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02-06-2008, 21:09
This is a themed lizardmen army based around calvary and skinks. Any suggestions will be helpful.


Skink Priest-170
lvl 2, diadem of power, blessed mark of the old ones

Skin Priest-150
lvl 2, 2 dispel scrolls

8 Saurus Calvary, full command, War Banner-355

8 Saurus Calvary, full command, Huanchi's Blessed Totem-370

11 Skink Skirmishers, Brave, scout-82

10 Skink Skirmishers, Brave, scout-75


4 Terradons, Rider-140


02-06-2008, 21:29
First of all, u normaly can't jsut pick any number of points as your restrictions. Multiples of 500 are the normal sizes.

Second: Your heroes are not very powerfull. Krog-Gar is pretty bad, with such a low AS. Id suggest removign hin and the old one priest and adding an oldbloon on carno and a JSOD.

Third: Is thsi realy 2150? I suggest u recount. It looks around 1800, just at a glance.

02-06-2008, 23:03
Conotor is right atleast if ur gonna use something like that play 2250 its one of the only non multiple of 500 that is played rather often . . .

I also would use a oldblood on carnosaur . . . u could easily make a fairly good character with the oldblood of carny.

If your gonna keep two priests don't use old ones and diadem . . .. use old ones and cube of darkness or just double scrolls . . .

I've only got 2130 on this list . . .

02-06-2008, 23:39
Forgot to add that the skinks have the scout ability. Also, the area I play in has many games at 2150, hence the odd number.
I like the cube idea, should add a nice element of surprise.
I like Kroq-Gar because I can use calvary as core, which is the idea behind the army with support from the skinks, which is why everything is either on a mount or is a skink.

15-06-2008, 19:04

I would use a standard Oldblood on a carni rather than the special character, mainly because you can build an Oldblood that is better than the special characters, and you are not using your special slots so it's fine moving the saurus cav to specials. Saving a few pts would allow you to add a 3rd skink unit to give the minimum required core slots.

I don't think the skink priests will get many spells off so I would drop them both to lvl 1 (that's enough pts for the 3rd skink unit). I would also lose all the skink braves and reduce them to their size to 10 models.

Finally I would swap one of the priests for a mounted scar vet to join one the Huanchi's Blessed Totem cavalry unit (you could drop the unit to 7 models to afford it). If anybody should have the mark of the old ones it's the scar vet because then he can reroll either a failed studpidity test, or the D6 for the totem if you roll low.

If you can find the pts I would add the mark of tepok to the oldblood (and the scar vet if you don't give him mark of the old ones) to shore up you magic defense if you only have one priest.