though their weapons are often more devastating, and unpredictable than normal!

goblins specialise in their machinery. they use huge great metal suits, called *insert a cool name*. they are powere by pistons, and steam, or combustion power, and are crewed by quite a few goblins and Gobs. usualy a trio of goblins, one in control, and two manning guns, anmd they are accompanied by 2-4 Gobs to keep things in order, and help.
they have open tops on them, with the commanding goblin looking ouit, and shouting orders around, and they mount a pair of powerful weapons. they are fitted as standard with a rapid firing hand cannon. bigger than i rifle, but smaller than a cannon. it has a rate of fire 2 shots per second, but is prone to jamming, and missing due to the nature of the perminantly moving,and shaking machine they are m,ounted on, and the goblin gunners. the other armourment is generaly a mount for some kind of rocket gun. a smaller calibre than a normal rocket, but packing a fair blast. the only problem is slow rate of fire, and having to be reloaded manually.
other options are weapons that pump out tankfuls of fuel, ignited by a small pilot flame, though they are only just being tested, and often explode, or spray all over the carrying machine cooking the crew alive.

another fit for the weapons, are great melee qweapons, and improved leg [pistons. they move swiftly across battlefields, and reaches combat swinging with huge great hydraulic wepaons and claws. as powerfull as they are, they are slow, and the leg hydraulics are prone to splitting, and sending the machine ploughing into the ground at high speed.

they use great warmachines based on an armoured hull, mounting a huge main cannon, or other l;earge gun, and a pair of smaller side armourments, though they are usualy still very powerfull.
they are quite long, and fairly high, and for the main weapon, they generaly mount a shell-cannon. its a large gun, that fires a large explosive shell, designed to explode on impact with somkething hard, though a lot of the time, they either fair to ignite, but generaly destroying what they hit, or t clips the barrel, and blows the machines turret fully off, and screws up the machines interns, and can start fires.
it also can mount for a main weapon, a more reliable (only slightly) devastation laser. it focus' light into a beam capable of causing massive burns, and an explosion on impact. the energy fromm the light, is proppeled by a small hail of magnetically charged needles, and leaves a slight trail of light in the air, from where the enrgy dissapates, as it moves slightly slowly through the air, due to the resistances and force acting against it, and if it were to fire to fast, there would be malfunctions, so the charged needles, often contain microscoping propulsion devices, to keep them in the air.

the side armourments are rapid firing hand cannons, usualy paired up, very similar to the ones mounted on the *previously described machine*. it can also mount rocket tubes similar to those on the *described erlier*. they are reloaded in the breach though, instead of having to me placed manualy onto the barrel spike.#

a very experimental, and new design of this, fresh from the wasteland laboritories, come a large version of this vehicle, with a ver odd armourment.
its main weapon pump out gsallons of fuel at high pressure, by the second, which are containe by various magnetic fields, so as it begins to dissapate, if forms a great cload of burning fuel and gasses, as well as igniting teh target. this cloud will continue to move at a changing speed, for a fair few minutes, untill all the fuel is burned out. this can be dangerous for anyone in its direct path, as it can move quite fast. it has no side armourments, as these are taken up by huge tanks of fuel, to power the main gun.

this about cleara up goblins and their mechanitions. and now my neck hurts from typing :(

more to come! next up, one of the evil races, namely the energy vimpires, and iropn golems

22-10-2005, 21:34
of the mechanitions of the iron sky fortress

these are metal creatures that reside in the great floating fortress made of iron above the darkplains. created by dark magic of the technomancers, and the otherworldly lords of iron, they are relentless automatons, bound with spirits of the dead, to create a mind for the empty shells, and bring them to life, so they move as a human.

the lords of iron and technomancers are from another world, and they came to *name of planet* in the same rift that broke the barriers of human civiisations, releasing them to the world. it slpit the skys themselves, , and as the great iron fortress came into place in the sky, darkness spewed forth and corrupted the land beneath it, and release demons, and other nasty creatures into the world.

at the very head of the iron fortress is the iron king. he is little known, and a giant buildt from the hardest of metals, and has tremendous intellegence, and knows all. other than this, there is no information, apart from that he controlls the lords of iron, and technomancers.

in command of the armies of iron, are the lords of iron. great, tall beings of metal, each different from the other, armed with varieties of vicious melee weapons, and electricaly charged claws, and blades. they vary immensly in size and shape, but are all humanoid in appearence. they may be only slightly larger than a human, and wear armourplates, shaped like human muscles over its mechanical body,and wearing robes, carrying humanoid weapons, such as swords. they can be almost twice the size of a man, and have few exposed mechanics, with a substance resembling onyx instead of flesh. they move slower, but are bigger, and stronger. they can even be centuroid, on 4 legs, weilding great serrated blades, and heavy eletrically charged flails. they always wear heavy armour, and wield deadly weapons.

next in command, are the technomancers. frail looking beings, often wearing long robes, and carrying no weapons. they are covered in mechanical replacement parts of their body, and trail wired where they go. their faces are usulay fited with a grim robotic face mask, , and partialy exposed mechanical brain, that emmits a peirceing, fear inducing screetch when the technomancer desires.
theyre hands are usualy replaced by claws, surrounded in a dull glow. thay are powered by an unknown force, and can disrupt the molocules of anything they touch, rearanging them to cause horrendous damage, turning skin and flesh into a dripping, melting mess, with the slightest scratch.

these two commanding forces lead the armies of iron. the most elite troops being explained now.

the largerst, most terrifying creatures they can bring to war, are the iron golems. great creatures, over twice the height of a man, made of solid iron, that bends and shaped itself around an etherial form by the command of the technomancers.
they are humanoid, although often with odd features, such an out of proportion head for their size, or overly thick limbs. this is done purposely to disgruntle the spirit controlling the golem, and drive it into a fury in battle, by making thearmour ever changing. from the crevices in the armour, comes a sickly green glow, and billowing clouds of magicl smoke surrounds them.
they often carry huge great weapons, with blaes taller and broader than a man in one hand, with the other fre to pummel and grasp, as well as letting the golem manupulate large objects to use as weapons.

down from the iron golems, are the shield guards. they are the very basic troops of the armies of iron, able to think by themselves, under command of the technomancer.
they stand a little taller than a man, at around 7.5 feet tall. they are vbuild from winding wires, to create a grim copy of muscles. they have an iron ribcage, filled with everworking clockworks, and wireings, with a beaten copper breatsplate, and helm covering the vital mechanics. they arms, lower legs, and hands are also made from a steel.
one arm is built into a sheild of forged iron, and the other carries a long bladed spear of steel, on a shaft of iron.
as they are controlled by the technomancer, if the technomancers life ends, the shield gurad begins to slow to a halt, fighting slowly, trying to hold onto its false life.

the servants of the lords of iron, are twisted creations made form scraps of metal, by the technomancers. they oten resemble small bipedal animals,with tubes strapped to their lower arm. whilst small, and weak, they can launch long brass needles proppeled by a charge, that can cause much damage to an unarmoured target, sometimes passing streight through them!
they are also able to be summoned by the technomancer, if there is metal nearby, even it it is miles underground, it is called forth and bursts up through the earth. tas they are also controlled by the technomancers, if he dies, the crumble back to scraps of metal, withought even slowing down. some even are reduces to piles of rust dust.

this about rounds up the lords of iron. feel free to comment on any races so far!

01-11-2005, 12:33
Okey, I'm just going to list some Ideas and possible changes:

One thing I liked about your background and should be empathised is that Race does not = nation, ie that nations are split by race with no possible chance of allience.

Something that does strike me is that so far the background seems fairly typical of fantacy settings with the inclusion of Elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, etc. This is probably why the Lords of Iron sound so cool, as they are fairly different.

Perhaps this world is a left over from some big space or dimensional war, with Orc and Goblins (with a name change?) on one side and Etheric creatures with an inslaved human population on the other.

Something big happened and they all arrived on this planet.
The Etheric creatures were almost wiped out and became the legends of Elves, Dwarves and deamons. The Lords of Iron could be one such group with other such groups poping up now and then.

Instead of Half eves this could be a population of 'improved' human slaves who still retain some knowledge of thier former masters.

Now you might dismiss this idea as to high tech or far fetched if its like a rift war or something rather then some big space battle the orginal races don't have to have that technically advanced.

For wizards perhaps they draw on energy from some other dimension, could call them Scriers or Delvers and instead of magic call it eddies or the source.

Basically the overall idea that it comes of as different or unusual rather than another Elf, Dwarf fantasy game - you've implied as mush in the background anyway this just takes a step further.

Most of what I've suggested is ancient history so here are some ideas on contemporay forces:

I would take a step away from the overt medieval feel and go perhaps more advanced. The humans just come of as the Warhammer Empire, so perhaps swordsmen have gone out of style with only Militia (ie town guards) using them with halberd and spears being more common.
Hand Rifles should be common and used as a central force, with only few bowmen/scouts used as skimishers.
Cavalry should be light armed with spears or pistols.
Another Idea is a horse and cart armed with a swival gun (or even a motorized cart).
Heavy cavalry and greatswords should've gone the way of the dodo.

Well thats enough for now, I hope you've appreciated me completly tearing you're background to pieces nurgle_boy. (thats a joke!)

01-11-2005, 20:39
why hell, thanks. i like some of the ideas, and i might add, its not all elves and drwrves. theyre an ACTUAL dying race, that is pretty much dead (like, only 100 or so left!)

still, im having a break from this to paint some stuff for selling, but in time, the project will go forward once again.

Hideous Loon
01-11-2005, 21:59
Nice one (or two?). The Goblins seem VERY influenced by the Goblins on WarCraft, but hey, not even the sun is spotless. The whole "cobble bitz together and hope it works" thing scream Meks to me, but no worries, they're Greenskins, remember? Liking the laser thingamajig seems nice too.

Regarding the Iron Lords (come on! who doesn't like big, electrified Iron Golems who came out of outer space?), I think the entire concept is just super cool. 'Nuff said.

Don't forget to put pics of your painted minis here, so we can have a look.

And did Sylass actually SAY that?

02-11-2005, 20:09
thanks... i may have to pick this back up this evening... ah well, better break my back bent over typing all evening!

a few others told me the goblins were a little bit warcraft-y, but i guess it couldve been some subconcious influence (playe dwarcraft only a few times)

i thi9nk i might do energy vampires and the restless dead.


oh, and yes, sylass did say it!

02-11-2005, 20:35
of vampires , energy vampires, and the Restless dead of the dark east.

Energy vampires are from a time long before current civilisation, and tales were told of them leeching from the earliest living races.
anciant drawven runes tell tales of great beings of immense strength, alongside the dead, that had been raised as their servants.

The elves tell of great lords being corrupted, and twisted by dark powers after a confrontation with a vampire. they would eventually become one of them, and slaughter their civilisation, before retreating into the dark easts from where their master lays...

the Elven runes tell of a great hero, amongst a thousend elven soldiers, fighting into the east, and sending the vampires into the darkness, and keeping them there, to stop their reign of terror, untill they were all thought gone.

lately though, the dead have become restless, and the great spectral hunters of the humans, have become aware of an evil force rising. corpses have been rising from graves, andterrorising citozens.
even as the spectral hunters arrive, they can only attemp to imagine what is coming. not even the greatest torturer can get information from that which cannot speak...

in current days, where trade and technology flouresh between many races, vampires are practically forgotten, and all that remaind of them, are tales in the great tomes of wizards libraries. the dead have always been restless, and necromancy heard of, though the spectral huinters deal with these occurences.

with the dead beecoming more restless, it signals that the great magical barriers of the elves, have been broken, and the eternaly living lords of the dead have been released to haunt the world again.

Highest in the ranks, are the vampire lords, growing huge from their collosal power, some reaching around 10feet tall! they weild great weapons enchanted with dark magic, and have extremely powerfull necromantic abilities.

ower down in the ranks, are the undead captains, young, eager vampires, with unnatural power for their build. they use weapons from their past lifetime, and fight as they did before they became a vampire. they have necromantic abilities, of a good power, but nothign that can compare to a vampire lords.

of the many dead leaders, Wight captains take command. they wiel weapons with blades of dark vorpel, able to cut a man in half with a single blow. they wear great crowns. sybols of their ruling presence before their death. they wear heavy armour, in dark colours, and can ride into battle on great unholy steeds of bone, and rotting flesh.

also with a commanding presence, are the lich lords. great necromancers, with power similar to that of the vampire lords, sometimes even more powerful, though their great fragility leaves them unable to fight. they are often lonesome creaures, shunning vampires, and supporting themselves with their own powers, and becomeing quite a significant threat.

the most powerfull of undead servants, are the wights. like their captains, they weild blades of dark vorpal and wear heavy armour. they are competent fighters, though their death makes their movements jerkey, and slow.

the basic servants and fighters, are the skeletons. reanimated with relative ease, they can fight, but are slow, and unwilling. they rise carrying the weapons they were buried with. if they werent, they are made to carry sorroded and oold swords, maces, spears and wearing scraps of armour, and a shield.

some are chosen to be the liches bodyguard, given ancient suits of armour, and huge halbards to fight with.

lowest of the low, are the zombies, raised during battle as living sheilds, they fight with what they carried as they died, and often being peasants, and commoners, that means nothgin at all...

the undead host is also accompanied by all manner of spirits, and other dead things that refuse to stay dead, including giant dead monsters, and even noble dragons of bone, that fell in millenia past.#

strangest of the vampires are the energy vampires, that have lurked in ther current world, escaping the elve host by blending in, and they have adapted to the technology changes. they have volved to drain energy from anything, including machines, although their necromantic powers have faded some...

wel, thats the vampires and energy vampires...

Hideous Loon
02-11-2005, 20:54
I can see more WarCraft homages: The spellcasting lich, but don't worry. I won't tell. And the Wights just scream WHFB, but that concept's fairly cool too, so no worries there neither. After all, there's only so much Undead lore in the world.

And them energy vampires are just tiger cool. All the way.

02-11-2005, 21:04
Nurgle_boy, I have to say your background does indeed kick ass.

I have one or two suggestions though

For a neutral race, what about Angelic/ Demonic creatures? They could be servants of a trickster god who's aim is to keep balance in the universe and to prevent good or evil finding a deinite and sustainable advantage. So these things could appear to heros and villains, and would be as likely to offer help as to rattle a dagger in their ribs.

Larger demons could be something like 20 foot gribbly monsters with multiple heads and ****, lesser demons could posess people or take the form of beings of light / dark.

For Evil, what about a reptilian, desert based race? I put a suggestion in your last thread about a snake-man style race based on the work of steve jackson and the other guy hat wrote Fighting Fantasy. What you would have is essentially a lower caste of snake men, ruled over by an elite class of shamans. They would live in the desert and, as the year got hotter, their territories would expand and they would go and claim slaves and territories for themselves, as the year gets colder, their kingdom contracts and they become more vulnerable.

03-11-2005, 10:48
that does indeed sound good hlokk.. ive been considering a 'snakemen' of sorts for a while, and i guess if people like it, it may have to be!0

i know it uses aspects of other games, but theres only so much you can make from scratch.

i chose liches, because necromancers are still living. i want DEAD dead, and wights pop up in a feckload of wargames and RPG's.

ah well, i may have to dable in the 'snakemen' next.. first up, i need some ideas...

oh, and thanks everyone for the comments. i guess ive got to go by people input, so that IF this wargame ever does get complete, people may lie it, and i could even get a set of rules on the web. delving into the runes of fate, if people started to play it in their gaming clubs, i could even start working on minis, and published rules for it (im an avid sculpter y'see, even if im still a bit poo in places).

well, i guess i better start thunking about it!

Hideous Loon
03-11-2005, 18:22
I quite like the idea of desert-based Snakemen, with an empire that's expanding in the summer and shrinking in the winter. Go for it. As for angelic/daemonic beings, I don't really approve. Can't really place why, I just do...

03-11-2005, 20:36
Sounds like something that can be very great, it has lots of potential! This is going to be a game with models in the line of WFB I assume? I suggest perhaps creating a new forum for your game. You could have various sections, something in the lines of:

-off topic



etc etc etc. You know what Im trying to say I guess ;)

I see you have posted lots of race specific background, mostly on how they would function and what they sort of are. But I think it would be very cool to take this further, you could start off as a wargame, but from there if you find more fans etc be able to create a RPG game which could bring a way more detailed view of the background, but perhaps also something for naval warfare.

Where does this game take place? Some world with connections to other dimensions?

04-11-2005, 08:01
where it takes place? im undecided at the mo, but i'll think of something kewl