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the johnanator
06-06-2008, 04:26
Hey mates next week i have a gmae against VC the game size is 1500 points
I dont know much about my oppents list but from what i can remember he takes 3 vampires, a big block of skellies and grave guard, some blood knights a corpse cart and a big block of ghouls.

My list is

wildrider kindred
great stag
moonstone of hidden ways

2 dispel scrolls

lvl 1 upgrade
cluster of radiants
murder of spites

12 dyrads

5 glade riders
full command

10 wardancers
champ and musican

3 treekin


My plan is to put the noble with the treekin and use the moonstone to jump to a forset hopefully catching his vampire off guard.

What do you think, please help!!

cheers johnanator

Gharof von Carstein
06-06-2008, 07:15
vampires dont get caught off guard. they are caught WITH guard ;) those vamps wont scurry about by themselves ill tell you (unless your friend doesnt like to join his chars with units) thing is vamps are deadly by themselves yes. but on foot still only US 1. Id base my tactic more on how to stop him from flanking you with his knights. if you take that away from him and you can manage to quickly charge the knights (dont let them charge you) and take them out, you will have just cost him about a third of his army in points. after which the rest will fall soon enough as youll just overpower him. at that time you can take out the vamps in the units by targeting.

the johnanator
06-06-2008, 11:18
But my list itself is fine yeah?

Destroyer of Eternities
06-06-2008, 12:16
it is nice to see a wood elf list tht doesn't consist of glade guard totally but i think you could do with at least a unit of 10

06-06-2008, 14:42
There are a few places you caould save some points if you want to add some GG.. or anything else for that matter :)

You don't need anything other than a musician iwith the glade riders, they're useless in combat since they die if anything even looks at them funny...

10 wardancers is too many in one unit, you'll never get more than 7 into combat at one time and they don't get rank bonuses. Same goes for the dryads, 8 is the usual unit size for them.

The treekin unit doesn't really need a champ either, although thats really up to you.

All that should save you enough points for another unit or two, hope that helped :angel:

Andrew Luke
06-06-2008, 16:01
I don't like wardancers against VC. Active CR can really only do them in if you can hit a flank, cuz otherwise their ranks mitigate crumbling and they will just raise whatever you killed back the following turn. Rememeber, you don't beat VC by winning combat by a little, you gotta win by A LOT.

How does he protect his Blood Knights? You didn't mention any Direwolves, so if he is novice enough to leave them unscreened, you can easily have them chase your glade riders around the board the entire game, effectively making a third of his army useless. Add a nice bow to your lord or even a unit of glade guard with bows and you can wittle them down from a far. BK's frenzy is a huge liability in games of this size, so exploit it!