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30-05-2008, 15:50
I've been looking at the dragon slayer and wondering what is the best way to have it setup.

With no upgrades it's cheap and still gets to use the slayer axes, but ASF and +2 attacks could work too and would make him a lot more effective at + 150% the original cost :eyebrows:

The list I'm thinking of putting him in is a combat dwarf list with an anvil (not thorek) and mainly 20 man warrior units.

The idea would be either to use him to guard the anvil, or to run up and deal with any nasties I come across.


30-05-2008, 16:19
You could try a Master Rune of Smiting plus a rune of speed:

3 attacks hitting on 3's wounding on 4's and dealing D6 wounds...Good enough for dragons and other nasties. (chariots come to mind)

A rune of fury plus the rune of alaric the mad might come in handy against knights and heavy infantry.

Still, I think your best bet would be a couple of naked Dragon Slayers, costing next to nothing and causing your opponent a headache.

30-05-2008, 16:39
I only have 1 character slot open (1 runelord, 1 BSB thane for strollaz, 1 thane for rune of challenge), but I have 100 points going into a unit of 10 rangers (warriors w/ shield) that people keep saying are useless, so I have those points to work with.

So either I could take a plain dragon slayer and add the rune of slowness, or I could give the slayer some gear.

Right now I'm thinking no extra gear is the best option, but I just want to make sure...

Chaos Mortal
31-05-2008, 22:19
no gear i thiknk is the best way as to be honest it is giving your opponant a headache but any points put into the model are basicly handed to your opponant. A master rune of Swiftness would be nice and make him a bit more survivable in CB howwever hes still a sitting duck for shooting.

Looking at your army from what i can see it looks like your rangers work perfectly especially with the strollaz i would first try out a few games with them they can be great if used correctly.

Thanks, Chaos Mortal

01-06-2008, 11:07
Equipment?! It doesn´t make sence to take ancient heirlooms to battle when you are trying to die and that is reflected in the game by naked Dragonslayers beeing the best.