View Full Version : First Attempt at 2000pts Tomb Kings

01-06-2008, 17:14
Okay I altered it to this:

Tomb Prince
Chariot, great weapon = 149

LP (H)
Cloak of dunes, hieratic jar = 160

dispel scroll = 140

dispel scroll = 140

20x warriors
light armour, champ, standard, (hand weapons and sheilds) = 200

20x warriors
light armour, champ, standard, (hand weapons and sheilds) = 200

10 x warriors = 80

8x Heavy horses
champ, standard = 181

3 chariots
champion, standard bearer = 160

3 ushabti = 195

tomb scorpian = 85

SS catapult = 90

bone giant = 220


01-06-2008, 17:26
Consider switching the King's Great Weapon to a Flail. I also tend to prefer a ward save to any of the armours. Consider Chariot of Fire -- you've got a lot of unused points allotment for your King, and at the moment you're not getting much benefit (above that of a Prince) out of him. If you're not going to give him more magic item goodness, consider downgrading him to a Prince and putting the points towards another Liche Priest (maybe on a steed in that heavy cav unit -- which could be switched to light cav, really).

I think that your skeleton units could deal with being a bit bigger. An extra warrior in the two hw&sh units gives you an extra rank towards combat resolution. You also don't really need full command in those units -- a banner usually does fine, although some people like to give them the full kit.

Good luck.

02-06-2008, 18:42
I changed it
what do people think?
I need to know before i buy stuff!

03-06-2008, 23:37
drop all the champs and try to upgrade the prince to a king, and switch one of the LP's scrolls for the staff of ravening

the flail of skulls would be good, but DoE is bettert on a king (on foot atleast)

Tomb king13
04-06-2008, 14:34
Well first of all you need to change the TP to TK because the Lord will boost your army; give him DoE and CoS.:)
You don't need the Heavy Horsemen don't even use them they aren't the best cavalry unit.
Also you need one unit of TGs so put away the 20 skeletons.
One last thing. You should better go with to SSC and don't use the BG-his WS hurts and he isn't cheap - and if you come up against Dwarfs and similar armies he will be the first who falls.