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03-06-2008, 04:21
Hey all,

So my eventual forray into Fantasy has happened. Long time 40K player and my gaming group is getting into Fantasy.

I've decided, after a long read through all the rulebooks, that Dwarves are the one for me! Not because I bought the battle for skull pass, but because I genuinely like the Fluff.

Now on to the meat and potatoes so to speak.

Anvil of Doom
Master Rune of Spellbinding
Rune of Spellbreaking

(standard) Master rune of Valaya


10x Thunderer

10x Thunderer

20x Warriors
Full Command

15x Hammerer's (where the thane goes)
Full Command
(Standard) Master Rune of Grungni

10x Miners
Full Command
Steel Drill

17x Slayers
Musician, Standard Bearer
2x Giant Slayers

Organ Gun

Organ Gun

I centered my army around magical defense as well as a balance of shooting and close combat.

I figure 7 DD with +3 to my dispel rolls will certainly help shut down most magic phases (or at least the most devastating spells that can be cast).

The Dragonslayer in the unit of slayers (probably go 6 wide, 3 deep for rank formation) will be a serious demolishing unit and when close to the hammerers will get a 5+ ward save to shooting.

I like the Organ Gun, but one question about it, when you roll the artillery dice, is it one die and you multiply it by 2 for distance? Because the die only goes to 12 and the max range is 24? Sorry, nub question I know. Just confused on that one.

What does everyone think? Nah to the Runelord and go with a beefed up lord instead?

More models on the table? I figured 87 would be enough for a start.

Different choices? I really enjoy the slayers and the hammerers when paired with good support characters, but any other suggestions I'm open to.

I like the concept of the organ gun so I'm taking two of them. I can be persuaded otherwise though.

As for Cannons, bolt throwers, grudge throwers, and flame cannons I'm sorta meh about them. lol.. again, I can be persuaded otherwise by people who know Dwarves or have seen them in action.

Thanks for all the comments in advance!

P.S. oh and for those wondering why I made a second thread, I didn't change the fantasy army type so it said "Dwarves 2000 points" but was listed under beasts of chaos. Whoops!

Grom Wronghand
03-06-2008, 11:15
Its an ok list but there are definately things I'd change. First off, that Runelord is a bit pricey wouldn't you say? You don't really need that +3 to dispel surely? Also, Thanes are there to rack up kills for your infantry blocks and so should have a killy rune combo IMO. I'm also not a fan of slayers but that's more just me I think, it is a good idea to get it under the protection of the grungni rune. I'd also drop an organ gun because while good, your army lacks long ranged firepower. Smack a couple of bolt throwers with engineers on instead. With the spare points from the slayers I'd get another warrior block. Those guys are one of the mos cost efficient in the whole game IMO.

BTW, when firing the organ it has a range of 24". You don't roll any dice for the range. The artillery dice is rolled to see the number ofhits made by it.

static grass
03-06-2008, 11:30
I think this is a good list. TBH though I would drop the warrior regiment. I find they have a nasty habit of getting isolated.

With those freed up points I would take more shooting. Take a cannon for example and some X bows. Just push the hammers at the enemy (scream "vengance" when doing this, it wil keep you in character and help you pass break tests ) and watch the enemy come running towards you. Looking at the hammers again though I think you need to get an oath stone in there.

The runelord is interesting. The +3 to dispel will greatly displease VC players but for everyone else it is shocking overkill. Remember magic missiles never do much damage to dwarfs thanks to our T4 and great saves so I just just suck them up and dispel everything else.

bork da basher
03-06-2008, 23:35
i think you can tone down the anti magic on the runelord, hes expensive and a bit hit or miss for the points. id also drop the banner of valaya its overkill. for the points of the anvil/runelord id rather take a pair of runesmiths and another thane or something. preferance really. you might want to give the dragon slayer some runes to make him better, he doesnt really have much going for him or the slayer unit hes in really. i just see that unit as a big pincusion and the 1st target of any missile units in the opposing army. no armour = dead stunties.

ditch the command and drill from the miners and drop them to 8 guys, 10 is overkill.

consider finding room for another thane to lead your warrior unit, without one they will struggle to get the kills in to the make the most of their good rank bonus etc. this unit is the weak link in your infantry line up and needs addressing.

shields on the thunderers might be a good idea, they will end up in combat and this will give them a respectable 4+ save which could keep them alive.

you have very little in the way of long range goodness, with a anvil which can slow your enemy down considerably you have 24" range on all your shooting. perhaps a pair of bolt throwers instead of the 2nd organ gun, give it rune of penetrating and it will wreck any chariots and give you extra range you may find yourself wanting. plus organs can explode, bolt throwers dont.

on the whole i think the list needs refineing not reworking, work out exactly what you want your army to do and do it in moderation rather than overkill. its something ive just done myself making my first dwarf army up. going over the top with runes etc and you loose what it is your army is about. but theres alot of potential here that i dont think is being met to get the best out of your army.