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03-06-2008, 17:09
The US GW site has reduced the price of the gamer's and collector's editions to $90 each (they had been mis-advertised on the site at $95 dollars apiece for a while). I bring this up because:

1. I believe I heard that GW will ship them so they arrive at your home on the day of release, which is probably simpler than driving to a store to pick one up (would love any verification of this).

2. GW was offering a free SM miniature for $100+ orders (I don't know for certain if this is still the case or even if it applies towards advance orders as well).

For those of you who already ordered your copy online from GW I have no idea if they will be refunding you the five dollars or not.

04-06-2008, 01:20
Okay, so I registered an account with GW and it says that in the case of advance orders "you will recieve your goods one-to-five days before they are available from retail outlets." For those like me who are unfamiliar with ordering from GW, shipping is free if you order over a $100. However, they ship the entire order together, so if you order anything already available along with an advance order copy of say the gamer's edition, nothing will arrive until June 7th at the earliest and the 11th at the latest.

Also, it appears you can cancel advance orders as long as they have neither shipped or are in the process of being prepared for shipping, which means if you already ordered either the gamer's or collector's editions at $95 you could simply cancel your order and then do a new one to get the $90 price (although who knows, maybe they were kind enough to just take care of the problem already).

As far as the free miniature goes that is available if you spend over $100, and hence get free shipping, here's the pic:


However, if you place your order today I have no idea if they will reserve one of the miniatures for you, or if they will only ship it too you if it's still available in a month.

There is only sales tax if you live in a state with an official GW retail store.

Best, Dras.

04-06-2008, 01:34
My mistake, will arrive July 7th - 11th, not June.

04-06-2008, 05:07
Is shipping still free on an Advanced Order over $100 as it used to be $3.00 no matter what the order amount was.

04-06-2008, 14:47
Temprus, nothing I could find on the website suggested any special shipping rates for advance orders. They just lump your whole order together (advance and already available items) and ship them all at once at the following rates:

$00.01 - $20 = $7
$20.01 - $40 = $8
$40.01 - $60 = $9
$60.01 - $80 = $10
$80.01 - $100 = $11
$100.01+ = FREE!
Express = additional +$15
Priority Express = additional +$20

If you want to make absolutely certain you could call them at 1-800-394-5263.

Also, I put some stuff in my cart and at $100 the free SM magically appeared along w/ a picture of him. This suggests to me that they reserve you one even if they won't be shipping your order until next month (but if the difference between ordering direct and just picking up a copy of the new rules from your local game store is the free SM I'd just call the above number to double check this).