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01-06-2008, 04:10
I'm trying to make a Bretonnian army up that I feel more accurately represents the fluff than most lists do, whilst still remaining somewhat competative against any other army.

Basically it's the full strength of a minor fief of Bastonne, a lord, his wife and daughter and 4 sons (represented respectively by a lord, a lvl2 damsel, a lvl1 damsel, a pally BSB, a questing knight pally and 2 knight errant champions).

My biggest beef with Bretonnians is the fact that knights are supposed to be fairly rare, not everyone can be a noble, but most Bret armies have 80% of their points spent on them. So, taking all that into account, here is the list:

Lord with sword, lance, shield, heavy armour, barded warhorse, virtue of knightly temper and tress of isolde - 200pts

BSB with virtue of the penitent, sword, heavy armour, barded warhorse - 114pts

Paladin with Questing Virtue, Virtue of Empathy, Birth-Sword of Carcassone, shield, heavy armour, barded warhorse - 129pts

Lvl2 Damsel with the Silver Mirror, barded warhorse - 159pts

Lvl1 Damsel with the Staff of Sorcery - 120pts

7 Knights of the Realm (SMC) - 192pts

6 Knights Errant (SMC) - 141pts

6 Knights Errant (SMC) - 141pts

5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician- 87pts

20 longbowmen skirmishers with braziers - 140pts

4 x 25 men at arms (SM) - 560pts (140pts each)

Total - 1983 points.

The idea is that the 4 m@a units form up fairly close together with either terrain or the board edge on one of their flanks and the knightly units grouped up protecting the other. The skirmishing bowmen spread across the m@a, and the lord and the mounted damsel goes in the KotR unit and together with the KE they form the main attacking thrust or counter attack of the army. The BSB and damsel on foot hang around the m@a providing leadership, re-rolling break tests etc and the questing pally goes wherever, either monster or mage hunting, or with the KE or even the m@a.

Am I on the right track with this or is it just a case of "add more knights if you want to ever win"?

Cheers guys. :)

General Squeek Squeek
01-06-2008, 08:41
no this list looks quite nice, but a trebuchet might serve you well so that it forces your opponent to react to you and not just hide in a corner. Since all characters have at least 2 wounds the silver mirror isn't that price effective.

Like you said earlier most bret armies are mainly cav, and this is probably the most effective way to run them. But this list should do well as long as you plan and coordinate your charges.

01-06-2008, 15:24
Nice list, if not a bit repetitive...

let's see: 4 big blocks of men at arms, 3 units of knights, a unit of fast cav and 20 skirmishers...

You could add a trebuchet, some grail reliquae, a unit of bowmen and some more mounted yeomen in order to make it more balanced (as in: participating in every game phase).

To do this, however, you'll need to part ways with a unit of M@A, a unit of errants and possibly a character...

02-06-2008, 08:03
What about;

Lvl3 Prophetess with potion sacre, barded warhorse - 200pts

paladin 1 - knight's kit, virtue of knightly temper - 120pts

paladin 2 - bsb, sword, heavy armour, barded warhorse, virtue of empathy, gromril great helm - 114pts

paladin 3 - questing virtue, sword of heroes, heavy armour, shield, barded warhorse - 119pts

Lvl1 damsel - silver mirror - 110pts

7 KotR (SMC) - 192pts

6 KE (SMC) - 141pts

6 KE (SMC) - 141pts

5 yeomen (musician, shield) - 87pts

22 m@a (SM) - 125pts

25 m@a (SM) - 140pts

25 m@a (SM) - 140pts

20 bowmen (skirmish, braziers) - 145pts

10 bowmen (stakes, braziers) - 65pts

10 bowmen (stakes, braziers) - 65pts

trebuchet - 90pts


Similar to last plan, in that the BSB and the lvl1 damsel join the 22 strong m@a unit, whilst the other 2 m@a units deploy either side of it. The skirmishing bowmen deploy along the front of all 3 m@a units and the 2 10 man units deploy on the flanks. The treb is deployed according to terrain, hopefully on raised ground behind the m@a.
The knights form up a 3 unit hammer with before, the obvious change being the prophetess replacing the lord. This is pretty much to increase magical offensiveness and because I haven't used magic much before.

The lone questing knight is pretty much a fluff consideration, the lords son returning temporarily from his quest to help his father out. Being a questing knight he should be good at taking single baddies out, which is why I gave him the sword of heroes (though I cant decide if the birth sword is a better choice?).

02-06-2008, 15:39
i gotta say i love this list from the point of view of playing for fun and fluff. X number of knights with X characters and nothign else is boring to watch and play against.