View Full Version : Coming back down.

03-06-2008, 21:09
having played (badly) 40k late second and mainly 3rd as my firt ever table top war game i loved it. with 4th i went off it and developed my love of fantasy to the point of 5000pts of vampire counts BEFORE the current release. Having read the new 5th edition i have decided it may be a good time to restart the game that started it all. my only concern is which army. I'm doing nrgle deamon for fantasy but i don't think they fit well in 40k. i am asking (got to the point) which army should i play and how do the new rules afect them, as i have seen friends (and enemys) play 4th 40k and read the back grounds. basically i like the sound of Space marines, Orks and T'au Empire. so how are each played and affected by the new rulea.

p.s. i know there is a new marine book out soon.