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30-05-2008, 12:47
prince 1 dragon armour of Calledor
Vambraces of defense
great weapon

Noble 1 Sword of might
Dragon armour
Dragonscale shield 20

Mage 1 lvl 2
Jewel of dusk
amulet of light

Core units
Lothern seaguard 12
Standard bearer
Archers 10
Archers 10

Special units
Swordman of Hoeth 12
standard Bearer
Phoenix guard 14
standard Bearer: Banner of sorcery
White lions of chrace 11
Standard Bearer: Lion standard
Ellryian reavers 5
Rare units
Repeater boltthrower 2
Great eagles 2

note the mage is theire to dispel and cast drain magic 2 or 3 times if lucky. have some march blockers so my archers can shoot some guys down and when the get close, move up the hard hitting guys. in case of fighting a range army wil try to use the fast guys to keep enemy range guys bussy why marching to them and getting archers withing firing range.
that's the main idee. never played high elves before so don't know how they realy work in combat.

Lord Khabal
30-05-2008, 12:57
Where is the steed for the prince and noble? at 2000 pts 1 lvl2 mage wont be putting out many spells, if any, even with the banner of sorcery!. I advise to downgrade it to lvl1 and put 2 dispel magic scrolls on it and use counter magic only. And put musicians on all units except archers, especially on the reavers!!!! Not much fan of seaguard, but it's OK. I think it's a balanced infantry list...

04-06-2008, 18:27
okay made some changes. don't have my list with me now but remember some stuff.

removed: banner of sorcer, lvl 2 on the mage, his magic items, the dragonscale shield and the sword of might.
gave te wizard 2 dispel scrolls
(whats more effective annulian crystal or 2 dispel scrolls. the dispel scrolls are a 1 time use while the crystel takes one powerdice of the enemy and gives you 1 dispel dice).
then i think i gave the nobel the amulet of light and a great weapon

and then there's one issue: should i take 10 reavers (plain), 8 silverhelms (think with shields) or 5 dragon princes (plain).

think this were the changes don't know a 100% for sure wil post him later when i get home.

04-06-2008, 22:03
The Annulian Crystal is best teamed up with a Scroll Caddy. You'd get 5 DD and 2 Scrolls. If it was a choice between the two I'd go for the Scrolls.

My vote would be 5 Dragon Princes, assuming you keep the existing Reavers.