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01-06-2008, 05:20
Hey all, I'm starting a Beasts of Chaos army (and no, you can't talk me out of it, I already have most of the models :p) and I'm looking for some advice.

What I have:
~ 40 Pestigors
2 Khorngor Commands
Box of beastmen
Wargor/Bray-shaman x2
5 Centigors (unassembled)
Doombull (Mordheim Minotaur)
2 Chariots

Most of this was free, or nearly so, as I won it in various draws and raffles held over the 25th anniversary (hence the Pestigors + Khorngors)

Now, I have limited Fantasy experiance, I have a small (~1500point) Orgre army and a half dozen games under my belt, though I've got a fair bit of experiance with 40K. I'm wondering a few things.

1) Marks: Is it worth it to try and keep my general Unmarked, or would allying to a specific god be alright?

2) The Bestigors: I see three options with them: Use them as pestigors, paint them blue and call them Tzaangors, or just use them as unmarked Beastigors. Is Fear really worth the 50 points I'd pay for it?

3) The Shaggoth is going to be my next painting project, While he's not a Lord currently, I'm going to be painting him such that no one will doubt what god he follows. I'm not sure if I should go Khorne, or Slaanesh. He'll stay unidivded, rules wise, at 2000 points (when he first becomes a Lord) then will pick up his mark at 3000 when my Doombull takes over generalship of the army. So, Strikes First or Frenzy?

Overall, I was thinking unmarked Shaman as my general initially, with Pestigors, Khorne Chariots (they can be marked, check the FAQ), and then everything else just regular and painted up for whatever god I feel is apropriate. (going to be a Tzeentch beast herd, and I'm thinking Slaaneshi Centigors)

Sounds like a plan, or should I just re-evaluate that?

01-06-2008, 11:12
1) Can't remember is Beasts have the same restricitons as mortals used to, but generally if your general has a mark the rest of the army has to have the same one. If your whole army will have the same mark then by all means Equip your general with the same. Otherwise keep him Undivided and embrace variety.

2) Fear is fantastic for Beastigors. Unlike most fear causing core choices they have a decent stat-line and don't cost 35 points a model. And Fear causing units don't get affected by Fear, so undead, daemons, ogres and other fear causing units won't be as much of an issue. Well worth the points.

3) For a Shaggoth, Slannesh is a much better choice. He's already immune to psychology so you'd be paying alot of points for frensy and only be getting one more attack and giving your opponent the ability to lead your shaggoth on a merry dance (ask around for tactis against frenzy).

Give him a great weapon and the Mark of Slannesh means you'll be Strength 7 and hitting first, always a joy to watch.

01-06-2008, 16:51
Ok, Makes sense so far. Being that I've only play Ogres I didn't think about how much fear is helpful (just like I mostly play Grey Knights in 40K, so I couldn't tell you the fall back rules if my life depended on it :P).

What about the Chariots? Would they also benefit from fear, or would doing 6 attacks instead of 3 with the Khorne mark be better?

And would it be worth it to just go full nurgle and sicken up my Shaggoth? Extra wound seems nice, but always strikes first does sound like fun.

Nurgle and Slaanesh do play niely enough together I supposee, just don't ask what kinds of diseases you're getting. :D

01-06-2008, 17:07
1) Can't remember is Beasts have the same restricitons as mortals used to, but generally if your general has a mark the rest of the army has to have the same one. If your whole army will have the same mark then by all means Equip your general with the same. Otherwise keep him Undivided and embrace variety.

yeah. if you general is marked all units must have the same mark OR undivided.

If your general is undivided you can mix marks on your units (ex 1 beast heard of nurgle and another of khorne) BUT characters can only join units of the same mark.

However with the way the chaos gods are now happy to work together, this will probaly get changed next edition

01-06-2008, 18:12
First off, I'd advise you against upgrading your shaggoth to a champion: As it stands, he's already a big, fat target with a bullseye painted across his chest.

I know you didn't ask for the following piece of advice, but it just crossed my mind, so:

If you want, you can field the army as it is, with the addition of a single beast herd boxed set.

Something along the lines:

Doombull, blade of the slaughterer

3x beast herd (5/5), musician
18 pestigors, full command (mark of Nurgle)
16 bestigors, full command
12 bestigors, musician
2x chariots, mark of Khorne

5 centigors, shield, musician, standard
4 chaos ogres (you said you have an ogre army, right?), heavy armour, GW, musician, standard

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, GW, light armour

Comes at 2000 points, and gives you an interesting army...

SO, to answer some of your original questions, I'd convert the Khorne command groups to pestigors/normal bestigors (add some hoods, cut off some horns and paint in an appropriate colour scheme).

Paint all of the pestigors as such, but convert an undivided command group to differentiate the unmarked bestigors from the original pestigors.

Khorne seems like a sound choice for your chariots, as it gives some precious extra attacks. however, undivided will serve you well without the inherent risk of frenzy.

Shaggoth: If you really want to make it a champion, then slaanesh is the optimal choice (makes for a great cavalry killer), but nurgle can be handy as well, the exta wound meaning that he can't be auto-killed by cannon balls.

Lord Aries
01-06-2008, 18:34
OK, I will explain the main strength of the best list as of RIGHT NOW...

Take fear and terror... run it up into their face. AS much fear and terror as you can take.

Take ambushers and put them BEHIND the enemy, so when they flee, they are dead. If you do this, they can't use MSU or no touch strategies to counter.

Take centigors and place them in the flanks to counterflank or flank the enemy. Centigors are always better when I take 2 units of them.

Fear + static 5 + decent troops... = kill. It doesn't work for ogres cause they don't have the static 5.

Basically surround the enemy, and use fear and terror to your advantage against horde armies... Against shooting armies, the ambushers win you the game, and agaisnt MSU or No touch- surrounding them takes away their advantage. Against VC or Undead... having fear and static 5, with better troops means you can stand to fight them in the front, and then get charges in the rear/flank once you pass those fear tests...

01-06-2008, 21:43
Hmm, that sounds alot like the stuff I overheard when I walked into that 3rd year physics class.

I have exactly... 4 non-command Khorngors. :p I was thinking of using them for the chariots, since marking them for either Khorne or Nurgle is as easy as putting the appropriate Beastigor on the back. (and I'm going to use one of my spares anyways, since they're actually Gorthor's Chariot, two of him came with the giant bag of stuff :p)

Ok, so I understand the logic behind using Fear and Terror against Horde Armies (I've watched an entire O&G army get run off the board by a single Varghulf, that was fun)

Ambushing a Gunline I can understand (seen wolf scouts do it to Guard in 40K)

But what is MSU and Static 5?

01-06-2008, 22:58

Pestigors are too expensive, for a pretty underwhelming unit.

I'd stick to one unit of Khorngors, or use those pestigors as undivided bestigors. They are not that good frankly, but one unit can be fair if you bring the Staff of Darkoth. Fielding 3 units of bestigors..? .... no.

I agree with the above advice with the Shaggoth. Don't make him a champ, just use him as a monster that will -not- when combat by itself. Great for a flank charge with something else like chariots, and for terror. Get used to seeing it shot to pieces. :)

I personally would use that wargor as a Beastlord, and set him up in a big herd with one or two of the shamans. At least then you get leadership 8. If you use the Doombull, you will lose ambush.

Don't put too much stock in ambush. The biggest use is psychological, because by the time they can charge on turn 3 (-IF- they show up where you want) you are probably already stuck in.

In the future I would (IMO) look to getting yourself some more Minotaurs and chariots to give yourself some punch. Another unit of Centigors would probably be a decent idea as well. Chaos spawn (particularly Slaanesh) are good for tying up blocks of infantry.

Finally if you are looking for some BoC-centric reading, check here: http://www.freewebs.com/herdstone/


>Edit - MSU = multiple small units. Doombull led minotaur armies can run like this with units of 3 minotaurs.

02-06-2008, 03:08
Crazy Idea:
2000 points

2 Rare Slots, 4 Special slots
2 regiments of Centigors
2 Shaggoths running up behind them...