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02-06-2008, 12:48
Last week’s daemon game was actually the first part of a mini campaign and this week saw my Sigmarites challenged by an undead horde (I say horde although the bulk of the models were sitting in a pile at the corner of the board ;) )

The nature of the campaign meant that my opponent got to use 2100pts and also have a free reroll at any stage of the game. My opponent had to make the resulting adjustment to his list on the fly so fortunately couldn’t make any specific anti-flagellant modifications (like a whole bunch of ghouls).

My army was the same as that reported in sigmarites vs daemons (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144663)except I dropped rod of command on the warrior priest, gave him icon of magnus instead as well as sword of battle on my lector and 2 extra free company including banner for the ranked unit.

His army, (things that didn’t come into play may be missing)
Lvl 3 lord with +2 dice, summon skeletons, helm of command, armour of some kind, all spells, book of arkhan
Lvl 2 with summon skeletons
Lvl 1 with flying, great weapon and 5+ ward save
Mounted wight BSB with sword of kings and nightshroud
There was a dispel scroll there somewhere too.
18 skeletons with full command
10 skeletons with full command
15 ghouls
20 grave guard with banner of the barrows
7 barded black knights with full command and hatred

So my army nearly doubled his in size but obviously his would be growing as mine shrank. It was an odd matchup in a way as he had the summoning capacity to not feel pressured into getting stuck in although to have any hope of killing all of my unbreakable models that wouldn’t work. Likewise I had more ranged firepower but not enough to take out more than he could resummon.

There were two huge woods that pretty much stretched between deployment zones leaving a wider channel down the centre and two narrower ones along each edge. I had a hill at the back centre of my zone.

Set up,
We both had our infantry down the centre, I had my knights on my right flank unopposed and he put the vargulf, flying vamp and knights on his right flank. His lord was in the large skele unit, Lvl 2 in the small one and BSB in the GG.

I won the roll for first turn and after a little hesitation took it. I was considering going second just to see whether he planned to advance towards me but decided denying him an extra summoning turn would be worth it.

First turn,
I hadn’t set up with an all out advance in mind but once I pushed my knights 14” down the flank I realised that he wouldn’t want to walk forwards and get encircled so everything in my army decided to leg it forwards. My archer detachments moved up into each wood to restrict his stuff getting through them. My shooty stuff stayed where it was.

Magic didn’t do nuthin. Shooting involved a successful cannonball through the grave guard killing 4 and my crossbowmen kill about 4 skeletons from the unit of 10.

As I suspected, he didn’t move his infantry forwards in his turn and even moved some units backwards. The vargulf and lone vamp dashed down their flank and the BKs moved up to the edge of the wood to look out across the face of my lines.

His first turn of summoning was fairly poor and I think all he got through was a few skeletons in the depleted unit.

Second turn,
My units continued to advance forward. My altar and a 5-man militia detachment presented themselves to the BKs. My crossbows on the hill turned to face the vargulf and sneaky vampire.

I don’t think I cast any significant spells again as my priests weren’t in base to base where they really come into their own. My shooting was a little more limited due to movement but my cannon pranged a few more grave guard.

In his turn he declared a number of charges. The black knights went for a sneaky flank at my large militia unit with priest. Only a couple would be in base to base but they’d still easily get broken so this required some thought. In the end I decided to hold as I hoped they were out of range and if they were, they’d be countercharged by at least two of my units in my turn. I breathed a sigh of relief as they fell short and ended up in front of the altar and detachment. The flying vamp charged my cannon which held. The vargulf charged the crossbows on hill but was short, didn’t lose any wounds though.

Magic saw me use a scroll on a vanhels on the knights, curse of years killed 3 flagellants from a unit of 28, and the small skele unit was boosted to 20.

The cannon crew against the vamp who could only kill one.

Third turn,
My altar (perhaps rather rashly) charged the BKs along with the militia detachment. Everything else moved a little closer, with the knights deciding that a charge on the now boosted skele unit wasn’t wise.

In magic my lector managed to cast soulfire on the BKs which killed all but two. My wizard dispelled curse of years. My crossbows dealt 2 wounds to the vargulf. From here on, I didn’t really kill anything in the shooting phase.

In combat my lector rolled over the knights but due to hatred ended up running into the woods again! Twice in a row this has happened. After 5 hits, the altar lost 2 wounds. The militia also overran to get out of the way. The vargulf and vampire killed the crossbows and cannon.

In the vampire turn three, the GG charged my militia block who fled through some flagellants. The ghouls charged a militia screening detachment who held. The vargulf charged my crossbows again and flying vampire started tracking back to get stuck in elsewhere.

Magic was an unfortunately poor phase for my opponent again so the GG stayed at fairly depleted strength.

In combat, the ghouls killed all the militia and overran into a block of flagellants. The vargulf won its combat by one but the crossbows held.

Fourth turn,
The central flagellant block charged the stranded grave guard. My knights failed a fear test to flank the ghouls (mounted priest with icon is on its way!). My altar turned around, suffering another wound, but at least now it was looking down the flank of the vampire lines, including the lord’s skeleton unit. The militia rallied and everything else pushed up a bit.

Magic was uneventful, as was shooting. In combat the ghouls killed 5 flagellants and took 4 wounds in return for a draw. The GG combat was much more successful as it reduced the unit to nothing but the BSB and about 4 GG. The vargulf chased off the crossbowmen.

In the vampire turn, the flying vamp joined the ghoul combat (big mistake!). For fear of the altar, the lord’s skeles backed off a bit. The other skele unit charged the cowardly knights who fled like to within a inch of the edge. The vargulf re-entered the board.

Vampire magic was mostly concerned with helping out the GG and a few more were summoned.

In combat the flagellants vs ghouls saw 3 flagellants martyred which resulted in 8 dead ghouls! Needless to say the rest of the unit and lone vampire crumbled. The GG combat was a bit more even now that the flail bonus had been lost.

Fifth turn,
Due to the skeleton retreat, the altar now burst forth from the woods to charge the GG flank. It took 3 hits which my opponent rerolled for a 2! Yay for the altar, it was still alive. The flagellants who’d killed the ghouls now had LOS for the lone lvl 2 vamp so charged with a wheel to let them face the other GG flank. (By the way, my 3rd flagellant block spent all game behind things so never got involved). The knights rallied.

In magic, all dispel dice were saved to prevent my altar and lector from hurting the GG which allowed my level 1 to burning gaze the vargulf which killed it.

I started with the flags vs vamp combat hoping to overrun into the other combat but infortunately I only won by a point so the vampire held them. The BSB challenged which my lector had to accept but his attacks reduced to 2 meant that a killing blow was not landed. After the dust had settled the BSB was all that was left of the GG unit.

The vampire turn was brief, the lord’s skeles charging the flank of the engaged altar and the other skele block turning around as the knights were now too far away. I think in magic a few wounds were restored to hurt characters.

In combat, the BSB and lector were unable to hurt each other. I lost combat but everything involved was unbreakable. The lone vamp stuck around against the flagellants.

Sixth turn,
Nothing much to do in movement as everything was engaged or blocked off.

Magic was spectacular as the altar’s cleansing flare was finally unsuccessfully dispelled. This killed the BSB and lone vampire as well as a few skeletons. At this point the altar was locked in combat against a giant unit that couldn’t hurt it so it was pretty much game over.

Solid victory!

Very fittingly, flagellants are great against undead infantry for a number of reasons. I’m not sure how my opponent could have played the game for a win, maybe being a bit too cautious to start off with was a mistake as it allowed me to go for a few turns relatively unscathed. I think the vargulf’s attacks could also have been better used to mow through flagellants or even the altar rather than going for support units.

I think much trickier battles will be against ogres and high elves due to all their attacks and high movement. Dwarfs and other Empire are also a bit of a worry as the warmachines would force my altar into hiding. Against these other armies though I think my crossbows and cannon will turn out to be more valuable than they have been so far.

02-06-2008, 15:08
Your army must be a Vampire Counts worst nightmare, 60+ Flail Wielding Unbreakable models that can gets re-rolls to hit... Ouch!

A Vampire army playing against that needs to focus on removing every supportingn unit whislt trying to tarpit the Flaggies. He might have needed some Ethereal units to actually achieve this though and Ethereal units are pricey/+/not very effective when an Altar is running around.

Looking forward to the next battle report, I don't think Orcs will be too problematic for you unless they are Cavalry Heavy and I would think HE might be a problem if they can just shoot/magic the Flaggelants down.

02-06-2008, 16:18
Why didn't that greatweapon vamp go after the waralter? Vastly more important than a cannon... and suicide :confused: But I guess everyone has to fall for that one once to learn (I sure did).

As for the flagellant vs vampire thing, I've actually always thought the opposite. After the charge the undead units are going to win so it's tarpit vs tarpit but the vampire one (unless it's zombies) will win in the end. Even more so if hellish vigour gets off or the helm is near.

Good report. I like to read this reports were vampires lose. Teaches me what to look out for, although it does fill me with a revengeful rage :p

Looking forward to the next one.

02-06-2008, 21:45
another round of martyrdom and righteous smiting, wheee!

Good stuff!

02-06-2008, 23:15
Why didn't that greatweapon vamp go after the waralter?

You have heard of Van Horstmann's Speculum, right?

03-06-2008, 00:35
You have heard of Van Horstmann's Speculum, right?

*slaps head* Good call.

03-06-2008, 05:20
Yes, it tends to stop Jsod's and (What is the Vamp version called?) "S7 Flying Vamp of Doom or FVOD:wtf: in their tracks.

In an army like Empire with the choice of taking lots of small units of cheap 1+ save Knights the Flaggies are just the biscuit! Besides the damage Flaggies can deal if 2-3 of them are matyred+charging is just insane.