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The Brusier
04-06-2008, 11:50
This is the draft list i've decided on for my O&G

Lords- Orc Warboss Rotgut da Gitsnikker @223 pts
Upgrades- 3 pts Magic Items- 100 pts
Light Armour (3) Ulag’s Akrit Axe (25)
Spiteful Shield (25)
Effigy of Mork (35)
Guzzla’s Battle Brew (15)

Heroes-Black Orc Big Boss Garlork Stuntiehakka @139 pts
Upgrades- 4 pts Magic- 50 pts
Heavy Armour (4) Mork’s Spirit Totem (50)

Orc Shaman Buglog Wizzbang @135 pts
Upgrades- 35 pts Magic- 35 pts
Lvl 2 Wizard (35) Dispel Scroll (25)
Waagh! Paint (10)

Goblin Shaman Marglot Fizzpop @140 pts
Upgrades- 35 pts Magic- 50 pts
Lvl 2 Wizard (35) Staff of Sneaky Stelin’ (50)

Core- Orc Boyz (x20) @140 pts
Full Command (20)
Shields (20)

Orc Boyz (x19) @134 pts
Full Command (20)
Shields (19)

Orc Boyz (x19) @153 pts
Full Command (20)
Additional Choppa’s (38)

Goblins (x20) @120 pts
Full Command (20)
Spears (20)
Shields (20)

Goblins (x20) @120 pts
Full Command (20)
Spears (20)
Shields (20)

Goblin Wolf Riders (x5) @60 pts

Goblin Wolf Riders (x5) @60 pts

Special-Black Orcs (x15) @233 pts
Full Command (38)

Savage Orc Boar Boys (x5) @148 pts
Full Command (38)
Spears (10)

Goblin Spear Chukka’s (x2) @70 pts

Rare- Trolls (x2) @80 pts

Snotling Pump Wagon @40 pts

Total- 1995 pts

The theme is for a raiding party attacking breweries all throughout the old world. This is my attempt at a fairly balanced, fun torny army, as my ogres are always a flop at tornies:( (getting sick of last place). Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

04-06-2008, 21:59
Can't help you much with the OnG, I've only recently started looking into them, but I do like the overall feel of the army.

Possibly Spider Riders in place of one of the Wolf Riders to go through woods and such.

05-06-2008, 01:29
Definately feeling da vibe, but I would consider dropping the pump wagon for a third troll, they work very well in groups of 3, 9 S5 attacks is not to be sniffed at and can break small units with one fell swoop...or wump, or crush or bash!

Fire Harte
05-06-2008, 18:51
I Also Have a Greenskin Horde and I do like the list and also feel 'Da Vibe'

Have A Black Orc Warboss Instead as he has better armour and WS
Also if you have Enchanted Shield you get a 3+ save With Heavy Armour
I agree with Shamfrit The Narroq to.
Also a regiment of big uns is advised
With the banner of Butchery your Black orcs can have 16 attacks at S5
Have Night Goblin Shamans Instead you can have magic Mushrooms.