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31-05-2008, 22:17
Originally I was going to go with a khorne and nurgle army but I just have to paint some horrors and flamers, and if possible a LoC, so I though about going pure tzeentch but the army I came up with was a bit ridiculous so I've devised this list instead. However, the list comes to 2574, and it needs to be 2250, so what do you recommend I do?

Lord of Change
either Tzeentch's will and power vortex, or twin heads and dark magister - which is best? I'm thinking the latter but I don't won't to build him like this only to change my mind.

Herald of Tzeentch
power vortex
Banner of Unholy Victory

Herald of Slaanesh
Siren Song
Soporific Musk
Steed of Slaanesh

40 horrors
full command
Icon of Sorcery

20 bloodletters
full command

12 daemonettes
Full command
Banner of Ecstasy

5 flesh hounds

5 flesh hounds

6 flamers

So this has a pretty solid magic phase - 13 power dice. I would like the horrors to be level 4 so that they can reliably cast bolt of change each turn with 4 dice while still leaving the LoC 7 dice to play with.

The plan with the daemonettes is to force a charge on them and then flank that unit next turn with a unit of fleshounds.

The bloodletters are so big because I don't see them winning any combats without support if they're any smaller.

The LoC will just fly up a flank shooting off spells and try and get some flank/rear charges in.

The horrors, despite being poor in combat should be able to cope on own if engaged in close combat due to having a static cr of 7-9 due to the BSB and +D3 combat res banner.

The flamers are there for shootyness of death.

So, how do I get this down to 2259?

31-05-2008, 23:09
make daemonettes a unit of 10 with no command

reduce horror unit

reduce bloodletters to 18 models

swap herald of slaanesh for Masque of Slaanesh

01-06-2008, 00:46
That still leaves me at 2396 as I'm reluctant to reduce the horror unit size for the reasons given above. Any other suggestions to reduce lose the last 150 points?

01-06-2008, 00:52
324points too many?
Ditch the flesh hounds.
That's 350points saves right there.

Get yourself an extra couple of horrors.