View Full Version : 1k WOOD ELF (i know it says high elves but it is WOOD ELVES) Oppinions?

08-06-2008, 15:50
Well there is no WE choice so I put HE.

I made this army and I'd like any suggestions for tactics or improvements from anyone, thanks! =)

Noble (75+30+50) 155pts
Wardancer Kindred (+30), Blight or Terrors (+50)
This gal joins my wardancer troupee and is my general.

Core 360pts
3 Units of 10 Glade Guard (Deployed in single lines unless some or all have access to a hill, in which case 2 ranks of 5) 120pts ea

5 Wild Riders or Kurnos (186 points with war banner, or 191 points with the 12" march block banner)
These guys have full command and a magical banner. I have enough points to take either War Banner, or The 12" march blocking one, open to suggestions to which is better.

8 Wardancers 165 pts
Champion (+14pts) and a musician (+7 pts)

Rare 128 pts
5 Waywatchers 128 pts
Champion (+8 pts)

Total points: 994 or 999 depending on the wild rider magic banner.

I plan on using my glade guard to reduce the rank bonus of the unit my war dancers will charge in the front. My wardancers will try to stay out of combat for the first few turns to maximise the effectiveness of the glade guard shooting, and may hang around the flanks of enemies to force terror tests. Wild riders are going out on the flank to try and hit infantry or cavalry in the flanks to negate their ranks and cause serious damage. Waywatchers are going after the most expensive unit, or the most heavily armoured (i.e if the enamy has heavy cav, these guys are after them as they will be difficult for anything else to take out. If there is a lone character (silly i know) they will sniper him/her. Otherwise the biggest most expensive unit is going to be targeted to maximise the effect of "Lethal Shot".

Thanks for any advice you may give!