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06-06-2008, 04:37
ok I have ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS have used an archmage with my HE at times I feel like hes the whole point! but I wanted to try a list that was different and more "fighty" hence:

Prince @ 250 Pts
The White Sword
Armour of Caledor
Guardian Phoenix
Talisman of Loec

Battle Standard Bearer @ 171 Pts
Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Dragon Armour; Shield; Battle Standard Bearer
Radiant Gem of Hoeth @ [45] Pts

Level 2 Mage @ 185 Pts
2 Dispel Scrolls
Silver Wand

10 archers @ 110

20 spears @ 205 Pts
Full command

Tiranoc Chariot @ 85 Pts

Tiranoc Chariot @ 85 Pts

Great Eagle @ 50 Pts

Great Eagle @ 50 Pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

15 Phoenix Guard @ 305 Pts
Full command, Banner of Sorcery
Champ has gem of courage

12 Sword Masters of Hoeth @ 225 Pts
Full command, Banner of Ellyrion
champ has amulate of light

5 Dragon Princes @ 150 Pts

5 Dragon Princes @ 150 Pts


5 power
4 dispell

I had planed to base the list round 2 units of 20 sea guard, but decided I would miss my expedable dragon princes to much.

Had considered trying to fit in another mage but decided I wanted the chariots, and would seriously consider having Elafarion as the general rather than a prince for his magical ability, and would give me a decent magic phase.

06-06-2008, 05:07
Nice fighty list. Had me worried there as I scrolled down, saw the Chariots then the GE and RBTs and thought "Uh oh where'd his Specials go..." hehe, had them tucked away down there.

One suggestion: swap the Amulet of Light with the Gem of Courage in the SM/PG units. The PGs being fearless would have better uses for the Amulet of Light. That said, the Sword Masters aren't ranked up and can be prone to missing or fluffing their attacks, so the Gem of Courage is more useful there.

It's a nice list, quite fighty. Definitely a fan of a RGoH'd BSB (an alternative is to use the Battle Banner and put him with the BSB--now that's Static CR!) and your Prince is ably geared. However, he's missing an important piece of defensive equipment; one armour piece that allows rerolling armour saves or the Vambraces of Defense which allows that and provides a solid 4+ ward save.

Not strictly necessary, you do have a 2+/5+ save right there.

One thing you may wish to consider is the swapping of one chariot for a Reaver unit. Drop one or two Spearman if you must, but give them bows (if you drop one you can replace the spears with bows). They're excellent harassers and trust me your two Great Eagles won't seem like enough.

Nice, solid, fighty army.

Andrew Luke
06-06-2008, 15:29
Fighty High Elves? Where is the Dragon? ;)

I would go for the seaguard, they are archers, but they can rank up and fight! Whats not to love? The problem I see with this list is while every unit has something to offer you are really low on models. I feel either dropping one unit of your elite infantry or DP's can bulking out your core a little more could help a lot. 70 or so T3 models aren't a very daunting 'fighty' army, even with all the tricks of the High Elves.

06-06-2008, 18:15
Umm. No sorry, the strength of the High Elves is in their Special choices. Even if you remove the elite infantry you'll still be low on models. They're High Elves after all.

Besides, any more spearblocks are just going to be nicer targets for enemy pieplates.

About the LSG, the only thing not to love is their cost. Agreed that they are sweet, but one Archer unit and Spearblock accomplishes the same things. Very few people take lots of LSG, most take two units of 10 as rearguard. I take them in 10-15 as detachments to PG blocks.

12-06-2008, 07:14
I would drop something in favor of the huge block of PG. I mean they wont kill much so u need the +3 from ranks and a war banner imho to ever win a combat with them. Plus with more u outnumber and then auto break. Heck with the warbanner and the BSB in the unit u could have 7 static CR! And with your caddies I think u can do without the BoS.