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30-05-2008, 12:36
I have wanted to build a horror army for some time now, but not liking skeles or zombies that much have been a bit stuck til now, so here is my 2000pt list. Please fell free to pick it apart.

Vampire lord - Ghoulkin, Master of black arts, Summon ghouls, Biting blade, The flayed hauberk, Black periapt, 2 dispel scrolls.

Vampire - Avatar of death (great weapon), Walking death, Talisman of the lycni, The book of arkhan.

Necromancer - Rod of flaming death.

Wight king - Lance, Skeletal steed, The hand of dust (using wood elf lord model).

20 Crypt ghouls - Ghast.

20 Crypt ghouls - Ghast.

20 Crypt ghouls - Ghast.

20 Crypt ghouls - Ghast.

5 Dire wolves.

5 Dire wolves.

3 Fell bats.

5 black knights - Full command, Banner of the undead legion (using wild riders models).


Thanks for any input.

30-05-2008, 14:27
I never really liked dire wolves. It seems everything you can use them for, summoning a unit of zombies is the better way to go. Then again this army doesn't have that much magic, so I guess you can't depend on it. (Only 8 power dice + 2 bound).

It's interesting and could do very well, but I think you'll find that you need more magic.

30-05-2008, 16:29
One thing i would do is swap the Rod of Flaming Death on the necromancer and give him 2 x power stones, and pick Van Hels for his spell, this way you have an ultimate magic phase where you can catch your opponent off guard and have a great chance of getting the spell off. However you don't have that many Heavy Hitters for it to be that useful :/.

Drop a few ghouls to upgrade your lord to lvl 4 as well, will give you 10 PD in total.

Andrew Luke
30-05-2008, 18:50
20 ghouls is too many, they are the active CR troops. Big units are more appropriate for skeletons. I'd keep the dire wolves, raising zombies is unrealiable when you really need a redirector. Your probably going to want to buff your magic as your list is really quite tame. A couple levels on your Lord and maybe forbidden lore should do the trick ;)