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Thinking Cap
04-06-2008, 03:22
I'm thinking about getting into Fantasy, since several other local people seem interested in getting into it. Folks are starting off small at 750 points.

I've drawn up a few lists from the armies that seem interesting to me, and was looking for some feedback.


Sarus Hero with Greatweapon, Light Armor, Jaguar Charm
Skinks x10
Skinks x10
Cold One Riders x5 with Standard and Champion (General joins this unit)
Kroxigor x 3
Salamanders x 2

The Skinks are there because I like the model, and they can screen my force from missile fire. The Skink poison shots give me a way to deal with any monsters or high toughness low armor targets. I'd like to take Sarus warriors, but they seem like they are just too expensive for something that slow. The Cold One Riders are expensive, but at least they are faster. The Kroxigors are there to break up heavily armored targets. The salamanders are there to thin stuff out, or shoot the socks off skirmishers or fast cav.

Dark Elves:

Noble w/ Greatweapon, Light Armor
Warriors x10 with crossbows and shields
Warriors x11 with shields and Standard Bearer (General joins this unit)
Dark Riders x5 with crossbows
Harpies x5
Shades x5
Reaper Bolt Thrower
Reaper Bolt Thrower

The idea here is it to keep them from being able to march and thin them out enough to beat them. I'm generally not a fan of stand and shoot armies in any game system, but this one seems like it should have a good bit of stuff going on with the skirmishing aspect to keep it interesting. I like the elite troops and monster aspect of of the DE, but wanted to steer clear of any models being redone.

Chaos Deamons:

Hearld of Tzneetch w/ Chariot, Master of Sorcery
Hearld of Khrone w/ Armor of Khrone
Blood Letters x10 with champ, Standard (Icon of Endless War) and Musician (Khrone Hearld here)
Horrors of Tzneetch x10
Blood Crushers x2

Hearld of Tzneetch would pick Lore of Beasts for the low cast values, and the ability to be a flying Bolt Thrower. Also has the ability to make a chariot or cav charge in the magic phase, so he could land behind a unit and charge them in the rear, or fly out from behind cover and charge archers or a warmachine crew. Bear's Anger on the Khrone Hearld ought to let him kill basically anything with 6 attacks at WS 7, S 8 with hatred and killing blow. Blood Crushers are there because the Tzneetch hearld can make them charge in the magic phase.

Tomb Kings:

Prince with Chariot, great weapon, light armor
Priest with Hieratic Jar
Warriors x10 with bows
Heavy Horsemen x5
Chariots x3
Carrion x3
Screaming Skull Catapult

Idea here is to shoot them with the Stone Thrower, and march block something with the Carrion. Either they advance in piecemeal or they slow their entire force down. Work to get a front + flank charge off with the horsemen & chariots through the TK extra movement magic, keeping the jar in reserve to force the issue if need be.

Wood Elves:

Noble with Greatweapon
Glade Guard x10
Glade Riders x5
Dryads x8
Treekin x3
Wardancers x5
Great Eagle

Wood Elves seem a little heavy on the skirmishing for a first army. They don't seem bad, its just seems that formation movement seems to be a big part of Fantasy, and starting with them seems a little bit like missing out on part of the game. On the other hand, fighting people using formation movement would still be playing a game based on formation movement, in fashion.

04-06-2008, 21:17
Have to say I really like most of these lists and seem very good for a first atempt, although I think I would only have 1 rep. bolt thrower in the dark elves list and increase the size of the warrior unit. I personally think the lizardmen and wood elves list looks most effective(im not a fan of deamons myself, to many people play them now), both look very balanced and interesting to play with/against,however it all depends on your style of play and which units you like the look of.

04-06-2008, 21:45
Your lizzard list: Don't put your general with your cav. Put him with your skinks if u want shooting protection. As they are skirmishers, charging out will be easy too.
Vets should always have a shield to wip out vs t3 low armore units.

Dark elf: Your general needs heavy armore, a shield, and an SDC.
Putting a general in a weak 11 man unit is kinda risky. Id combine the 2 spear units.

Overall, it looks like you really love shooting. IMO, combat troops are usually more fun, and about equally as effective.

05-06-2008, 00:05
How about Warriors of Chaos?

They are extremely tough and relatively inexpensive, and have incredibly good spells.

05-06-2008, 00:40
The Tomb King list you made sounds really good, although I'd personally reccommend the WD Warriors of Chaos list as you can make some killer 1000pt armies with it