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07-06-2008, 00:28
Ok after long time thinking i came to a conclusion that i dont want to buy horrors for my DL army - I would rather make horrors from some plastic reg aveliable ...

I realy realy realy like Dryads for this ... But i want to go to GT or similar big tournament with GW judges - Is it possible if i use some green stuff to convert dryads so there would be no problem in using them as horrors ?

And to all you experienced convertors - what would you recomend me to do to make the converiosn as viable as possible ?

Thx ahead for the anwser


07-06-2008, 00:34
This page on the GW USA site might answer your question.

Should you wish to field certain models in your army that “count as” something different in your list than the model that was originally intended you need to follow these basic rules: the models must be roughly the same size as those you are substituting them for (eg. you could not use Imperial Guard Ogryn to represent Imperial Guard Conscripts), you must be consistent throughout your army (eg. if both of your Space Marine Dreadnoughts have twin-linked heavy bolters - an option no longer allowed - you could field them both as assault cannons, but not one of them as an assault cannon and the other as twin-linked lascannons), and finally you must be very clear with your opponent prior to the game, going over anything that may cause confusion. It may be appropriate to create a “cheat sheet” for your opponent that has pictures of the units accompanied by a description of the units and it’s equipment.

07-06-2008, 01:03
Well If I understand correctly it would be no problem then even without converting :) good for me - BIG thx