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Cambion Daystar
06-06-2008, 07:41
Situation: GUO with pestilent mucus is in combat with 2 units. The GUO suffers multiple wounds.
- Does the pestilent mucus ability trigger before or after armour/regeneration/ward saves?
- if he is in BTB with only 4 models, does that mean only 4 models can die, or is it for every failed T test a model dies, then another one takes his place and that one take the next test?
- Do pestilent mucus wounds count toward combat result?
- When the GUO suffers wounds from combat result, do they also trigger the ability?
- When the GUO suffers wounds from shooting into CC (skaven opponenent) do they trigger the ability?

06-06-2008, 09:12
All good questions.

I'd say

1.It only triggers when he takes the wounds so after you fail your ward save or in the case of trappings after you fail your armor/ward/regen Save.

2. There is alot of debate on this one. I still dont' know how I'd play it if I took like 4 wounds from combat resolution with miasma up.

3. Again.. I think they would count towards combat result. Its wounds caused.

4. Instability is still wounds suffered. So yes.

5. Same as above. If any models are in BTB when he suffers wounds they need to test.

Now another good question. Say he gets instagibbed by one of those if you cause a wound the model is dead weapons do they take 10 toughness tests???


Looking forward to FAQ.