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Chicago Slim
30-05-2008, 20:05
(Just noticed: there's no Wood Elves listed in the dropdown as you start a thread on this forum!)

I have a friend coming over tomorrow for a one-off friendly game. He's playing Chaos (6th ed Hordes+Beast books, which are just recently out of date). I'm playing Wood Elves. He has a good bit less experience playing Warhammer than I do (by several years, anyway), though this will be only the second game we've played together.

Not knowing what he'll bring (old-school Chaos is like that...) I've built a sort of balanced (shooting/magic/fighting) but still very hard army (intending to be versatile, ready to deal with whatever he brought):

General: Spellsinger (level 2), 2 Dispel Scrolls
Battle Standard: Noble, Hunter's Talon, Arcane Bodkins, light armor
Branchwraith (level 1 mage), Cluster of Radiants, Pageant of Shrikes
Alter Highborn, Oaken Armor, Blight of Terrors, shield, great weapon
10 Glade Guard (no command)
10 Glade Guard (no command)
6 Glade Riders (no command)
9 Dryads (no command)
8 Wardancers (musician and champion)

That's 29 longbows, plus the Shrikes, for some shooting.
2 mages with 5 power dice per turn, plus two bound spells in the magic phase.
4 hard-fighting units (though no ranked-up infantry), plus one fast flanking unit to use in the combat phase.

The Alter Highborn came, as much as anything, for magic defense: his plan is to charge (18") into enemy mages, and kill them in hand-to-hand (counting on his high Ld, and some support from the BSB, to keep from breaking-- where he leads, the Treemen will follow...)

Should be fun. If it is, I'll post here after the game.

30-05-2008, 20:08
Two treemen... and you call this a friendly balanced list?...

Chicago Slim
01-06-2008, 06:45
Sure-- no ancient!

More seriously, this list doesn't bring ANYTHING other than the Treemen that has any business fighting pretty much anything in the old-school Chaos list (the Dryads can handle some beastmen or small units of daemons or marauders, but that's about it...)

As it turns out, it was a rout in my favor: he brought a pile of magic (Four wizards! No waiting! Now you get a sense of what we think is friendly in Chicago!) including a Sorcerer Lord with the Lore of Fire. It took us until Turn 4 before he was able to put any of that Fire onto the Treemen-- at which point, we point realized, S4 to T6/3+ armor meant that I could pretty much take it all day.

Mostly, I think he was much too conservative in his play-- he had a unit of Chosen Knights who ran up the middle, but they were pretty well on their own. His Dragon Ogres spent 3 turns screwing around on the flank before finally committing (and they could have wrecked literally anything they might have fought, had he run them forward).

He also had some **** luck (he blew a Terror test with an Exalted Champion of Tzeentch in a Chariot, which cost him a big pile of points, for one thing, and he couldn't make much magic stick to my Treemen, two of his Chosen Knights died to the Slaanesh Frenzy spell he cast on himself, and when his Dragon Ogres did finally charge my Branchwraith, they failed to hit much, so I was able to hold and let my BSB escape their pursuit/overrun; no miscasts, though, despite dropping 14 dice per turn, his Lord made 4 saves in a row on 4+, and his Beastherd passed their Terror, so that was something).

My Highborn didn't work as planned-- he got fried by spells (Actually, one spell: Conflagration of Doom!), though not until after he caused the Terror test that killed the Exalted Tzeentch champ and the chariot he rode in on, so I can't really complain...

I ended up not using my Dryads or Glade Riders, at all: they literally never got into charge range of anything, never caused any wounds-- they say on the flank all game, along with the Scouts (who march-blocked 3 units on turn 2, and then pretty much called it a day, taking a couple of pot-shots at the Dragon Ogres to no real effect). The Glade Guard and (mostly) Treemen did all the work.

What he really failed to do was contain my treemen-- he had several fine cheap units that he could have thrown at them to keep them out of play, while the rest of his army casually murdered my other 1430 points, but instead he turtled up in his deployment zone and tried to fry me with spells, to predictable results (the magic didn't do a ton, other than killing the Highborn; my treemen ran the table, killing his Chosen Knights with a rear charge, his Nurgle-marked Chariot with a flank charge, his beast herd with a shaman in it, and his sorcerer lord).

So, yeah-- friendly is as friendly does, I suppose. I could have made my list a bit beardier, and I could have played it harder than I did. At the end of the night, we agreed we'd both had a fine time, and that he hadn't really been prepared to deal with the Treemen, even though he thought he'd planned for them.

Chicago Slim
01-06-2008, 06:46
Two treemen... and you call this a friendly balanced list?...

It also occurs to me, I DID call it "hard", in both the subject line and text! Caveat Sucker!