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Grand Warlord
22-04-2005, 01:20
Yes boys and girls... its time to begin the greatness of RPG !!!

please post your characters here, same rules that have always applied to my previous RPGs also apply here with the following exceptions.

1 Inquisitor Only (my +][+ is for GMing purposes only, overall an NPC...waiting for slaztons next RPG...)
Only 1 Space Marine.

Other than that I hold veto power on all submitted characters.

I am re-running my previous Chronicles on the Temple Hive City of Aldron 7.

Good Luck!

22-04-2005, 06:25
Hey I'm in for roleplaying, I've never played Inquisitor, but I know the 40k universe inside and out, and have roleplayed WHFRP, vampire, and some campaigns we made up for the d6 system. Give us some setting so I can make up a character that fits the context

Grand Warlord
22-04-2005, 13:08
Well bascially this is a text based RPG, somewhere on the =][= website there is the downloadable rulebook.

As for the setting:

Basic war torn imperial city, cultists have rising up against the emperor and currently have control of the planet all but the Temple, where all the Governmental Duties take place for the planet.

22-04-2005, 19:06
Preacher Themos volunteered to leave his parish and help the emperor's
servants wherever his faith is most needed. There were few sad
goodbyes, Themos had abandoned all contact with his faithless family
long ago, and the other clergy gave him only words of support, only
his small loyal flock of neophytes pleaded with their eyes for him to

Themos allowed Christina to follow him into the Cathedral's armory.
The small room's position in a side wing of the Cathedral of the
Emperors Constancy explains its unusual shape. The Armory was only ten
feet wide across, but boasted a fourteen-foot high ceiling and
stretched over two hundred feet in length. Enough weapons to arm the
large clergy and their faithful adorned the walls. Five rows of
weapons hung on the wall; autoguns and swords, both blessed with the
etched sigil of the Emperors Constancy filled the lower eight feet of
the wall space. In case of an uprising, these weapons would be
distributed among the faithful.

Themos shined his flashlight to the upper portions of the wall, above
the yellow glow of candles that stood atop the wooden gun racks. Only
the steel lining of plasma guns duly reflected the light, their plasma
cores cold and lightless. Themos walked another ten feet and shined
his light upward again. A flamethrower, painted brown in the color of
stubbornness blended into the black walls, but the golden eagle-headed
mouth of the weapon betrayed its position. "Christina, bring the
ladder, I've found what I want" said Themos

Themos wished that he could of brought Christina with him. Although
Themos's fiery speeches earned him a large following of reawakened
citizens finally aware of their spiritual duties to the Emperor Who
Protects Them Even Today, his relationship with Christina had been
more personal. Themos remembered how even the formless neophyte robes
could not hide her youthful figure. That was the problem, his daily
affection for her grew to the point where Themos knew that he must
leave or risk disaster. He had run too far from his family to only
succumb to the same corruption. His new future lay among the stars…

OOC: Themos will be armed with a flamethrower; in his other hand he
carries a Y shaped staff that has an open prayer book tied between its
branches. He wears a brown traveling robe, prayer beads around his
waist, and has two other prayer books in his backpack. He also has an
average sum of money. If anyone wants to play any characters from the
Cathedral, from another preacher, bishop or even one of my neophytes I
would have no problem with it. Warlord, this is his backround, so he can either start already in the temple and have been there during the uprising, or he can arrive as a reinforcment, bringing faith where it is most needed.

23-04-2005, 23:50
I'm certainly interested in joining if you'll have me:)

I should like to play a Sister of Battle, Order of the Bloody Rose. I'm not sure what your other guidelines are (having never played one of your games before), but let me know what I'll need to fill in/restrictions.

I'll post more later today:)

24-04-2005, 03:00
could i enter a space marine thats doing penetence under the inquisitors watch?

24-04-2005, 11:43
Well time for me to create a character, well this will be fun. I hope you don't mind him Warlord ;)

Name: Alexis Stukov
Rank: Vetern Sergeant Storm Trooper (Inquisitor Storm Trooper)
Weapons: Bolt Carbine (see Inquisitor Rulebook for info), hellpistol and Power Sword
Equipment: Carapace Armour, all locations, auspex, gas grenades (halllicugen) and melta charges
Background: Stukov was recruited at a very young age after his father and mother died in the invasion of Ichar IV. They were lowly Adeptus Scribes, but the Imperials took Stukov after finding him knee deep in gaunt gore firing a bolt carbine at a rushing horde with other civilians. The 13 year old Stukov was then taken into an Inquisitorial force from that point for his pure strength of mind and courage in the face of certain death. Stukov kept the bolt carbine and has never fought without it. After twelve years of service, Lord Andrew inducted him into his retinue and Stukov has served for Andrew for just three years.
Appearance: Long hidious scar on his right cheek that stretches down to his torso where a Daemonette wanted to see his insides. Brown eyes and close cropped brown hair. 5'6 and built like a tank.

Well I hope he checks out...........

24-04-2005, 11:56
Is Lothos welcome back?

Grand Warlord
24-04-2005, 13:21
Diddimz, Yes!

Slazton, Of course!

Nid, Yes!

24-04-2005, 22:13
Lothos, Bonded Assassin of the Vindicare Temple

Lothos, bound to Inquisitor Scythe, has had many adventures ranging all over the galaxy. He has, of course, come out on top with excellent results. Lothos is an infiltrator of unusual skill, even for an Assassin. Lothos is tall and lanky, about 6'6", 160lbs. He is a rare albino mutation, with pale skin and white hair cropped close to his head. Lothos has severe, Germanic features. He has pink eyes, or eye as it were. One of his eyes was replaced with a bionic. The replacement eye however is so advanced it is almost invisible, fitting inside the socket like a real eye. Only a slight color difference, and close scrutiny reveal microcircuits. However, the amount of people who have gotten to examine the eye are few and far between.

Lothos has an aloof, superior air about him. He always maintains control. He doesn't make mistakes, merely eperiences unplanned events that may or may not be worked to one's advantage. He will accomplish the job, at the expense of himself. No matter what.

Lothos is equipped with his standard wargear: His synthskin suit, his Exitus Longrifle, and his Exitus Pistol. He also has all sorts of assassin wargear that he keeps concealed upon his person.

24-04-2005, 22:23
If annoyed blame Nid for giving me the idea.

Inquistor Scythe

Brief Background: Exactly which world Scythe originally came from is unknown, one of the best guesses for the fate of the world is that it was exterminated due to corruption by Rencarbeth, in the second campaign against the deamon. Scythe met up with Lothos on a mission to finish what his mentor failed, a mission which recalled 'the beast', decidely dodgy techpriests, Nurgle and bad driving.

He is generally considered to be a radical and 'rumors' have been made about contorting with deamons, heretics, Xenos, mutants, criminals, heretics, assisting in breaking a vow of celibancy, fathering a child, trafficing in Xenos weapons, killing an Inquisitor, Arson, Flagrant abuse of power, Drink driving, being deamonically possessed, and a strange one about him supposedly hacking into various Imperial systems to hide bans on letting him drive various vehicles. OOC:/ Note the above list are JUST rumours they may not have any basis in fact /:OOC

Mental Conditions: Pryomaniac

Wargear: Pearl Handled Hand Flamers (4 in various places), Displacer field, Graviton Gun, Neural Whip and "Power Sword" (With a resident from the warp) and Trinity (AI), Flak armour.

Powers: M<achine Empathy, Fireball

Grand Warlord
26-04-2005, 21:10
Anyone else?

27-04-2005, 06:21
Rank: Exiled Fire Hawk
Previous Rank: Librarian
Weapons:Neural Link Twin Chamber-Plasma Pistol,The Helios Blade(Daemonic Sword),
Equipment: Artificer Armour, psychic hood
Psychic Powers: Storm Of destruction, Warp Blast, inferno,, psychic shield
Age: 592
Background: Jebediah rose quickly through the ranks of the Fire Hawks, as his psychic potential was realised early and he was put into the custody of the chapters chief librarian, and the two had a father son relationship for many years, the master teaching everything he knew to his young acolyte. When the master finally died in battle, Jebediah saw his body fall to the ground and was sent mad from the site of it, and charged in on a suicidal attack to recover the corpse, disobeying his commanding officers orders to stay put. Though he recovered the body, the chapter master was furious that Jebediah had refused a direct order and dismissed him from the chapter, until he had served a 100 year penitence. As Jebediah's services were now available to all who served the emperor, he was quickly called upon by a Radical Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, who taught him many new dark secrets of the warp, and of its creatures, and weapons. Jebediah took in everything that he could learn from this Inquisitor, and served his penitence three times in his service, before he found out that his chapter had been destroyed in unknown circumstance while dealing with the tyranid threat. Having never been given forgiveness, Jebediah still seeks an absolution for his sins, and so continues to fight for whoever calls upon his services.

Appearance: Jebediah stands 9feet tall and wears a black suit of power armour, instead of the blue of the librarian to show his mourning for his destroyed chapter. In the middle of his helmet he has a symbol of penitence and upon his left kneepad is marked his mentors personnal symbol for rememberance. On his waist is holstered his modified plasma pistol, and a special sheath that contains pentagrammic and hexagrammic wards to keep the daemon controlled within the blade.

27-04-2005, 12:14
do you take orks :D?

Grand Warlord
27-04-2005, 14:04
lol no.

not at the present time no but maybe later...

Grand Warlord
28-04-2005, 02:27
If there are no more entries by 29th I will begin then.

28-04-2005, 07:10
i can just picture how the ork would be recieved

ork-"hello everyone im ..." *rest of party stops shooting*

28-04-2005, 08:33
Scythe is back? Wow, that brings back memories..........het McG, ins't some of what of you mentioned true ;)?

28-04-2005, 16:50
Grr. People not telling me when the forum comes back. I'll get to work on a new character....or just recycle one.

Name: Jakken Skartha
Class: Human Male, Gunslinger
Age: 32 Terran years
Height: 5' 10"
Appearance: Fairly slight frame, medium build. Relatively long brown hair, rugged looks.

-2 Autopistols
-2 Bolt pistols
-Combat knife
-Flak vest
-Long-cut, cloak-like dark green tunic
-Black combat trousers

Been there, seen that, killed the tourguide: if there's something to do or see in the universe, Jakken Skartha has probably partaken of its pleasures. A cocky personality, uncannily mixed luck and his pistols have kept him alive so far.

Jakken grew up amounst the hives of Kortane, working with various Hive Gangs, running weapons, collecting extortion credits and hunting down the enemies of his employers: whoever paid him the most.

The day Inquisitor Trask came to Kortane changed the young gunslinger's life forever: the Inquisitor tracked him down after hearing of his reputation, offerring him a choice: to be handed over to the Arbites, or to serve him. Hardly a choice for a man with a sense of adventure.

Trask disappeared in battle with the Tyranids on Illith II, after which Jakken returned to his mercenary ways, before finding himself in the presence of another Inquisitor...

Grand Warlord
02-05-2005, 22:06
Let us begin... New Thread here:


03-05-2005, 07:35
Scythe is back? Wow, that brings back memories..........het McG, ins't some of what of you mentioned true ;)?

Only one of the actions wasn't either preformed or very strongly hinted at in an RPG, and I am sure I missed a few. I wonder if any one can find the fictonal one.