View Full Version : A Tau Human Auxileries Army using the Witch Hunters rules - Am I crazy?

23-10-2005, 08:48
Now I've been thinking about what my next army in 40k would be. I've already made a Tau and Kroot Merc list, so I was thinking about what would come next. Having a Human Auxileries list has always been in the back of my mind, but just how to make one has been a point of contention. Using an IG list would be the easiest, but there are already four IG armies in my gaming group, one of which is a carapace armour drop troops force. I wanted to make something different.

The Witch Hunters list may offer me that different list I want. I can use the Stormtroopers and Arbites as the core troops choices, make some Guard looking Exorcists, and us Spyre suits to fill out other choices. My 2000 point list looks something like this:

Canoness (Using a Patriarch Spyre suit model)
- Bolt Pistol, Master Crafted Power Weapon
- Bionics (I had the points)

- Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol
*I'm only taking this guy because I have to if I want the Arco-flagellants*

Inquisitor (Using the Matriach Spyre suit model)
- Evicerator, Close Combat Weapon
- 2 x Acolyte with Storm Bolters (Trusty drones to take the hits)
- 1 x Sage (Will use a marker drone when they come out)
- 2 x Crusader (Using the Jakara Spyre suit; Mirror shield and mono sword fit the bill)
- 1 x Warrior with flamer (I like flamers)
- Rhino with Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers
*The 'Canoness' will join this squad and ride with them*

Arco-Flagellants (Using the Orrus Spyre suit)
- 3 x Arco-Flagellants

Death Cult Assassins (Using the Malcadon Spyre suits)
- 3 x Death Cult Assassins

Arbites Squad
- 6 x Arbites with Shotguns
- 1 x Arbite with Flamer
- 1 x Arbite with Grenade Launcher
- 1 x Vet Arbite with Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
- Rhino with Smoke Launcher and Extra Armour
*The priest will be part of this squad*

3 x Stormtrooper Squad
- 7 x Stormtroopers
- 2 x Stormtroopers with either meltaguns or plasmaguns
- 1 x Vet Stormtrooper with Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
- Chimera with Multilaser, Hull Heavy Bolter, Extra Armour, and Smoke Launchers

Seraphim Squad (Using the Yeld Spyre Suits)
- 2 x Seraphim with bolt pistols
- 1 x Seraphim with twin hand flamers
- 1 x Seraphim with twin inferno pistols
- 1 x Vet Sister Superior with bolt pistol and power weapon

3 x Exorcist
- Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

So there we have it. The Spyre suits roughly resemble the options they are representing. The Yeld are probably the worst at their job, as they clearly lack a 3+ save, and converting their weapons and poses may be a pain. The Priest is a tad out of place, but I did want to get all the Spyre suits in, and so we had to let a single one tag along. I did want to get some more traditional Guard vehicles in there, but the amount of regular Guardsmen needed to bring along a Leman Russ was too much in my opinion. There are some faith points floating around, but they won't be used.

So, what are your ideas? Think it will work? Any suggestions for changes? Conversion tips? Any input is appreciated.

23-10-2005, 14:00
Sounds like a feasable enough idea, I assume the StormTroopers and Arbites will be suitably 'Tau-ified'?

As for the vehicles, I'd go for 'Tau-ification' on those too. Steer clear of making them Guard like as they need to look more refined.

23-10-2005, 15:06
would love to see some pics of this list when ya get it done, could be very nice indeed

23-10-2005, 15:18
glad someone else likes to use the Malcadons as Assassins

23-10-2005, 16:33
Oh I've already made Malcadons into assassins before. Kroot ones even. We had to make some assassins for a GT mission, and with some converting (though I never did get rid of the human bum) I made them into Kroot.

As for Tau-ing up the models, I'm in two minds about it. If I do Tau them up, they'll blend in better with my existing Tau army, and will better represent their human auxileries status. If I don't, they have a better contrast to the Tau, which may seem odd, but serves to illustrate the many races of the empire.

I do intend to have some Tau parts around the place. Squad leaders will no doubt get the Firewarrior sholder pad and the stealth suit aerial on his backpack. I'm thinking of using the Forgeworld Hammerhead Missile Pod to make the Exorcists with. The Inquisitor will have a couple of drones following her around (though only one acolyte as I mis-calculated the chimera costs). I'm thinking I should go for subtle conversions, with bits of Tau wargear here and there, rather than replacing helmets and sholder pads everywhere. Not sure though...I'll have to make some test models up.

I'll try to get some pictures up once they're done, but I can assure you that it takes me a while to get models built and painted. I'm a little slow at painting.

23-10-2005, 17:38
I'm no psychologist, but I think what you've proposed is perfectly sane. Infact I actually quite like it. You certainly have a list that looks like it would be enjoyable to play against, which is the key thing as far as I'm concerned. I like your model choices too.

23-10-2005, 20:52
Are you wanting to do this to give you different game play options, i.e. you get sick of playing as Tau all the time and want some different army list options, or are you just wanting some figure variety but still happy to play them as Tau?

To me it seems quite feasible to have human models with Tau weapons and simply say that they're human mercenaries and play exactly like Tau, if that's what you want. For fluff reasons you'd probably give them Tau officers etc, and they'd look much better if you can give them some Tau-ish armour and equipment

24-10-2005, 15:17
I'm aiming for different play options within the bounds of options I could get away with 'fluffily'. While they won't be riding around in Devilfish and weilding pulse rifles, it would be good to have them with carapace armour (even if it is the Imperial carapace armour), and not to have units such as commissars, ratlings, or conscripts running around. The priest is an annoyance to me, and I only tolerate him because I want the Orrus suits in, and the Arco-Flagellants suit them. I'm thinking of stripping him of his weapons to tone him down.

Like the Kroot Mercs, they are there to be a race that is different both visually and in game play. It's my little way of illustrating many different races fighting for the Greater Good. Visually the Humans are suited to Tau equipment, so I am looking for ideas for subtle Tauification, but not to the levels of body swaps. Gamewise I've gone for a list that's somewhere inbetween the Tau and Kroot lists; it's got some mobile firepower and some assault capacity, but isn't particularly strong in either. I have the capacity to make a mechanised Tau list, but I tend to play with more static lists. Unless I buy more models for some variety, this list will force me into a mechanised play which will be different than my current Tau. Also needing 6's to get through AV14 and needing 5's to wound marines will be new. But I still think it's a force that can win games.

24-10-2005, 15:57
Subtle Tau-ification could simply be removing all the Imperial eagles on a standard Cadian and replacing them with the Tau "hippe symbol" and giving a black-undersuit-with-sandy-armour paintjob. Give each squad leader a Tau shoulder pad and perhaps a Tau helmet, scatter some accessories and drones over the place (drone technology is IMHO available to all citizens of the Empire, Tau or alien) and voila!

As for the Priest, there are a number of ways to bring him in. I have this image of a respected pro-Tau fanatic in robes similar to an Ethereal, a single braid down the side of his face (something that could be adopted with all bareheaded models), who acts as the army's ambassador to the Water Caste.

25-10-2005, 07:35
Actually, what I might do for the priest is to get rid of the Arbites Vet Sarge, and use the priest instead. Give the priest carapace armour, a power weapon and a shotgun, and have him as a slightly more fanatical vet sarge. I think that could work.