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srgt. gak
07-06-2008, 00:04
hey guys, i have a question about my bts. what do yo u think does better a 5 man cc termie squad or a 20 man crusader squad and some drop pods?

Death Korp
07-06-2008, 00:07
Depends on who you face most of the time. If its a shooty army army, then use more infantry, if a cc army, termies (may be proven wrong :D)

Whats in your army at the moment?


srgt. gak
07-06-2008, 00:17
not much, im working the theroyhammer atm, im guard at heart, but ive always liked the bts so im starting them, i have a ten mand vet squad right now, tomoorow im picking up 2 tac squads

07-06-2008, 00:28
assuming that you havecheckedthat both match for points i'd go for the troops rather than the termies as in my experience bodies on the table win games, also in the next edition the run rule means you dont need the 2 drop pods which means you can get an attack bike with melta as well for vehicle hunting