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01-06-2008, 15:41
Wondering whether to get Tyrion to lead my High Elves and having read his rules, I've got a couple of queries...

i) Malhandir. He's just a normal steed now, correct? i.e. you can't kill him and make Tyrion walk about for the rest of the battle.

ii) Tyrion's armour gives him a 1+ armour save. What happens to armour of this type (e.g. Armour of Meteoric Iron, Flayed Hauberk, Armour of Morkar etc etc) that gets "broken" by spells such as Vaul's Unmaking. They can't revert to being normal items of their type because it doesn't specify if they would normally be Full Plate Armour, Heavy Armour or whatever.

Nurgling Chieftain
01-06-2008, 19:39
i) Correct!

ii) Items which do not revert to anything revert to nothing as they have no properties that aren't magical. However, Tyrion is not an example of this: his armor is Dragon Armour and reverts to those properties if negated.

01-06-2008, 20:17
and did you know tyrion has a o+ armour save cos malhandir is a mount and not a monster

02-06-2008, 01:20
ii) depends. Does the destroying item/spell/ability destroy the item or the magical properties? If the second, magic dragon armour becomes mundane dragon armour, but if it is the first (such as for example Thorek's Gal Maraz) the item is lost completely. Which of the two it is should be noted in the destroying item/spell/ability's description.

edit: I got the name of the hammer wrong, sorry, but it's equally 'a' heavy I think