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02-06-2008, 03:27
The Chaos gods were not pleased.

Twice now the greenskin horde, amassing for some great Waaagh, had interfered with the ravaging of Brettonia...vengeance for the slaughtering of Vilepus and his warband. The dark gods would not be sated until all the lands of Brettonia were covered in darkness, and the greenskins had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and had thwarted the efforts of the god's mortal followers.

But no more.

A sound like a thousand claps of thunder, and a blackness opened over the Brettonian countryside...a giant hole to another place. Flashes like lightning, roaring sound like a thousand galloping horses and the hole grew bigger...a man-sized hole hanging in the air grew to twice, then three times it's size.

The hole throbbed, the air surrounding it swirling around it like a tornado. The hole stopped growing, then something came out of it. Small winged demons, fast as lightning, zipped through the hole in to this world...laughing and gibbering madly.

The earth shook. Something big was coming...with each foot step the trees shook; leaves fell to the ground. He came...a giant behemoth of brass and iron stepped through the hole, it's giant feet trampling the crops as it pulled a machine of death out of the hole.

A cart, adorned with skulls, pulled by this brass behemoth....and the rider of the cart, steering the Juggernaut with chains of steel, covered in blood, flaming axe in hand...

The Herald of Khorne has come...

he's come to spill Orc blood...

he's come for Orc skulls!

This was the ‘rubber match’ between Rodrigo’s Orcs & Goblins and my Chaos forces. Previously I’d used a Hordes of Chaos army and we each won one bout, but with the ‘retirement’ of that book, I’ve focused on Daemons.

Please forgive me, but I did not take notes during the battle. This is from memory, so a lot of details are left out.

His list was very similar to last time, with some fun additions. (Note: I don’t know what most of these items do, sorry!)

General is Black Orc Warboss on Boar with Iron Gnashas, Best Basha, and Effigy of Mork – Joined Boar Boyz

Black Orc Boss BSB with Talisman of Protection and Kickin Boots – Joined Orc Boyz

Night Goblin Big Boss with Itty Ring and Mad Cap Mushrooms – Joined Night Goblins

Orc Shaman Level 2 with a Dispel Scroll and Amulet of Protectyness

19 Orc Boyz with Big Boss, Full Command with Banner of Butchery, and Two Choppas

10 Savage Big ‘Un Boyz with Full Command Two Choppas

25 Night Goblins with Boss, Netters, and 3 Fanatics

15 Black Orcs with Boss and Full Command and Shield

5 Boar Boyz with Boss and Full Command

1 Orc Boar Chariot with Scythes

3 Stone Trolls

1 Doom Diver Catapult

My list was my first attempt at a Daemon list, but it seemed to do exactly what I’d wanted it to do:

Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot with Mastery of Sorcery (Choose Lore, knows all spells of that lore) and Flames of Tzeentch (d6 S4 18” ranged attacks) (General)

Herald of Khorne on Chariot with Armour of Khorne (3+ AS) and Firestorm Blade (+1S, Flaming Attacks); Battle Standard Bearer carrying the Great Standard of Sundering (Choose one Lore, enemy spells of that lore are -2 to cast)

Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot with Mastery of Sorcery and Flames of Tzeentch

Two units of 15 Bloodletters with full command

Two units of 10 Horrors with Icon of Sorcery (+1 to cast)

6 Furies

5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

5 Flamers of Tzeentch with a Pyrocaster

2 Fiends of Slaanesh

I chose Tzeentch lore with both Heralds. He got the Warpath of Gork and the #1 spell (the 24” Magic Missile).

I was surprised during deployment to find that his army wasn't any bigger than mine, really...with all the 'expense' of demons, I'd expected to be grossly outnumbered.

His deployment from Left to Right:

Doomdiver, Shaman, Night Goblins, Chariot, Boyz behind, Boar Boyz, Black Orcs behind, Trolls, Savage Boyz.

Mine from Left to Right:

Fiends, Tzeentch Herald, Furies, General behind, Flamers, Horrors, Bloodletters, Bloodletters, Khorne Herald, Horrors, Flesh Hounds


I won roll for first turn, and invited the Orcs to go first.

O&G 1:


The Night Goblins felt the Waaagh and moved a few extra inches forward. Everything else marched as fast as they could. The Shaman tried to cast Warpath of Gork on three dice and blew up his head. The Doomdiver goblin got himself tangled in his own rubber band, and misfired: disabled this turn and next.

Chaos 1:


Flamers skirmish in to the forest in middle of table, popping the fanatics, which all aim towards my flying wing. Fiends zip up the side of the table, intent on eating the Doomdiver crew before it can get the Goblin untangled from the lines. Furies flew behind the ruins. Tzeentch Herald flies to try to get LOS on Night Goblins without getting squished by fanatics. After moving him I realized how handy Gift of Chaos is against fanatics! General’s Chariot moves to be in position to fire at the Boar Riders, while being in position to countercharge next turn. Both ‘letters and the horror units wheel a bit to ensure I’ll have flank countercharges set up. Hounds come down off the hill to threaten flanks as well.

Magic goes pretty well, with the Horrors and General killing two boar-riders, and the Herald killing all three fanatics with Gift of Chaos.

I had a million shots at the boar-riders with the flamers, and managed to kill off the other two R&F, leaving only the Boss and the General.

O&G 2:


Animosity for the Night Goblins. General & Pig-Boss charge Bloodletters. Everything else moves forward as fast as it can. Savage Orcs enter the house.

General and Pig-Boss kill the whole front rank of Bloodletters, but Static CR means I only lose by a few, and there is no crumble.

Chaos 2:


Herald General charges flank of Pig-Boss. Fiends charge Doomdiver. Khorne Herald and Bloodletters charge trolls. Flamers charge his chariot. (*Note: I realized about 5 seconds after I did this that I would have been much better off just shooting the thing. Live & learn!) I move the hounds and horrors back on to the hill to keep the Savages pinned down in the house.

Neither horror unit kills anything. General’s magic does nothing. Other Tzeentch Herald fails to cast Bolt of Change.

Fiends eat the crew and overrun.

Bloodletters do 2 wounds to trolls, Jugger does 1 wound, Flaming attacks from the Khorne Herald do 3 more. Trolls do no damage, flee, and are caught by the Herald…though this leaves him exposed to Black Orc flank charge.

Tzeentch General’s impact hits kill Pig-Boss, no damage done to Orc General. Orc General kills Tzeentch General. Bloodletters Killing-Blow the Orc General. Muhahah! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Flamers and Chariot trade harsh language, doing no wounds.

O&G 3:


Animosity hits the Orc Boyz. Black Orcs charge Khorne Herald in flank. Night Goblins move to charge Flamers next turn. Savage Orcs leave the building, but don’t move anywhere.

Black Orcs fluff their attacks horribly…11 Attacks, 1 Hit, 0 Wounds. Jugger can’t fight (flank…grr!), but Herald kills a few Orcs. He loses combat by 1, and takes one wound on the chariot from crumble. (*Note: I rolled an 8 on first attempt…had a hard time deciding if I should reroll and risk massive damage, or just take the wound: I ended up just taking the wound.)

Flamers do nothing again, Chariot crew does 1 wound. No crumble damage.

Demon 3:


Bloodletters charge Black Orc flank. Furies and Tzeentch Herald move for crossfire and in position for Gift of Chaos fun. Fiends move to threaten rear of Orc Boyz. West-most Horrors move to try to get LOS on Savage Orcs.

Herald’s Gift of Chaos does nothing to Black Orcs or Boyz, but does a massive three wounds to the chariot! Only one Horror unit in range of Savage Orcs, Flickering Fire kills 2.

Flamers manage to do the final wound to destroy the chariot! Night Goblins are terrified at the sight, and turn tail and run!

Bloodletters and Khorne Herald do massive damage to the Black Orcs, winning combat by about 12 or so. Black Orcs run, killed in crossfire by Herald Chariot. Pursuit makes a mess of things in the middle for the Daemons.

O&G 4:


Savage Orcs have Animosity! Orc Boyz have Waaagh, running right in to the Flamers!

Night Goblins fail to rally, running farther.

Orc Boys really let the Flamers have it, doing a solid 4 wounds, winning combat by about a million, remaining Flamers crumble! The Boyz overrun in to the flank of the Horror unit!!

Demon 4:


Fiends charge Boyz rear; Tzeentch Herald charges Boyz flank. Furies fly after the Night Goblins. Bloodletters and Khorne Herald reposition to go after the Savage Orcs.

Horror’s Flickering Fire does three more wounds to the Savage Orcs who decide they’d had enough…they panic and run back the way they’d come!

Fiends & Chariot do a ton of damage to the Boyz. The Boyz do 4 wounds to the Horrors, and all four make their Ward saves! The Boyz lose combat by a ton, needing Insane Courage…best they could manage was a 3. They ran, and were caught by the Fiends!

O&G 5:

Night Goblins rally, but the Savage Boyz leg it towards the edge.

Chaos 5:

Just for kicks, I charge the Night Goblins with the Furies. The furies do nothing, 2 of them are killed, the rest die from crumble. 


The dice gods were definitely on my side this match. I hope Rodrigo will fight me again. I think next time he’ll take a lot more magic defense, and I’m sure he’ll remember the Bloodletter’s Killing Blow! His abysmal dice-rolling in just about every fight made even his best plans go awry.

I was VERY happy with the Daemon army. Fast, hard-hitting, lots of shooting and magic….what more could I ask for?! I think next time I’ll take Beasts or Metal on one of the Heralds to see how that plays out…Bear’s Anger on my General would have been mighty handy! Pity the Orc Shaman’s head blew up…I really wanted to cast Glean Magic and have Gork step on the Orcs!

I also think next time I’ll try the Khorne Herald without the Chariot…leave him on Jugger and join a ‘letter unit, see how that Hatred works out for me.

I hope we’ll get a rematch scheduled soon! His Orcs and Goblins look great on the table, and Rodrigo is a real joy to play against…we both seem to have fun, win or lose!

02-06-2008, 15:19
Well that was pretty one sided wasn't it?

I think against the new Demon army you really need to shoot/magic the fast elements. Bolt Throwers work best for this IMO. Lots of Bolt Throwers!

I liked the maps aswell, easy to follow. That Orc army really was small though... Oh, every Orc player should use Squigs! They are very, very cool. :D

02-06-2008, 16:38
Nice report and a nice solid list. The only thing I would consider would be the banner of chaos victory instead of sundering for the khorne herald and maybe swap one of the flames for a spellbreaker. I think a Khorne chariot with an extra D3 combat res every turn would be very good at breaking units and would be an excellent tarpit besides since you would have +3CR to your opponents +5 but with the jugger and herald kills as well.

02-06-2008, 16:52
The Orc Army was small...I almost think he was trying to out-elite me instead of focusing on his strengths (lots and lots of green things!) He doesn't own any squigs, but does have a lot of spiders and wolfs...I keep expecting him to field a super fast army, but not yet!

Kerill, I really like that idea. Most of my opponents are not fond of magic-heavy armies, so the banner of sundering will likely be wasted. I'll try that next time! Thanks!

02-06-2008, 17:00
Those mini-maps are great!

Those bloodletters certainly have to be shot at... once they get into combat it's over.

Good report.

02-06-2008, 18:30
Great battle report! And a nice list too. (maybe not the best Orc list though)

A really good read!

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
02-06-2008, 21:19
Great battle report! I am liking the new Daemons more and more with each report!

Quick question, though: why did the Savage Orcs run? Being frenzied, they should have been immune to Panic.

02-06-2008, 21:33
Very very very good catch, LNC! He and I both forgot about their frenzy! (He'd used a marker for their frenzy to remind us, but I think it got removed when he picked up their Animosity marker.)

However, it was probably the smarter choice for the orcs...if they'd not run they were about to get charged from all over anyway :cool:

Blood for the Blood god! :evilgrin:

Great battle report! I am liking the new Daemons more and more with each report!

Quick question, though: why did the Savage Orcs run? Being frenzied, they should have been immune to Panic.

02-06-2008, 21:34
nice going and a fine rep to boot

06-06-2008, 01:49

Those mini-maps are great!

Those bloodletters certainly have to be shot at... once they get into combat it's over.

Good report.


A) You have a 100 man zombie unit

B) 20 Chosen Warriors of Nurgle with an exalted champion with a flail charges in and causes general devastation after a succesfully cast poxes and yellow fire.

06-06-2008, 03:47
I like the bloodletters...primarily because I like the models and the Khorne fluff...but I'm not sold on their effectiveness yet. T3, 5+ ward, only 1A. I know they killed off a high-value blorc warboss, but how often will the KB work?

About the battle...realized a horrible mistake I made: the Flamers marched on the first turn, so should not have been able to fire at the piggies! The two pigs they'd killed would have had a significant impact in the battle with the bloodletters!


06-06-2008, 12:52
You'd think with Daemons that the armies would be small, but everything in the list is clearly underpriced by about 33%, so the small, elite Daemons and their 5+ ward saves are in fact rarely much smaller than enemy armies. Course it helped you only took three heroes. Really good report, looking forward to more. Are the Daemons beatable (without serious amounts of great luck)?! Let's find out :D

06-06-2008, 18:53
Daemons are relatively easy to beat with any amount of shooting. Being mostly T3, with no armor, it's really isn't hard to shoot them up.

Malagant, the units of daemons become more effective with a herald in them, obviously. Try putting your heralds in their respective units and see how that affects your battles.

06-06-2008, 19:25
I am puzzled by the savage boys. They didn't seem to do anything. Why were the in the house? Why did they panic? don't remember them losing combat and losing frenzy unless i missed it...

good report though. I thought the orcs had a chance, but losing generals ssems to have effected the orcs the most.

11-06-2008, 17:55
He wanted them in the house to be a credible threat to that flank, and they did tie down a unit of FH and Horrors.

The paniced because we both forgot their frenzy made them immune...but it was a good idea for them to run then anyway, as they were nearly surrounded by FH, Horrors, 'Letters, and a Khorne Chariot. :angel:

I am puzzled by the savage boys. They didn't seem to do anything. Why were the in the house? Why did they panic? don't remember them losing combat and losing frenzy unless i missed it...

good report though. I thought the orcs had a chance, but losing generals ssems to have effected the orcs the most.

11-06-2008, 18:31
I played one of the most nail-biting and fun games yet this weekend against a great opponent and his Ogres.

I seem to be saying this a lot, but I didn't take notes of any kind. To make things worse, I waited many days to start writing this stuff down, and my aging memory is failing me!

Sadly this won't be a very detailed or descriptive report, and many of the details have faded away to nothing...all I remember is getting eaten by ogres, then blowing them up. :)

Daemon List

Herald of Khorne on Jugger with Armour of Khorne (3+ AS) and Firestorm Blade (+1S, Flaming). BSB with Banner of Unholy Victory (+d3 CR).

2x Herald of Tzeentch on Flying Chariot with Mastery of Sorcery (Knows all spells of chosen lore), and Spell Breaker (Dispel Scroll)

2x 15 Bloodletters with Full Command

2x 10 Horrors with Icon of Sorcery (+1 to cast)

5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

2 Fiends of Slaanesh

5 Furies

6 Flamers

Ogre List

(From memory!)

Tyrant with Tenderizer and Gut Maw

3x Butchers (one had Bangstick, I think he had 3 scrolls total?)

3 Bulls

4x 3 Ironguts

2x 3 Yehtees

I believe all the Ogre units had Standards and Musicians.

There was a big hill in the middle-left of the table, dominating the whole left side. At the base of the hill on my side of the table was a low stone wall. There was a single-story building in his deployment, and the middle-right of the table had two forests.


OK Deployment Left-to-Right: Bulls, Ironguts with Butcher, Ironguts with Tyrant, Guts with Butcher, Yehtees, Guts with Butcher, Yehtees.

DoC Deployment Left-to-Right: Fiends, Bloodletters, Bloodletters with Khorne Herald; Horrors, Horrors, Flesh Hounds, Flamers, Furies with both Tzeentch Heralds behind

Ogre 1


Everything moves towards me as far as they can. Magic is shutdown. No Shooting.

Daemon 1


Fiends Charge Bulls. Bloodletters defend the wall. Flamers move in to corner of woods. Flying wing moves behind Ogre lines.
Magic is mediocre, I think a few wounds were done to the far right Guts.
Flamers kill an Ogre and a half.
Fiends kill an Ogre, Ogres kill a fiend, Fiends lose by one and roll horrible instability, 3 more wounds, Fiends dead. 

Ogre 2


Guts with Butcher charge Flamers. Flamers were deployed too far in to the wood, allowing Yehtees to have LOS and charge them also. Flamer’s Stand & Shoot kills another Ogre and a half, leaving just the Butcher & Yehtees. Other Yehtees turn to face the Flying Wing, and the Butcher near them leaves his Guts and moves to deal with chariots. Other Ogre flank moves to set up multi-charges on next turn.
Magic is mostly shut down, with Toughness going on Tyrant’s unit, and the left-most Gut miscasting, making him unable to cast any more spells…or something like that.
Flamers do a few wounds, but lose combat and make horrible Instability roll, entire unit destroyed. Yehtees overrun in to Flesh Hounds. Butcher overruns in to the flank.

Daemon 2


Horrors move back a bit. Letters prepare to receive charge. Chariots fly loose in rear. Furies try to block LOS from Butcher to Chariot.
Magic does a few wounds to the guts getting ready to charge the letters.
I think the Yehtees and FH traded a few wounds, nobody failed Break test.

Ogre 3


Bulls and Guts charge wall-Bloodletters. Guts with Tyrant charge Herald’s Letters. Butcher charges Furies.
Magic is shut down again.
Melee goes well for Ogres. Bulls and Guts win combat against Letters by a healthy margin, though the letter champ does a wound, as I recall. The letters pop from Instability, and the Bulls overrun in to the unresolved combat. Tyrant challenges, Champion accepts and dies horribly. Herald of Khorne and Jugger kill many Ogres, Ogres don’t do too well, but win combat. A few extra ‘Letters die from CR. Banner of Unholy Victory saves the day with it’s extra CR. FH and Yehtees gnaw on each other a bit more. Butcher wrecks the furies, overrunning in to the Chariot.

Daemon 3


General’s chariot charges Bulls. Horrors reposition to cast on Guts that overran the Bloodletters.
Magic does well, with Gift of Chaos doing a few wounds, and the Horrors doing a few more to the Guts.
Chariot does good impact hits, combined with the Gift of Chaos kills off all the Bulls. Tyrant challenges, I let Herald accept. One wound goes unsaved, d3 from the Tenderizer does 2W. Boo. Letters, however, finish off the last of the Guts, winning CR. Tyrant is left alone, breaks, and is run down. I’m not sure what had happened with the Yehtees and FH, but somehow they’d gotten in to combat with the solo Butcher…I think? Getting old, memory failing! Other Butcher does 2W to Tzeentch Herald, destroying the chariot. Boo!

Ogre 4


This is where my memory REALLY gets hazy!
Guts charge the FH flank, Yehtees are intent on eating the Horrors. Other Guts with Butcher moves to help with the Horror eating.
Magic has MR and Regen go up on Butcher in middle of table, other Butcher heals a wound.
Fuzzy memory, but somehow in all this mess the Butcher and FH were dead, and some Bulls overran in to some Horrors.

Daemon 4


Letters and Chariot move around a bit. Horrors about-face to cast on Yehtees.
Again, some fuzzy memory here, but magic went very well. I think I had a Bolt of Change on the Guts with Butcher, and a Gift of Change that hit everything, and Flickering Fire on the Yehtees. When the smoke cleared, the last Yehtee panic’d and the Guts with Butcher were dead. I lost track of how it happened, but the horrors were dead and the last Gut was dead. Wow!

Ogre 5


Last I remember, the Ogres began running for home. He had a Butcher and a Yehtee left. I had a Horror unit, a Tzeentch Herald on Chariot, and 6-7 Bloodletters left. The Butcher barricaded himself inside the house, and the Yehtee ran through the trees to join him.
I ended up charging the Yehtee with the Letters, neither of us doing any wounds?
Horrors were out of range of the house, and the Herald wasn’t able to get a spell off to finish the Butcher.

We didn’t add up points formally, but from our guesstimation based on what was left on the table, it was nearly a draw, but came out as a minor victory for the Daemons. The late-game Magical Light Show turned around what was starting to be a horrible loss!

Next week we’re going to play again, this time with him using my Daemons, and I’m going to use either Warriors of Chaos (WD List), or VC if I can get 600 Ghouls, 300 Graveguard, 100 Zombies, a Varghulf and a Corpsecart put together in 5 days. :eek:

11-06-2008, 19:26
uuuh... how many Ghouls? ^^
Go for the Warriors, I would enjoy the Battle Report as much as I have this one!!

: D


23-06-2008, 21:30
The battle with the ogre-player using Daemons has never happened, but instead, I bring you this!

Blood, Skulls, and Fire: Round 2!

This was the second match between my Daemonic forces and Rodrigo’s Greenskin Waaaagh! The Greenskins had defeated the Mortals of Chaos a number of times, and now their Daemonic deities wanted revenge!

We decided to up the stakes a bit and went with 2500 points. I decided to not use a Greater Daemon, instead choosing to rely on my regular mix of troops...just more of them!

Daemonic List
Two Heralds of Tzeentch on Chariots, both with Mastery of Sorcery (choose lore, knows all spells of that lore) and Spell Breaker (just like a Dispel Scroll). Both chose the Lore of Tzeentch for this fight. One was the General.

A Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaut armed with Armour of Khorne and Firestorm Blade, carrying the army’s Battle Standard: The Banner of Unholy Victory (extra d3 to Combat Resolution)

The Masque (Special character…very fast, has magical ‘dances’ that can reduce enemy Ld or M)

Two units of 15 Bloodletters with Full Command

28 Horrors with the Icon of Sorcery (this many horrors in one unit makes it a level 3 wizard, knowing 3 spells from the Lore of Tzeentch. Their Icon gives them +1 to cast).

Three units of 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne. These are very tough doggies, with two wounds, two attacks, Strength 5, and Move 8!

Two Fiends of Slaanesh. There are FAST…M10! Pretty hard hitting, too!

6 Flamers of Tzeentch. Skirmishing fire-shooters…I love them!

5 Furies The might Chaos Turkey!

Orc List

His General was Grimgor Ironhide (I knew nothing about him, other than Christian excitedly telling me he has seven attacks…ouch!)

Black Orc Big Boss BSB with Best Basha and Kickin’ Boots.

Night Goblin Big Boss with Itty Ring and Mad Cap Mushrooms

Orc Shaman level 2 with amulet of protectyness and a dispel scroll.

19 Orc Big ‘Un Boyz (with Big Boss and Full Command) carrying Mork’s Totem, armed with two choppas

19 Orc Boyz with Boss and full command, with two Choppas

15 Orc Arrer Boyz with Boss

10 Savage Big ‘Un Boyz with Boss and Full Command, two choppas

23 Night Goblins with Boss, Netters, Spears, Shields, and 3 Fanatics

15 Black Orcs with Boss and Full Command (Heavy Armor & Shield)

5 Boar Boyz with Boss and Full Command

1 Boar Chariot

3 Stone Trolls

Doom Diver Catapult

For spells he had Fists of Gork (or is it Mork?) and the Bash ‘em Ladz. Good rolls.

The terrain was thick, perhaps overly so. There was a Tower near the center of the table that proved to be decisive. Forests along both sides of the table. Hills in both deployment zones. His deployment zone had a little shack with a fence, and mine had a large rock formation tucked back in a corner.

His deployment from left to right went: Night Goblins (with Goblin Big Boss), Doom Diver, Arrer Boyz (with Shaman), Savage Boyz, Orc Boyz (with BSB), Black Orcs, Big ‘Un Boyz (with Grimgor), and Trolls. Behind the Orc line was the Chariot and Boars.

My deployment from left to right: Fiends, Flesh Hounds, Masque, Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds, Bloodletters (with BSB), Horrors, Flesh Hounds, Flamers, and Furies, with both Tzeentch Chariots behind.


I won roll for first turn, and chose to move first.

Daemon 1


The Fiends didn’t want to get tangled up with the Night Goblin block & fanatics, so detoured in between the trees. I figured they could either force him to move to face them or get a flank charge on something fighting Bloodletters. The Flesh Hounds tried to squeeze in between the trees with them, but ended up stuck behind them. The Masque zipped up towards the Night Goblins, hoping to get close enough to force premature ejection of the Fanatics (those devilish Slaanesh daemons do that every time!). The Horrors moved forward to try to get in Bolt of Change range of the Big Unz, with a unit of Flesh Hounds moving to threaten the flank of anything attacking them. The Flamers marched in to the building, giving up the first turns shooting for a VERY cozy spot overlooking anything they want to shoot at. The Furies and Chariots moved to get LOS down the Orc Line while staying out of charge reach.

Magic was utterly decisive. Both Heralds had their Boons of Tzeentch (extra power dice spell) dispelled, one did a few wounds to the Big Unz with Flickering Fire. The Horrors cast Bolt of Change with Irresistible Force, doing ten Strength 10 hits, killing 8 Orcs! Panic passed.

Orc 1


Grimgor calls for the Waaagh! All the Orc units move forward a bit. The Trolls charge the Tower, the Flamers S&S, doing a wound. All the other Orcs march forward, but the Chariot and Boars hang in the rear.

The Orc Shaman cast Fists of Gork on The Masque, I dispelled. The Goblin Big Boss used the Itty Ring on The Masque, failed to dispel, Ward saved her.

I’d moved the Fiends too far forward, so the Arrer Boyz were able to shoot at them, doing 2 wounds. The Doomdiver missed the Horrors by about an inch.

The Flamers did 1 wound to the Trolls, and the Trolls do an amazing 4 wounds! The Flamers lose 1 more to Crumble, and here a rules question came up. Should the Trolls occupy the Tower, or not? They won the combat, the Flamers failed their Instability Test, but they didn’t break. Who holds the tower? We decided that since the Flamers can’t break, the Trolls failed to take the building, so they were moved back an inch.

Daemon 2


The Horrors move backwards two inches, but can’t get out of charge range. The Masque succeeds in getting the Fanatics to release, and marches up the hill behind the Doomdiver and Arrer Boyz. The Chariots hide behind the fence near the shack, and the Furies move farther behind the lines. I forget to move my Fiends. 

Magic was mostly shut down, Flicker Fire from one Chariot does one wound. Everything else failed to cast or dispelled.

The remaining Flamers aren’t in melee since the Trolls had to pull back, so they shoot at the passing Big Unz, doing 4 more wounds. The once mighty Big Unz unit is down to 6 plus Grimgor! Tzeentch be praised!

Orc 2


The Big Unz and Black Orcs charge the Horrors. The Trolls again charge the Tower, the Flamers Stand & Shoot, doing 4 wounds, leaving only 1 wounded Troll! NG and other Orcs move up as best they can, while the Chariot and Boars move to protect the rear of the Orc blocks.

Magic was shut down. The Arrer Boyz shot at the Fiends again, but did no wounds this time. The Doom Diver guessed range wonderfully, but Misfired, disabling it for this turn and the next.

The poor Horrors! They were the sacrifice to set up my charges, and they paid the price. Between melee damage and Crumble, they lost 19 total! Only 9 Horrors remained!

The Flamers managed to kill of the final Troll.

Daemon 3


The Masque charged the Doom Diver.

<Note: Here we messed up: they failed fear test, ran, and were caught by the Masque. This was within 6” of the NG, and they failed their panic test, running towards the middle of the battle (nearly landing on a fanatic!). After the turn (while writing some notes during the start of the Orc’s turn) I realized the Diver crew should not have fled as they weren’t outnumbered, which meant the NG should not have fled. We did the combat against The Masque, the crew losing and running. The Masque restrained pursuit, satisfied with spiking the gun. The NGs had already rallied, so we left them where they were and continued.>

The Flesh Hounds charge the flank of the Big Unz. The Khorne Herald’s Bloodletters charge the Black Orcs.

Fiends, Bloodletters and middle Flesh Hounds charge the Orc Boyz with BSB. Fear Tests passed, he chooses to Hold.

Furies move behind Arrer Boyz, Chariots move behind orc lines. Left Flesh Hounds hide from Arrer Boyz.

Tzeentch is pleased with how things are going, and the General casts Bolt of Change with Irresistible Force on the Boar Boyz, doing four Strength 10 hits, killing four piggies. Panic is passed, but that last pig looks awful lonely… The other Herald miscasts, but the damage to him does not wound, and the wound on the chariot is warded! Tzeentch be praised.

Flamers try to shoot at Chariot, but do only 1 wound which is saved.

The forces of Khorne are overwhelming. The Orc Boyz with BSB lose combat by 5, but roll Insane Courage! Grimgor does not do so well, and though he cut down all but two of the Horrors, the Herald of Khorne and the Banner of Unholy Victory are too much, and the Black Orcs & Big ‘Unz lose combat by 4, both failing break tests and both fleeing. The Black Orcs manage to get away, but Grimgor is caught and eaten by the Flesh Hounds and two remaining Horrors!

Orc 3


Chariot charges Flesh Hounds.
Black Orcs rally.

Magic is shut down. Arrer Boyz shoot at Flesh Hounds, doing no wounds.

Chariot and Boyz lose combat. Chariot breaks and is run down by remaining Hounds. Boyz break but get away. Fiends pursuit ends up in combat with the Savages.

Daemon 4


The Masque and Furies charge the Arrer Boyz. Herald’s Bloodletters charge the reformed Black Orcs. Left Flesh Hounds charge the Night Goblins. Chariots move to spread havoc with Gift of Chaos. Fleshhounds move to engage rears.

Gifts of Chaos cause few wounds, but kill off a fanatic.

Flamers are out of range of anything to shoot at.

Masque and the Furies break the Arrer Boyz, who flee and land on a fanatic. This kills the fanatic, and more of the Arrer Boyz, then the Furies pursuit wipes them out.

The Fiends are annihilated by the Savage Orcs!!

The Herald and his escort break the Black Orcs, who are killed when they flee through a chariot.

The Flesh Hounds kill several Goblins, and put a wound on the Big Boss, but lose combat. Two hounds dead from combat and crumble.

Orc 4


Savage Orcs charge Bloodletters. The Last Of The Boar Boyz charges the rear of a Tzeentch Chariot. The Boyz with BSB Rally, and face the oncoming Flesh Hounds.

The Night Goblins put more hurt on the Flesh Hounds, but the hounds finish off the Big Boss. One hound remains.

The Savage Orcs have their way with the Blood letters, killing all but a handful.

The Boar Boy rolls badly, and only does one wound to the Herald, who can’t even touch the Orc.

Daemon 5


Middle Hounds charge the Boyz with BSB. Masque and Fiends charge the Night Goblins (bad idea).

Khorne Herald leaves his escort and lines up to charge boar boy. Flesh Hounds move to do same.

Gift of Chaos does a few more wounds to Savages and Boyz.

Flesh Hounds finish off all the Orc Boyz, the BSB is the sole survivor, and he breaks, but gets away. Pursuit takes Flesh Hounds in to the rear of the Savage Orcs combat, which is not resolved yet.

The Savage orcs kill all the Bloodletters except the Standard Bearer, but the Flesh Hounds in the rear are decisive. The Savages break and are caught by the last BloodLetter!!

The Boar Boy can’t finish off the Herald, and resigns himself to his fate.

The Night Goblins prove to be quite a bit harder to handle than I’d thought…even with the Big Boss dead, they manage to win combat, killing the last Hound and all but two furies.

Here ended my notes. In the last few turns, the Night Goblins killed all the furies and the Masque (mostly due to static combat resolution). The last pig was made in to a tasty snack, and the BSB managed to kill the final Blood Letter.

When we totaled the points, it was a Massacre for the Daemons! The thing that pushed it over in to massacre was the several hundred points of captured banners…without those it was a Solid Victory.

Great game again, Rodrigo!

24-06-2008, 07:15
looks like an exciting game, games against O&G are always good with all the randomness. Your list looks solid and well balanced as well.

Gabacho Mk.II
01-07-2008, 17:30
I agree with the above posters!

Good writeups and fun battles it seems.