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Ven Meridien
02-06-2008, 03:22
I am doing a team game against one player, ogre kingdoms, my partner plays dwarfs and I play high elves. Any recommendations before I create my list?

-- Ven Meridien

02-06-2008, 04:03
Well, if it was me playing I would take plenty of warmachines and solid units with the dwarf army and a fair bit of magic with the elves. Dragon or two wouldn't hurt either.

02-06-2008, 07:36
Discuss with your partner what actually you want to achieve, and then examine your army books together to discover what units combined will allow you to reach your goal.

Be heavily Magic defensive, though, since it's unlikely that you can dominate the Magic Phase.

Elves and Dwarves have to find a way to complement each other, or the other side will exploit your racial weaknesses and destroy you piecemeal.:)

02-06-2008, 12:00
Alright. Well, there's been a few things. (IMMA THE DWARF)

1. Should we deploy with each other, or not?
The problem I have with this is that, his LD won't be right there for some of his units, and I don't want to be left alone facing twice my amount of points. But, if we are seperate, its more than 100% certain that he will just try to take out the HE alone, which, I'm fairly certain he won't have too much of a problem with.

2. I want to do a foot-slogging army.
Would it really be worth it? I don't generally use artillery because I cannot guess well at all, but I've only ever had my organ blow up or misfire twice in about 10+ games. Generally, I'm taking blocks of 25 warriors, and I'm thinking of sticking to just 2 thanes, a dragon slayer (built to take on gorgers) as well as a runesmith.

02-06-2008, 13:33
You're in luck (or may become the badly abused victim of a misinformation campaign), since I've observed a number of games where the HE and Dwarves played together.

You have to decide on a common strategy. Your units move at different speeds. So the HE player could be attacking, while your units are slogging as fast as they can to catch up, by which time, most of the HE units are either dead or fleeing.

Use the elves to screen the dwarves (what's 2 or 3 more dead elves?) and to flank the opponent. The Dwarves are the anvil and the Dragon Princes are the hammers. Bait and flee with Ellyrian Reavers in front of the Dwarves - the Dwarves don't have to take panic tests and the Reavers can assemble themselves behind Dwarven lines.

Even if you don't like artillery, at least one runed bolt thrower will be required. Get the Elves to fly the Great Eagles forward so that a major unit charges them and you can shoot through its flank. Get the Elves take along one or two RBTs.

HE/Dwarves always lose when their forces can't support one another.

Hope this rambling monologue makes sense.;)

02-06-2008, 18:15
I'd say that since you know the ogres will be coming at you go ahead and be defensive.

Highelves will be the front line. Take big blocks of spears (25+) and back them up with small units of swordmasters or pheonix guard. For characters go cheap and take mages. A character with staff of sorcery would be great (+2 to dispel).

Dwarfs are the shooters. Crossbowmen and handgunners and lots of warmachines. Flame cannons will do wonders. Character should be master engineers.

The biggest thing is to put your backs to the wall, or castle in a corner, so gorgers can't sneak up behind.

One thing you need to work out is how dispel dice are handled. How many do you get in your pool? (3?) and your opponent use DD generated by the dwarfs? Otherwise you could have an arguement once you start playing.

03-06-2008, 02:54
Alright. So M5 and M3 relentless. hmm.
Magic: Pure Defence. 2 Rune Priests. Dispel Runes Rune of Balance. level 1 HE mages staff of scorcey and dispel scrolls and or the dice stealer.

Dwarves: Crossbows are a no brainer. Longer range and Ogres have crap armor. 2 to 3 units 10 strong. Give 1 of them a standard and GW's if the Gorger sneaks in.
Warmachines. Bolt Throwers! Runes of Penetration with an Engineer unit upgrades! 1 Organ gun to shoot trappers!
Elves: No archers repeat no Archers! 1 or 2 RBT's firing solo shots.

Fighting blocks:
Dwarves: strong Anvil units! Heavily Armored rank providers at least 25.
Elves MSU Hammers to support the anvils dammit. Multiple High strength attacks! SM and DP. 2 manitory spear units 15 model max foe wiping up gnoblars.

Harrasment: Reavers. and Eagles. Eagles 1 or 2 to distract the scraplaunchers. 1 or 2 Reaver units to March block sections of his army. keep away from leadbelchers!

Odds and ends.
Dwarves No anvil of doom. A lord in front rank with a glowing axe and shiny armor will suit this game. No Gyro. Let the elves do the harassment! A cannon never hurts but you don't like them. A stone thrower would be money with so many points crammed into one place but once again not your thing. A BSB would be money and Fear negating runes will help.
Elves: A dragon. hmm if you are crazy enough to field one than hold it back as a flank support and give the lord a bow to do something for a couple rounds. Tan use its movement to flank and spank units engaging the anvils. No heavy magic Useless. Lord and heroes should have GW's. No white lions not enough attacks. Poenix guard are tough enough to tie up stuff but not killy.

Castle! Castle! Castle!
Reavers are to march block sections of the ogre line but not the whole thing. Eagles scraplauncer bait! You do not want a solid line to hit you all at once. Anvils take charges and hammers flee if charged. Hold pursuit with both. Stay in formation and don't get baited. Let your bolts do all the work on one ogre unit at a time. Don't shoot ranked gnoblars! Have a round limit of 6 to 8 turns.

05-06-2008, 13:26
And as an addition, if you ever where to consider cannons they'd be wonderful, mulit-wound causing things=dead ogres :D
Bolt throwers aswell, and ogres are not THAT good at handling dragons (think star lance here, lots of strength also kills ogres dead) if you target the right units (with flying move, you will)