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Lord Anathir
22-10-2005, 23:11
Well...my first tourney.....most importantly i wanted to see if i was giving BS advice on the internet that i scraped from a couple of pickup games or if actually had it in me. for these reports ill just give a summary instead of reporting turn for turn to make it a little easier to read.

2000 Pts High Elves
Lvl 4, Ring of Fury, Scroll, Scroll, Silver Wand
Lvl 2, Ring of corin, jewel of dusk
Commander, bsb, battle banner, steed, barding, heavy armor
commander, Lion guard, Heavy Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Poh
18Spears wSB, Champ, lion standard
10 Archers
5 silverhelms wchamp
2 chariots
5 Dragon princes wSB Banner of Sorcery
2 eagles

Game 1: vs Orcs and goblins
Well....i was playing against a not very well painted OandG army on the last table. It was an 8x4. The scenario was 'Find and Hold': there were three pieces of terrain, one with an artifact, on a 5 or a 6 it is discovered. The player with the must unit strength on or in the terrain gets +400 vp.
This is what he had approx:
Lord on Boar
Hero on Foot
Lvl 2 mage
12 black orcs + hero
20 big uns
20 boyz
20 night goblins with 2 fanatics
2x5 wolf riders
stone lobber
3 Stone Trolls

He deployed from left to right: wolf riders, biguns, black orcs, giant, chariot, boyz, trolls, night goblins, wolf riders. The mounted lord was beside his trolls.
My deployment:
battle banner + silverhelms, chariots, spears, rbt, archers, dp.
Well, i advanced on my battle banner flank, taking out the wolf riders (who foolishly decided to charge me) while giving up a fighting retreat on the side with the trolls...happened to be the objective. I took care of the giant quickly with a double charge from the chariots, I took fire with my level two, and fireballed the stone trolls to kill their regeneration, i pretty much whittled the trolls down to one wound and then finally let them charge into my archers who bludgeoned it to death with their bows. My dragon princes shot around the trolls and after the fanatic was called out by the eagle, they charged into 3 ranks of night goblins and tied combat, twice. on the left flank my battle banner and chariots multi charged the black orcs, destoryed them, and then swept over and took out the chariot and boyz. The last unit of biguns i didnt worry too much about. An easy win, something i realised id need for the next couple of games.

Game 2vs Vampire Counts
I HATE VC....ARGHHH...everything about them....i think that they are completely broken if played by an expert player.
Blood Dragon on horse
3 lvl 2s
20 Zombies
20 skellies
8 Ghouls
8 Ghouls
8 Black kngihts
8 Black Knights
6 dire wolves
3 Spirit hosts

The sceneraio was magic flux....any mage within 12 inches of the centre can use an extra dice to casta spell...but if that extra dice is a one than its a miscast.
He put both his units of black knights on the left flank, one with the blood dragon, then the spirit hosts, both blocks of infantry, screened by ghouls and then dire wolves. There was a big hill somewhat in the centre of the table. I fake deployed my archers, spears, chariots and rbt in the centre so hed think id attack from the front, buti put both knights on the right flank where they can quickly zip around and attack from the rear. On my first turn i quickly realligned so that my spears were supported by the chariots behind the hill, the archers right at the table edge, and the eagles in marchblock position. If fought a fighting retreat, got some ok magic off, whittled down one knight unit to 3, destroeyd dire wolves, slowly i sacrificed my bolt throwers and archers. finally a 4 turn comet went off, destroying both units of ghouls, reducing both units of intantry, killing the banshee, both my eagles, all but one wound on the spirit hosts and a couple of knights. The next turn, my dragon princes zipped around the hill, and the turn after that they combined charges with both chariots and the battle banner to wipe out the blocks of infantry and the mages. hes vampire had toe charge my spear unit, it broke eventually, but during that ime i annhilated the rest of his army. I got a solid victory in the end. 17-3

Game 3: vs Vampire Counts.
:wtf: again! This time agansta much better player. I found myself on table two. If i gota massacre Id have an excellent chance of winning it all. He had:
Vampire Strigoi
Vampire Thrall
2 lvl 2s
2x 5 dire wolves
2x 3 fell bats
4 Irongut Ogres (:wtf: ....ogres in a vc army, i had to give him -1 to comp for this)
20 Skellies +vc
20 skellies + thrall
20 zombies
2 x6 ghouls

Pitched Battle: fellbats, infantry blocks screened by ghouls, dire wolves, dire wolves, fell bats, ironguts.

battle banner, chariots, spears, dp, one rbt and archers on hill behind spears, the other on far right.

I had a problem n the right flank, 3 fast units, + the iron guts, with only my dp defending my bolt thrower. On my first turn i shot some of ghouls, killed a unit of dire wolves, the next turn i killed the other unit of dire wolves, one unit of fell bats, the summoned ghouls. But i lost a bolt thrower to ther other unit of fell bats. All this time the infantry advanced on me....i had my eagles chase his mage behind his lines, caught him into going into a little space behind the ghouls, so my chairots charged and broke the screen, and one overran into the mage and killed it. My magic took over from there, flaming the unit with the count down to 6 and nearly wiping out the ironguts. All was going well when...DISASTER!!! my stubborn spears took a charge from the last iron gut in the flank, 20 zomies in the front, a fell bat in the rear and a vc throll in the other flank. I lost combat by one, but i rolled double 6s for my leadership......BLAHHH....horrible. But i wasnt gonna die so quickly. I wiped out the unit of 6 with my silverhelms and chariot. My dp could charge through the last irongut and break through...right....wrong. they fail their fear check, one inch away from the table edge and three inches away from four undead units. In that magic phase i managed to wipe out the zombies down to 3 from flames, storm. I magic missiled the last iron gut. On the other side of the table my other chariot got flanked by 4 ghouls, held until the last turn and reduced them down to 1 wound and in the meantime killed the bansheewho charged in as well, finally at the end it was killed by the one ghoul. I thought i had a solid victory, i managed to wipe out everything the vc's unit. Until the dice gods struck me down. His vc jumped out of the unit and walked 12 inches, in the magic phase he cast the dance on himself with 2 dice....no worries right? double sixes, he charges my archmage 12 inches away. Thos 335 points i lost right there downgraded it to a minor victory.

In end, due to great painting + comp scores, I finished 3rd out of 42 people. I was 3 points behind second and 12 behind first. The order of the top 5 were: Lizardmen, Chaos, High Elves, Dark Elves, Brettonia.

23-10-2005, 00:11
Only 3 games? That wasn't very many...

You seemed to do kinda well. I'm actually surprised as when I saw your army I thought: "omg, way to much pts in characters and way to low unit count". But obviously, I was wrong.

I'm guessing your power magic phase was one of the reasons to this great placing, though, you seemes to get some nice combined charges of.

Hope you learnt something from all this playing;) And don't whine about dice rollings. I bet that you had some luck and he didn't some times which gave you the upper hand. It's something which happens almost every game which more or less gets neutralized in the far end.

If you havnšt guessed, I really get anoyed by people who complain about their losses on crappy dice rolls:wtf:

Lord Anathir
23-10-2005, 00:59
yeah...it was only 3.....thats not too bad when you think about it. There was no entry fee, so it was all good.

i wont whine about the dice anymore.