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01-06-2008, 12:06
Prince: heavy armour, shield, steed, sword of hoeth, helm of fortune 262
Lv 2 Mage: barded steed, seerstaff of saphery OR silver wand 181 or 161
BSB Noble: battle banner, heavy armour, shield 212

20 Spearelves: champion, standard 200
20 Spearelves: champion, standard 200

15 Phoenix Guard: command 255
5 Silver Helms: shields 115
Tiranoc Chariot 85
Tiranoc Chariot 85

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100
Repeater Bolt Thrower 100

Hey Warseers. :D

This is the start of a new High Elf Army. (you might be able to see the results on a plog i may start soon)

This is meant to be a 2000 point list, but i have reached 1795 (or 1775) and I:

need help deciding want to spend the rest of the points on
whether my mage should have a seerstaff or silver wand
and other comments, suggestions and contsructive criticism wanted

thanks dudes

01-06-2008, 13:22
I commend you on a nice, solid HE infantry list. It really only needs a few things.

What do you want that Mage to do exactly? He seems to figure prominently as the only spellcaster. However being the only spellcaster in a 2K game means he's not going to get that many spells through. So you must, must have a plan for him; which Lore he'll be taking and why.

One suggestion to make it easier to cast spells is to get the Ring of Fury (w/ Silver Wand). Cast it first or last, drawing out dispel dice or forcing your opponent to hold back dice so he may dispel that.

Your list looks quite solid. I would've gone ahead and spent the points on musicians for the Spears. Then with the First Amongst Equals rule you can give one of them the War Banner. Put the BSB in the second Spear block. Your PG anvil then can field the Prince and they too can have their own magic banner.

Yes, I'm recommending not putting the Prince with the Silver Helms if that's what you were planning. Also, consider mounting the Noble as well. I'm not that sold on Sword of Hoeth, consider that for that many points he's not getting any of the defensive stuff that'll let him live through horrible things: Vambraces of Defense for instance, coupled with Armour of Caledor for rerollable 2+ saves and a 4+ ward.

Also consider that the Sword of Hoeth still allows armour saves, and with a Prince's unmodified S4 that means most will still get decent saves.

Or you can give him the Radiant Gem of Hoeth and have yourself a "Mage-Knight"; he'll contribute an extra dispel dice and if you stick him with High Magic he can cast Shield of Saphery on another unit or throw down a Drain Magic unexpectedly.

I think you're missing out on not having any Great Eagles. Versatile and cheap units, they'll do many, many things for you. Also consider the Ellyrian Reavers as you need some reach that only fast cav can provide. Or if that's not your thing, some Shadow Warriors for some warmachine hunting would also work.

How committed are you on the Silver Helms? They're decent units, but the Dragon Princes outclass them easily for only a few more points. And if you ever happen to face that Flaming Bloodthirster you can hurl these guys at it and they'll be immune to his attacks (or any and all flaming attacks--Flamers of Tzeentch I'm looking at you). The DPs also function well with the Banner of Ellyrion-16" charge through any terrain ain't bad.

Upgrade the Heavy Armour to Dragon Armour for your Prince and Noble, immunity to flaming attacks is worth the few points. Also, give your PG champ some useful magical items: maybe Amulet of Light (or if you want him to be a suitable challenger-Sword of Might/Enchanted Shield to give him a 3+ AS and a 4+ Ward with a S4 attack, not too shabby for 25 pts more).

02-06-2008, 06:48
thanks for the brilliant help!

as you know i have roughly 200 points to spend, so the list of additions is:

Upgrade to dragon princes, and they will be a stand alone unit, the extra attacks will make them a main attacking force, plus the models are top notch. I will still field my prince with them though, because I cant get rid of the steed as i have already made the model for him and i did a 'eavy metal quality paint job (okay, not quite)

I have considered giving the prince vambraces of defence, but i feel that the sword of hoeth plays well on the lack of the prince's lack of strength. also, he has the helm of fortune, meaning that he has a +1 plus re rollable save, which is pretty good. I have also realised that the prince has a weapon skill of 7 meaning basic troops will find it hard to hit. (obviously, this wont come in handy against heroes in challenges, but the speed of asuryan makes up for it)

warbanner for spearelves unit 1 and a musician
BSB noble for speaelves unit 2 and a musician (should I get rid of the standard bearer for this unit?)

I was thinking of giving my PG banner of sorcerey, great for extra power dice and if i have silver wand, i will have enough power dice to cast my three spells

my mage has the ring of fury

this rounds of to a nice 1994 points

the only problem is that i lack a great eagle, so what would you suggest i have: banner of sorcery of sorcery or a great eagle?

also, have you got any advice on what models i could use to replace the current crappy spearelves?

02-06-2008, 07:22
You're welcome!

Well, I have a preponderence of old Phoenix Guards so I use that instead of Spears. But I'd stick with it for now. Keep the standard bearer, they need the static CR boost.

I think you need a Great Eagle more than the Banner of Sorcery. The Banner really only comes into play for Archmages or multiple mages. The Eagle will help you out more in the meantime... maybe proxy it?

02-06-2008, 17:04
yes, i'll keep the standard bearer, I have the points.

For the Spearelves, I think I shall use either tiranoc or RBT crew for spears, but I find that the warstore is store expensive even if it is in $.