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05-06-2008, 16:43
I have a question regarding slain vampire characters:

Ok for this question assume I am using a unit of Blood Knights that also includes my BSB and another Vampire Hero. The Vampire Hero carries the Blooddrinker sword.

Say my BSB is slain in combat. However also say that my other Vampire Hero scores a wound with his Blooddrinker. Can my BSB be resurrected with the wound recovered since he is part of the unit? Furthermore, if not, is there any spells from the vampire lore that would allow me to resurrect the dead BSB? POssibly Invocation of Nehek or Summon Undead Horde?

And finally, If the BSB is resurrected, will he still hold his magic standard?

05-06-2008, 16:47
Once a vampire is dead it's dead unless it has the magic ring.

The Clairvoyant
05-06-2008, 17:33
I believe not so.

Blood drinker uses the invocation rules (i think!) in terms of who it brings back in a unit (champion then other command models, then RnF troops). Character models have to be targetted separately with invocation to benefit from the restoring wounds. However, Blood drinkers rules state that it affects the vampire wielding the sword, or the unit he has joined. The unit he has joined is the Rank n Filers, and not the other character who would have to be targetted separately.

If i've got it wrong and blood drinker *doesn't* use Invocation's rules, you may be able to argue the toss, but in the spirit of the rules and in fairness, I wouldn't force the point and concede the BSB as dead.

05-06-2008, 17:38
Vampires have to be targetted seperately from the unit. If the vampire is dead there is no model to target.

If this wasn't so, you could raise any dead vamp with IoN at any time, which isn't the case. (I'd have to join the 'VC is broken' gang if that was true...)