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06-06-2008, 17:16
I'm having a problem in filling my lord/heroes with the high elves.
was thinking about the following
choice 1:
dragon armour of calledor, Vambraces of defense, amulet of light and GW noble
BSB, Guardian pheonix, dragon armour, halbert
annulian crystal or 2 dispel scrolls
problem here is the magical resistance
choise 2:
jewel of dusk, Ring of fury
amulet of light
==> with banner of sorcery
problem here is that i don't have a BSB but fit's more with the army (shooting: 20 archers, 12 LSG and 2 RBT).
or of some of you have any sugestions??
it's 550 ish of pnts

06-06-2008, 19:21
20 Archers, 12 LSG and 2 RBT? Wow dude, that's a lot of shooting. What's the rest of the list?

Try the L4 Archmage with the Book of Hoeth at 360 points with a scroll caddy and a BSB. Give one of your elite infantry the Banner of Sorcery instead, you'll need the BSB to be a fighter.

Noble - BSB, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, Great Weapon

Also, give a Unit Champion the Amulet of Light instead of your characters. Same with Gem of Courage.

This is rather costly though. Can't really suggest good choices if there's no list.