View Full Version : Light Vehicle Squadrons... Should there be a boxed set?

03-06-2008, 15:41
I was thinking the other day, and it occurred to me that Games workshop should make/offer light vehicle squadrons. A good number of armies have an AV10 unit that can form some sort of squad. Landspeeders, Warwalkers, Vyper Jetbikes, Sentinels, Killa Kans, and Piranhas are what spring to mind, but I may have missed one.

I love light vehicles and would gladly field more, but it is far too expensive to buy 9-15 individual models. I was thinking that squadron boxes, of say 3 models, would give a slight discount over buying individual models.

Even if this was a splash release or a “Direct only” deal I would be happy. Yes, you can buy online through places like The War Store and get a discount, but I would prefer it if GW made squadrons available.

So I guess I’m asking if other people think this is a good idea. Would you buy a squadron if they were offered?

03-06-2008, 15:50
It's a good idea, where they have the space.

Now all we need are rules for light vehicles squadrons that don't make it vastly preferable in most cases to field them in squadrons of 1, as one burst from from a S6/7 weapon- assualt cannon, scatter laser, multilaser, shurican cannon, ion cannon, autocannon- can easily cripple the whole squadron, and it only gets worse in 5th.

03-06-2008, 15:52
Don't know about the others, but when I bought my Piranhas there was three in one pack.

03-06-2008, 15:55
Don't know about the others, but when I bought my Piranhas there was three in one pack.

Indeed. Both for the Tau Pirahna and Eldar Warwalkers, there were Splash releases of 3-strong Squadron boxes that offered a discount. The Warwalkers are £15 each, I think, and the Splash release box was £40.

03-06-2008, 16:00
they certainly used to do multi-packs of sentinels - I don't know if they still do, but I suspect they went the way of the squats with the reorganisation of the online store. Hopefully the new land-speeders will be available in a multipack, if only as a limited release to tie in with the codex release...

03-06-2008, 17:40
Well GW has taken the stance of 3 pack for a cheaper price as a splash release when they first come out. However they stay there a month, and anyone not jumping on them in that first month, then has to buy them at the insane price for a single one.

GW tends to also throw them into the Battleforces, Megaforces, Army Deals, and now the Apocalypse Armies. Seems they enjoy tossing 2 together in these boxes. Probably because they don't sell very quickly as they usually are low points costs and high dollar prices.

I would add Destroyers to that list as well, 1 is never enough for a Necron player, and to spend in Canada $30 on 1 is a joke, $40 on a Piranha is a joke... its a good thing I have someone go to the US at least once a year, where they are all like $20 cheaper when are dollar is on par... suddenly a $400 army cost me $240!