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08-06-2008, 01:23
I've tried to find tactic pages or threads for this interesting style or tactic.

I'm tooling a HE army with this focus in mind.
Now I have read the premise is avoid shoot avoid and only attack with greater number of units. Also its ok to sac one or 2 units to deny greater losses or sey up the charger with an ambush. In other words fight like a WE.

What I'm trying to do is figure out what HE units would be best.
So far I'm looking at Lothern SeaGuard and Archers. Shadow Wariors and Reavers. Hammers are of course Dragon Princes and Swordmasters or White Lions. The Question gets to be RBT's? Reavers? Eagles? Make your Lord and Heroes Shooty?

08-06-2008, 01:51
I don't think high elves are a particularly good army to use a MSU tactic with. Spearmen, your best core unit, need fairly large, expensive units to make the most of their special rules. The same goes for Sea Guard.

Cavalry and eagles make good flankers/flank guard, but I don't think you can make them your whole army.

08-06-2008, 11:37
I agree you need some large core units when playing High Elves, but I find additional small units of Spears work quite well at protecting the flanks from fast cavalry. Remember they ASF, so whatever attacks them has to endure 10 attacks (11 with a Sentinel) before they strike back. Against lightly armoured fast cavalry, I find this is usually enough to win the combat and repel the attack.