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07-06-2008, 22:59
Well, I've been an active Lizardmen player since 4th edition and since then all my lists have been Skink/Southlands only, so with my summer job money coming in I decided to add some Saurus' to the list to make an alternate Lizardmen list.

222 Lord- Saurus Oldblood; blessed spawning of tepok, blessed spawning of quetzl, glyph necklace, great weapon, light armour, shield

156 Hero- Saurus Scar-Veteran; blessed spawning of tepok, blessed spawning of itzl, bane head, cold one, spear, light armour, shield
140 Hero- Skink Priest; blessed mark of the old ones, cube of darkness

75 Core- 10 Skinks; blowpipes, scouts, brave
85 Core- 13 Skinks; javelins, shields, brave
85 Core- 13 Skinks; javelins, shields, brave
246 Core- 18 Saurus; command
120 Core- 2 Jungle Swarms

264 Special- 17 Saurus; blessed spawning of quetzl, command
185 Special- 5 Saurus Cavalry; musician
174 Special- 3 Kroxigors
115 Special- 3 Terradons; brave

65 Rare- Salamander
65 Rare- Salamander


Basic deployment will be both Saurus blocks in the center of the army with the Kroxigor group to one side and the Cavalry to another. Both Skink groups with the javelins will be placed in front of the Saurus groups to give some minor cover. Each flank will get one Salamander and either the Terradons or Jungle Swarms to support them, while the blowpipe Skinks scout into a forest or something ;p.

08-06-2008, 11:38
You might want to look into finding some points for a magic weapon somewhere -- I'm finding more and more ethereals making their way into VC lists, and right now your only options are combat rez from your saurii or tying them up with swarms.

You're also not taking great advantage of your Oldblood's spawning and magic item allowance. You're paying a lot of points for some extra toughness and an extra attack right now. I'd think about dropping the swarms and beefing that guy up a bit. Increased investment in Oldbloods actually tends to pay off -- they're cuisinarts when kitted out right.

08-06-2008, 13:46
Oenghus is right you should use some of Oldblood's magic item allowance and spawnings. Atleast if nothing else you should use Venom of Firefly Frog to make your attacks against etheral enemies. Try knocking off the jungle swarms they aren't really worth their points right now with the new rules for swarms. Same thing for the Scar-Veteran give him some magic items. Use the 120 to get some items on your two fighter heroes or they're most likely gonna die. And maybe give ur Oldblood Venom of Firefly Frog and BsoSotek if you really want to keep the great weapon.

Time of Madness
08-06-2008, 14:12
Well you have the right idea here, however there is some extra fat you need to trim out of the list. Get rid of all the braves on the skinks/terradons. The jungle swarms are pretty useless and a waste of 120pts.

For the priest I would take the diadem of power and make him a level 2. This gives you a lot of flexibilty as you can store dice. If you are playing a magic heavy list just store you casting dice to use in the dispel phase. Or vice versa if you are playing a low magic list.

If you plan on using the oldblood/scar vet to lead the saurus infantry then you really should put both on cold ones and make the scar vet a bsb. If you make him a bsb make sure you take the sword of hornets that way he will kill anything first before they get a chance to strike back (it really does keep him alive).

Bump the second unit of saurus up to 18 (with characters the unit now has full rank bonus 5X4). To save points for the changes you can always drop a unit of skinks.
Time of Madness