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01-06-2008, 20:40
Just a quick report recounting the engagement of my vampire count army vs. a relatively new tomb king player. 2000pt pitched battle nothing special.

i used my standard list which was;

Vampire lord
lev 3 wizard
master of the black arts
forbidden lore
lord of the dead
helm of command
staff of damnation
wristbands of black gold

walach's bloody heaberk
bitting blade
dark acolyte
lord of the dead

necromancer with the book of arckan

necromancer with black periapt and a dispel scroll. mounted on a corpse cart with an unholy lodestone

10 crypt ghouls

15 skelitons, with spears, full command and the warbanner (herafter the 'other skelitons)

15 skelitons with spears, full command and the banner of endless nightmare (from now on the 'vampire's skeletons')

5 dire wolves

3 spirit hosts

15 grave guard with great weapons, full command and the banner of the barrows

eactly 2000pts

I'll post his list when i get it..........


Hill 12” on middle of his deployment zone, long hill on left flank with hedge in front of it (played no part in the battle), small circular hill on right flank, and a building in the right hand corner and a hedge in my deployment zone, so it was essential a wide open battle field, with a hill for his catapult and archers (which the promptly colonised).


His forces looked like from my perspective: chariots and Tomb Guard with the King on the left side of the hill, catapult with the archers and the hierophant on the hill, ubashiti in front, with skeletons and the ‘heavy’ cavalry with the priest on the right flank. Both swarm markers are roughly in the middle of the table.

I put my fell bats on the far left in preparation for war machine hunting duties. I set up the rest of my forces in the centre (from left to right): spirit hosts, skeletons with the vampire, graveguard, the other skeletons then behind the main line: the corpse cart with the periapt necromancer, the ghoul bunker with the vampire lord and the other necromancer. Dire wolves were out on the right flank, behind the circular hill.

Tomb kings win the roll for first turn. The only wizard who needed to roll for spells was my hero vamp, who got curse of years and raise dead. Count Constantine picked lore of vampires with forbidden lore, both my necromancer had invocation.

TK turn 1: The ubashati move slowly off the hill, both the skeletons and Tomb Guard move inwards to start for form some sort of battle line. Chariots manoeuvre slightly so they aren’t blocked by Tomb Guard. Horsemen stay put. Magic completely shut down. Archers were out of range, and the catapult fell short.

VC turn 1: bats fly fast down flank, all my infantry advance briskly, with the skellies turning slightly outwards to not present even an inch of flank. The spirit hosts ghost though the hedge and move towards the chariots. I boost the vampire skeleton unit up to 29 and the other unit up to 21, everything else was dispelled but wind of undeath drew out a dispel scroll.

TK turn 2: Horsemen trot forward 8” towards my right hand flank, everything else edges forward to form a rough semi circle hoping that I’d expose my flanks. Magic: his staff kills 2 grave guard, and his horsemen magically charge my right skeletons. Catapult misfires (cant shot now or next turn) archers kill a few more gravegaurd. The horsemen kill 3 skeletons for no casualties, but lose 1 due to crumbling.

VC turn 2: Spirit host have a long charge into the chariots. Fell bats charge catapult. The vampires skeletons shuffle right, to face of against tomb guard. Grave Guard advance, in the hope of the getting danse macarbed into combat. Ghouls and corpse cart follow up, dogs run up to claim top right table quarter, and threaten flank of his spearmen. The necromancers heal back the grave guard casualties. I raise a new unit of 7 zombies hoping to bait tomb guard, and block off the swarms if the turned up and another unit of 6 in front of his skeletons, so they would overrun into charge range of my skeletons after if finish of that ‘turbulent priest’off . Everything else is dispelled, leaving the grave guard a little exposed to say the least but I draw out the second dispel scroll. In combat the hosts kill a chariot, then a second crumbles. The rest of the horsemen are destroyed or crumble, leaving the priest alone.

TK turn 3: The Tomb guard charge their zombie meat shield, and his skeleton charge theirs, and the ubashati crunch into the grave guard. Magic is shut down, archers fail to wound any of my ghouls and the catapult can’t fire. The priest unsurprisingly snuffs it, the chariot miraculously survives. The fell bats only kill one crew member for no damage in return leaving one crewmember after crumbling. In the skeleton vs zombie fight, one random zombie irritatingly survives, so much for an overrunning trap then. The tomb guard and king stroll though the zombies in front of them, but then overrun into the beleaguered grave guard (didn’t place the zombies at a steep enough angle) with just the tomb king and unit champion in base to base. I challenge with my GG champion, he accepts with his Tomb Guard champion, they both fluff their attacks, so the duel would continue. A combination of casualties and crumbling leave only 4 grave guard (I caused one wound on the ubashti).

VC turn 3: temporarily forgetting their purpose in my army I foolishly charge dire wolves into his skeletons flank. My vampire skeletons charge into he grave guard. Other skeletons advance to get a view of the ubashti’s flank. the magic phase began with all the grave guard being re raised (much to my satisfaction and my opponents…..disappointment). I danse macabre the skeletons into the ubashits flank, raised 10 more zombies. Both the book of arckan and the staff of damnation break without doing anything (I may have made an oh so witty remark regarding the relative merits of rechargeable batteries over disposable ones in this sort of situation). Crucial I get the miasma off from the corpse cart giving all my units ASF in the big fight. The spirit hosts final finish off the last chariot, and the fell bats eat the last catapult crew member. The dogs and zombies crumble a bit, but will hold his skeletons up for at least another turn. In the ‘big fight’ my Grave Guard champion double killing blows his tomb guard champion, the other grave guard kill off one ubashati, and killing blow his king to death (I pass the ‘curse’ test). The vampire and his unit fluff their attacks, as doe the other skellies in his flank. The TG kill 3 of my skeletons (all killing blow!). meaning a win by 2, but more importantly I bag his king. *note: the crown of command was so useful on the graveguard, combined with the banner of the barrow it meant they were even hitting his general on 2s*

TK turn 4: one of his swarms turns up the other dies in a cave in, and they charge the dire wolves round the back of his skeleton unit. The archers turn and kill 3 fell bats (magic does nothing). Zombies and dogs all die, his tomb swarm overran a little but his last ubishati and TG all die, freeing up my whole army, not leaving him with much to play with, but still pride to play for!

VC turn 4: The grave guard charge the skellies left flank, spirit hosts and vampire skeleton unit advance on his hierophant and archers on the hill, other skellies reform to face the front of his skeletons. Ghouls and corpse cart trundle forward. I danse my skeletons into the front of his, curse of years 3 of his archers to dust and I raise a few more skeletons for the hell of it. After the graveguard and my skeletons are finished, along with crumbling leave him with only 4 skeletons (with no champion, as my gravegaurd champion killing blowed him into the ground as well in a challenge).

TK turn 5: turns his swarm round to face my grave guard, no magic, kills 2 more fell bats with his archers(forgot to move them out of range last turn). I finish of his skeletons.

Vampires turn 5: I charge his archers with my spirit hosts and vampire skeleton unit. I charge the swarm with my grave guard. 6 more archers die due to curse of years rest of the magic phase in uneventful. My gravegaurd kill the swarm, but lose one of there number doing so. I challenge his hierophant with my vampire who takes him apart, and his archers are destroyed before they can crumble.

Result: massacre for the vampires

a good game, which was closer than it seams after writing up this report. the turning point was the 'big fight' in my turn 3 where the dice gods seriouly favoured me. i was also fortunetly able to get the jump on his chariots with my spirit hosts. hope you enjoyed this report, any comments in turns of writing (asides from the many spelling, puntuation and gramatical errors) i would apreachiate it.

01-06-2008, 23:21
Blimey, turn three was a blood bath for the TK's ( sans blood obviously, what with them being, er, bloodless :confused::) )...killing blow frenzy! And yes, that Crown of Command is a naughty piece of arcane trickery indeed...

Enjoyable report sainthale1988. These creatures of the night are certainly racking up the wins on the forums!

02-06-2008, 14:19
Nice report!

New vampires vs. Tomb Kings is currently a little sad. The new vampires really put the lords of Khemri to shame. I would like to see a rematch once the Tomb Kings army book is eventually re-released.

02-06-2008, 15:11
I second that. I'm actually really interested in seeing how GW "fix" TK's.

Nice batrep by the way although players like myself really need both lists to visualise things. ;):cries:

02-06-2008, 15:52
Turn three was the turning point for sure. That killing blow doesn't always come up, but when it does it can do a LOT of damage. When the GG were down to four models I though you were done for.

The lists aren't up yet but it's obvious he had very little magic. I was amazed his magic was shut down to easily, but since he had a king rather than a high priest that pretty much summed it up right there. TK is another army that needs to be magic heavy to do well.

Good report though. Keep them coming : )

P.S. One question I had: Seeing as Count Constantine is the primary summoner and gets three spells anyway do find that forbidden lore is worth it?

02-06-2008, 21:53
nice rep, although it was a sad day for the dustheads :)

02-06-2008, 23:26
P.S. One question I had: Seeing as Count Constantine is the primary summoner and gets three spells anyway do find that forbidden lore is worth it?

as this is a list i trot out fairly regularly i like the flexibility to pick a lore if i'd to do something a little different or think i'd get more benefits (often pick shadow, pimarly for pit of shades), also knowing all the spells even for lore of vampires is realy useful IMO. it is a direct trade for dark acolyte, but id rather trade one power dice for versitility, but it is a personal choice.

UPDATE: I have his list!

Tomb King with Great weapon, scorpon armour
Herophant with 2 dispel scrolls
mounted lich priest with staff of ravening

Screaming Skull Catapult
3 Ushabti (i knew i was spelling that very wrong.....)
16 Skeliton warriors, full command, spears
16 archers
15 tomb guard, full command
2 tomb swarm bases
8 heavy horsemen
3 chariots, full command, icon of the sacred eye

....i think that comes to a little under 2000pts. any pointers that i could pass on to him in turn of army list/ collection direction? i think this is all the models he currently owns but don't quote me!

03-06-2008, 00:39
Tell him to try downgrading the king to a prince and then get a high priest. Then drop horsemen to make main blocks bigger and possible put prince on a chariot.

I know some people swear the heavy horsemen are great, but most don't take them.

03-06-2008, 04:05
Actually, tell him to post his list on the TK forum to get it sorted out. That is a very, very soft list. He also had a couple of rules things wrong, i.e. swarms are 0-1. I've played the new unbeatable VC with my TKs 3 times so far and am up 3-0 (3 massacres). They're not hard to beat (around here at least), you just need the right list and a little experience.


03-06-2008, 05:16
Ouch, thats the list he used against 7th ed Vamps?
That wasn't going to go well...

I would keep the King but switch his items around, Scorpion armour is overated IME.

No Cloak of the Dunes+Heiractic Jar Heirophant? Thats a first.

Skeletons need to be in blocks of 20-25 with HW+Shield to be useful as a tarpit.

10 Archers is are fine, you only really use them as a mandatory core and a Liche bunker.

Tomb Guard should be 19+Fight Character+Magic Banner(Either Rakaph or Undying Legion)

I wouldn't take the Swarms or the Heavy Horse and I advocate running chariots vanilla style. Add 2-3 Scorpions or maybe a second Catapult and your set!

03-06-2008, 14:14
Actually, what you posted appears to come to 1774pts (give or take a few) rather than 2k!

First off id say he needs more TG (i do 20, with banner of undying legion, which works a treat)
Secondly - another priest. TK without full characters sucks!
Third - if youre going to have the icon of the sacred eye on a chariot unit, why on earth isnt the king in there on his own chariot with something like the flail of skulls?
Fourth - No Scorps? crazy...
Personally i think the current sized blocks of archers and spearmen are pointless too - either as mentioned blocks of 10 archers for lichebunkering, or 20-25 with hw/sh as a tarpit.
Finally - Catapults work better in pairs! especially given their depressing tendancy to blow up...

04-06-2008, 20:41
this is great to know
me and my friend plan to play TK vs VC
i'll have TKs