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31-05-2008, 21:56
This army will be modelled and themed around the Red Duke's army and his return to Aquitaine to take back his land. So a lot of it will be conversion work to model the undead as Bretonnians.

380- The Red Duke (Vampire Lord); dread knight, red fury, crown of the damned, black periapt, magic level

155- Gwendolyn, the Red Duke's mistress (Vampire); dark acolyte, sceptre de noirot

150- Uriel Beau Pre, Red Duke's most loyal servant (Vampire); battle standard, dead legion

172- 19 Skeleton Warriors (men-at-arms); command

180- 20 Skeleton Warriors (men-at-arms); command

80- 20 Zombies (peasants)

40- 5 Dire Wolves

198- 14 Grave Guard; command

180- 5 Black Knights (KoTR); barding, command

225- 5 Black Knights (KoTR); barding, command, banner of the barrows

240- 4 Blood Knights (Grail Knights); standard

Total 2000

I'll be using a lot of Bret bits for a lot of these models, mainly the ones in ( ) is what I'll be using.
This army will mainly be just for a painting/modelling/fluff project for myself and not mainly focused on just winning. Although I would like to atleast win a few games from time to time, so any suggestions please tell me.

*Army fluff to come

31-05-2008, 22:21
I like the idea a lot, but I question bringing a unit of zombies when your graveguard is so small. To be an effective anvil you really need to be able to soak a lot of damage. 1 good chariot hit and a supporting unit could kill that in 1 round... thats a problem if they over run into your knights preparing to charge, or run right by them...

Edit: You can always summon your peasants from the earth where they belong =D