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03-06-2008, 20:21
:skull: 4000 point dark elf army :skull:


Dark Elf Highborn on Black Dragon - 560 General
Draich of dark power, Black amulet, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak

High Sorceress lvl4 on Dark Pegasus – 395
Biting blade, darkstar cloak, seal of ghrond, wand of kharaidon

High Sorceress lvl4 on Manticore – 515
Hand weapon, talisman of protection, tome of furion, rubric of dark dimensions


Sorceress lvl2 – 187
Hand weapon, heartstone of darkness, elven steed

Sorceress lvl2 – 180
Hand weapon, 2 dispel scrolls

Noble Battle Standard Bearer – 255
Hand weapon, soul shadows standard, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak

Noble on Cold One – 112
Hand weapon, lance, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield


2x 10 Warriors – 240
Hand weapon, repeater crossbow, light armour, shield

2x 10 Corsairs – 200
2 hand weapons, light armour sea dragon cloaks

2x 5 Dark Riders – 245
Hand weapon, light armour, spears, repeater bolt throwers, musicians


2x 5 Cold One Knights – 290
Hand weapon, lance, heavy armour, shield,

4x Cold One Chariot – 388

14 Witch Elves of Khaine – 182
2 poisoned hand weapons

14 Executioners of Har Ganeth – 154
Draich, heavy armour


2x Reaper Bolt Thrower – 200


03-06-2008, 20:34
one good trick i thought of doing is putting the BSB on the chariot, and moving all 4 chariots up together, then when close put the BSB chariot out about 5" in front of the others, in charge range of the enemy.

The enemy charge, i can auto fall back and rally, and that leaves the enemy in a position where up to 4 chariots can counter charge in my go (depending on their units frontage)