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31-05-2008, 21:37
i was looking through the magic items section in the get you by chaos list and i noticed a few things

chaos runesword is exactly like spirit swallower but better AND cheaper
there is a massive lack of ward saves
the enchanted sheild is cheaper than a normal shield

and is the chaos daemon sword worth it?
it looks really good with 6 s6 ws9 attacks but it will literally kill you
i think it is a good idea to take the crown of everlasting conquest to give you a save against it

any thoughts?

31-05-2008, 21:45
The Chaos Daemon Sword is a pale replica of what it once was....used to give the wielder the stats of a greater daemon. And the Chaos RuneSword gace those stats, but with none of the disadvantages.

Still, with the stat changes of the Vampire Counts and the loss of the Blood dragons, The Chaos Daemon Sword will give a Chaos Lord the best stats in the game for a man sized model. So thats not too bad.

Chaos Mortal
31-05-2008, 22:15
to be honest ive never been a fan of the daemon sword, however the runesword if true sounds like a nice choice... i think the reason its cheaper would be its much less effective on a Chaos Lord (still very effective) than a Keeper of Secrets however there are so many flaws i wouldnt even take notice of it to be honest like how an enchanted shield can be cheaper than a normal shield is beyond just about everybody i think.

Thanks, Chaos Mortal