View Full Version : New To Tournaments, Need Advice

07-06-2008, 20:33
A friend and I were thinking about playing in an up coming local tournament for teams (2 player teams with 1k each). Neither of us have played at a hobby shop nor played anyone outside of our group in the 12 years we have been playing.

How do the rules on these types of games work? as far as army make up, magic phase (i play TK), sharing tactics with your team mate during the game, etc.

The Brusier
08-06-2008, 06:55
Well, firstly you can't cast spell (or incantations in your case) on your team mates army (both destructive or helpful). You can talk and share tactics as much as you want with your teammate. Otherwise, It's usually up to the TO as for the rules about generals, army compo, B.S.B's etc.