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08-06-2008, 16:49
I'm taking a bit of a break from my marines at the moment as I'm up to my eyeballs in them and working on two marine pieces for some mates so need a change.
My Mantis Warriors will still be worked on but I'll concentrate on these guys for a couple of weeks to clear my head a little.

WIP Shas'o Ke'lshan Kais Kauyon

The idea behind this model when I first made it way back in 2006 was to make a Battlesuit that could actually fit a pilot inside. The pose at the moment is pretty static but that was because at the time that I first started the model I wanted to get the scale right before reposing hm as I will do now.
I need to make the arms a little bigger yet though and may play around with the weapons and build a pilot model to go with it.


Here's a scale shot of the Battlesuit next to a Broadside, the downside being I now need to make the Broadside bigger.


Lastly for the time being I have my Etheral that I started sculpting ages ago and figured that it was time to clean him up and finish him off.


08-06-2008, 17:00
The battlesuit looks great. I would be interested to see more.

08-06-2008, 17:04
Lovely battlesuit. Really huge, it's funny how many of the 40k stuff are bit small scale. What next doghouse, Truescale LR? Truescale Hammerhead for those fishies?

08-06-2008, 18:37
That battlesuit looks really cool mate, i'd recommend trying to make a pilot, I tried it myself once and it was quite fun. The Ethereal looks really cool too, be curious to see how this turns out.

Lord Zso Sahaal
08-06-2008, 18:44
Nice to see some different true scale opposed to all the Space Marines that have been floating around lately, dont get me wrong they were great but just too many of them, but this is something slightly different. Great work and will be looking at this to follow the progress of the pilot and painting. Keep it up!

Lord Sahaal

08-06-2008, 19:10
Great stuff as alway DH!

08-06-2008, 19:11
great doghouse but i have to say STOP NOW! we all know you'll get carried away and the mantis warriors will never get finished.

So by the holy order of the ordo Xenos i urge you to stop!

08-06-2008, 19:21
I've said it before and I'll say it again, genius ! great work doghouse, as ever !

08-06-2008, 21:45
Thanks guys! :)

malkkis: I've got a True Scale Landraider planned!!! (if I ever return to my Night Lords that is ;) ).

Lord Zso Sahaal: I've started the pilot already but there's a lot of sculpting involved so no pictures just yet. It should be a nice model and something a little different I hope.

ghostmaker12: Don't worry mate, I'm still working on the Mantis Warriors but need an injection of something different to stop me going wacko! :D

09-06-2008, 00:35
Another Real Scale Poject?¿? I should say that you are crazy but I in fact envy you, really good mini, let´s wait for more!

09-06-2008, 01:21
Look out, Tau! Here comes doghouse!
Outstanding so far. Very smooth integration of your greenstuffing and the original.

09-06-2008, 02:35
I'd like to see one of your true scale marines next to the battlesuit.

It's actually pretty funny how similar in size they are. According to the IA Taros campaign a tau battlesuit is ~2.8 metres tall. Considering that 8 feet is ~2.5 metre, space marines should be about the size of a tau battlesuit. The MASSIVE size difference in the miniatures to me indicates marines are no where near their true size, irespective of what Jes Goodwin has said on the subject.

EDIT: I don't think the arms are too short myself. They reach to mid thigh which is the right proportions on a person. One thing that WOULD look cool though is one of its hands extended out of the armour. I really don't like the hands being so hidden within the arm armour. Go on, sculpt some robohands, you know you want to. :cool:


09-06-2008, 03:13
aaaand the real scale madness continues! Great job doghouse. I epsecially like the ethereal although i think its a little wierd that his tabbard is torn.

09-06-2008, 16:20
Thanks guys! :)

Hellebore: That's pretty cool idea actually, I could make a pointing hand. Thanks for the suggestion!

titan136: I think that you might be right there mate. I'll be rechecking the codex cover when I restart sculpting on him and will see if it's torn on there.

Commissar Ibram Gaunt
09-06-2008, 17:11
Im loving the true scale suit, very nice. great green stuff skills. wish i was that good! will be watching this to see it finished


09-06-2008, 17:54
lol thats right DH you better get those mantis warriors done. but i still love the suit none the less

14-06-2008, 10:50
Cheers guys!

Ghostmaker12: Don't worry mate they're still being worked on.

Update time

I've managed to get started on the pilot model for the Shas'o and I'm going for a female Tau mainly because it's something different.
I've used the lover calfs of a Firewarrior, the the thighs and groin of a Dark Eldar and the torso of an Eldar Guardian.
I'm GSing the head from scratch and will do the same with the arms.
Initially I wanted a more military look to the model, by this I mean that most of the female attributes like the chest were less prominant.
However, given that it just looked like a short Firewarrior I opted for the more feminine looking model and am building a fairly form fitting body suit instead.
I've just started the GS work but will be sculpting the arms from scratch.






It's still very rough but it's getting there.

14-06-2008, 11:38
I don't know what to say - on the one hand I should be telling you to get back to your mantis warriors, on the other hand I'm glad you've tried something that's not space marines. I never really liked the tau battlesuits (gw's anyway) yet I knew there must be a better alternative and voila!

Just some ideas- maybe reposition the weapons to be more integrated with the suit and perhaps twisted lower down sort of under the arm (a bit like the storm bolters on a dreads ccw), I've always thought they looked too cumbersome as they're modelled now, although I've never heard anyone else say anything so it might just be me! If you can, try and find a battlesuit that was done on here at some point which mixed battlesuit and stealthsuit plastics together, worked quite well if I remember. And if you need inspiration for the female tau's suit, try searching for ghost in the shell.

14-06-2008, 14:05
Thanks mate! :)

Yeah I've also been thinking about going for underslung weapons as well. Don't worry the Mantis Warriors are still on the go, I'm currently playing around with campaign honours for them and modeling the Sternguard squad.

Quick Update

Got a bit more done to the Shas'o on foot. Still rough but taking shape.
I'm going to add a Pulse pistol to her right hand and maybe something like a sword to the left but I may have the hand empty.
Added a rough armature for the radio stalk on the helm which I will be cleaning up and detailing once dry.



14-06-2008, 14:19
Looking awesome. How are you going to model the arms? That is, what will they be holding (minus the pistol)?

14-06-2008, 14:24
Thanks mate, I've got two options for the arms. The first is the pose she is in now and the second is with the pistol raised. I may change the position of her head so that she is looking side on though.
The free hand I can add a sword or maybe a scanner but will probably remain empty.
The arms themselve are going to have to be completely sculpted though as the regualr Fire Warrior ones are too big.

14-06-2008, 15:47
I'm not so sure on the big breasts on the Tau armour...looks a bit odd too me. I never assumed that female Tau look as curved and stuff as human females.

14-06-2008, 17:00
I can see the breasts are a bit of an issue. Maybe I could form the armour between them so they are not so prominant.
The trick is maintaining the fact that she's a she and stopping her becoming just a midget fire warrior. :D
Still got loads to do on her just yet so maybe I can work something out. :)

14-06-2008, 17:08
Well, in my eye, she looks maybe bit too sturdy for a tau woman. Maybe you could emphasis her gender by making her look bit more fragile? And the armour could lok better maybe done little bit more lego style, like the rest of the army. Perhaps file the bust down a bit and use gs to make the bust of her armour look more like brick?

14-06-2008, 17:56
shame the GW ones are so crappy, especially tha hands/arms/legs/feet/head/chest... wait a minute, thats the whole model!


the etehral and pilot look great. looking forward to seeing them done, you truescale adict you

14-06-2008, 20:46
I can see the breasts are a bit of an issue. Maybe I could form the armour between them so they are not so prominant.
I disagree. Tau are based on anime - if anything, the boobs should be bigger! ;)

Kidding of course. I actually agree, because the "natural" way of having breasts in armour is padded down and with the armour covering what difference remains (Don't ask how I know please!). Maybe there should be a slight increase in chest size, but more significant is that the waist should be noticably small than the hips (by maybe 10%, no much but there), where on a male body it's often tough to see a difference at all.

That said, this is a hobby, and it's tough to model that kind of subtle difference on a 28mm model. So if it looks good, at the end of the day that's all that matters!

14-06-2008, 22:45
everyone commenting on suit,which is a good but i like the ethereal sculpt very much wheres the head from ? , ive always thought of sculpting on from the fw pilots to make him very tall and slender, but any way great pieces :)

14-06-2008, 23:09
Nice work DH. Especially look forward to seeing the Battlesuit and Pilot being complorted.

14-06-2008, 23:21
Great work, it certainly does make the Crisis Suit look more imposing on the battlefield! At the moment they are quite small now I think about it. Great greenstuffing work too, I'm looking forward to seeing your completed Broadside!

15-06-2008, 02:57
You are so brilliant. I love everything you do. ;) The suit looks fantastic, can't wait for more. Just curious how you cut the legs in half? Did you try and be perfect about it or was it a fast process?

19-06-2008, 20:53
Thanks guys! :)

Setha: The head is just a just down Fire Warrior head, I really like that FW Air Caste idea for the Ethereal.

HiveTrygon: Thanks mate, at the time it was very much a hack and slash job, I just cut the leg in half in the middle of the armoured plates.

Another quick update...

After borrowing my friends Tau army for a quick game against his Orks I've decided that I really like the stealth suits. So much in fact that I'm building my own yet un-named Shadowsun proxy for my army.
I've just started hacking the model up out of an old stealth suit that I had in my bits box and am in the process of fitting the parts together before removing the moldlines and adding the GS.
I'm using the Ungor method for the head as it's pretty brutal looking in my opinion and I really like the character it gives the model.


It's still very much wip at the minute, I need to remove the moldlines, clean up the form with GS and add the rest of the second fusion gun before I add the jump pack.

I've also got a bit more done on the pilot model.



Count Sinister
19-06-2008, 21:14
That female Fire Warrior is looking good, Doghouse. Great job integrating the various bits from different sources to create a unified look. Looking forward to seeing it finished (and painted!).

19-06-2008, 23:07
I really like how you made that female fire warrior. I saw bikini sort of female tau monstrosity once and It was just plain silly.

SHe actually looks fit for fight and kinda cute to boot :)

20-06-2008, 02:25
I feel sorry for all the people who worked on true scale armies with the new TLOS :<!

20-06-2008, 04:05
I disagree. Tau are based on anime - if anything, the boobs should be bigger! ;)

I actually agree with this. Remember Tiffa? That's a Tau female right there.


20-06-2008, 05:26
I know it is anal, but I think everything should be scale. If it is meant to be manned then it should look like it is capable of being so. Good work!

20-06-2008, 21:09
Thanks guys! :)

Quick update

Not enough hours in the day but I managed to get a little bit done to the stealth suit guy.
I've started on the chest, added the pack and a few other bits and bobs.
I had planned a rather complex pack but in the end the basic version seems to work well enough on it's own.


The idea is that his parents were refugees from N'dras, a Tau Sept world that abandoned some fifty years ago for unknown reasons.
He is a rather savage and brutal warrior and had it not been for the patronidge of the Ethereal then he would have been drummed out of the military years ago.
Whilst seen as cold and bloodthirsty by many Fire Caste Shas'o it is unclear what the Ethereal has planned for him and many fear that he may follow the same path of Farsight.

21-06-2008, 07:12
Nice work Doghouse.

Don't want to **** on your fire but as far as I know, female tau don't actually have breasts. It's a bit hard to tell with the Shadowsun model (at the moment the only physical difference we can see is the face slit in a Y shape on her instead of a straight line for the males).

I think they actually lay eggs too....


21-06-2008, 07:31
that suit looks really badass, good job man.

21-06-2008, 10:35
Cheers guys! :)

Hellebore: Yeah I've read the Xenology book but this is more artistic license to help make the model look more female. The chest probably houses either additional armour plating to protect the chest or other additional life support equipment.

Shas`o N'Dras Or'es Mont'ka

The dawn had just broken as Shas'la M'Yen disembarked the mono-rail transport and hastily made his way to the battle dome. The great towers and vast white domes of the city were tinged yellow as they were bathed by the early morning light of the planet's twin suns. Great shadows cast down by the mighty structures stretched across the landscape as the warmth of the suns chased away the remaining echoes of the cold bitter night.

The Shas'o was knelt before his X32 experimental battle suit as it stood inert supported by its harness almost as though surrendering himself to it as he acknowledged its true power as an avatar of destruction. M'yen knew better than this, the Shas'o was a formidable and passionate warrior and bowed to none. He knew only too well that he saw this machine as an extension of his own strength; it was means to an end, a single purpose that deserved the same respect that he would give any other of his fellow Fire Caste warriors.

'Shas'o, I bring word from the Contingent Commander he seeks your audience to discuss your plans for the attack.’

Out of the shadows stepped the form of the Shaper Morhkor Vek. His claw rested on the pommel of the ornate sword that hung from his belt a trophy taken in battle fighting the Gue'la. The golden hilt bore an emblem of a winged blood drop.
The Shas'o paused as he raised a hand and the Kroot stopped in his tracks. Some of his fellow Fire Warriors had joked about his "pet" but none would dare make such comments to his face. M’yen had served alongside many allies of the Tau but the Kroot un-nerved him the most. Their barbaric and brutal ways left an unsavoury taste in his mouth and the stench of death clung to them like the wings of a carrion bird.
The Shas'o continued to rub the armoured the leg plate of the battle suit, working the T'sun oil into it's pitted and scarred surface in small circular motions with the index finger of his right hand.

‘He has conveyed that it is foolhardy to provoke the Gue’la and that any such move on our part will result in their hand being forced into war. He implores you to leave this matter in the hands of the Water Caste.'

The Commander was a fool to think that diplomacy would win out here. The Shas’o had watched with some interest as the ambassadors of the Gue’la had arrived on their world. The thin and aged emissary had proven of little interest to him but in the mighty form of the Gue’la giant Captain Taelos he had recognised the spirit of a fellow warrior.
The greeting of the Gue’la by one of their kind had served some amusement to him, a ploy to test the reserve of the emissary and to goad the Astarte.
The reaction of the Captain had been mild to say the least, but he could see in the eyes of the giant a deep hatred. The clenched fist icon that he bore on his yellow shoulder pauldron symbolic of the controlled rage that burned within.

‘Shas'o I must insist...'

The Shas’o paused, his head dipped ever so slightly as he placed the ceremonial cloth in its open case.
The ship in orbit was but a single scout vessel manned by a skeleton crew, stripped of weapons. It was an open hand, a gesture that would start the myriad of strategies employed by both sides during their meeting.
The presence of the single Astarte held a more significant meaning, a passive yet un-wielding display of martial prowess.
But these were but games; the Shas’o knew that they had no intention of offering a treaty or truce they were stalling, gauging the defences of their enemy whilst they gathered their forces for attack.
The might of the Imperium was a brutal beast but ultimately slow to attack. It was the storm cloud that gathered on the horizon that rained total destruction on all those that stood in its path. Their strength lay in their overwhelming numbers but the unwieldy nature of their war machine was also their weakness.
Contact had been lost with Vio’cea, a mining colony on the far reaches of the system the Commander had dismissed this as a simple communications failure due to sun spot activity but the Shas’o knew better. Hidden on the far side of the small planet it would prove a perfect staging ground for mustering the forces of the Gue’la. They sought to cut their planet off from its supplies before laying siege to their great cities.
The Shas’o knew that this was the time to attack, to strike before they could gather their forces and muster their troops.

He slowly turned and stood to face his messenger. Stripped to the waist M’yen could see the bonding scar on the chest of the Shas’o. It was the mark that no other bore, the mark of the N’dras Sept a world long since lost.
It had been a gesture of defiance, a statement that said he was bonded to none other than the home Sept of his ancestors.
It was this defiant nature that had cause concern amongst the other members of the Fire Caste and had it not been for the patronage of Aun Kovash J’kaara then he would most certainly never have risen through the ranks of their caste and most likely would have been expelled from the military altogether.

The Shas’o stood passively as he looked into the eyes of the Shas’la that stood before him as he pulled the blade from the hidden sheath at his waist. His free hand reached up grasping the command and honour rings that bound his locks, rings that he’d earned in battle and with a deft sweep of the knife cut them from his own scalp before throwing them to M’yen.
An act of defiance and contempt in the face of authority.

He turned once more and knelt to pick up the ceremonial cloth and began to rub it in the T’sun oil with a circular motion.

‘Tell the Commander that I respectfully decline his offer of an audience’ he said impassively, his voice clam and reserved ‘and the attack will go ahead as planned…’

21-06-2008, 10:57
I like this a lot... but then it makes me cry that GW doesnt have the 'panache' to incorporate scale, style and such like into their ENTIRE line of miniatures.

Scryer in the Darkness
21-06-2008, 11:03
Wow, looking great there doghouse. Great realistic proportions on the female pilot.

It might mess up the proportions you've already sculpted, but how about the ubiquitous helmet-under-one-arm pilot pose?

21-06-2008, 17:48
Doghouse your models never cease to impress. The fluff is great too, I love how you've tied it into the short story in the first Tau codex. I feel that urge, the urge to start another army. Oh, will I ever settle on an army......*sighs*

21-06-2008, 20:06
I love the stealth guy even more I think. The ungor head is brilliant! Now I want to start a Tau army again.

22-06-2008, 20:22
Thanks guys! :)

Scryer in the Darkness: I ahve been experimenting with bare head for the model so if it works out I may have to try that!

Toyship/HiveTrygon: Come join the Greater Good you know you want to. ;)

WIP Stealth Team Shas'vre

I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to include many auxillary races other than Kroot in my army but have put together a Shas'vre for my Stealth Suit teams.
The way I understand it aliens are very much a secondary race in the Tau military.
I thought that given the rebellious nature of my Shas'o it might be likely that he'd promote an alien to lead a unit based on ability rather than just selecting a Tau.
This guy will be his right hand man, a former bounty hunter who's tracking and ambush abilities far exceed any of his own men.



Ciaphas Cain
22-06-2008, 22:16
Veeery nice work. The stealth suit's got more potential than I thought.
Can't wait to see them painted mate. Do you know waht kind of colour scheme you'll be using??



ancient god
22-06-2008, 22:54
That bounty hunter XV is extremely cool. Loving the looks.
Sebastian Stuart meets Doghouse. Two of my favourite modellers combined. :cool:


23-06-2008, 16:05
Thanks guys! :)

I'm a bit torn about the colour scheme, I'm thinking maybe the standard Tau Sept colours at the moment.


Done a little more on the Shas'o.


23-06-2008, 16:11
looks awesome man love the alien stealth suit ...mantis warriors

23-06-2008, 16:28
the beastman is great and the shas'o or whatever you call it looks wicked! i think this is my fave work of yours so far (until you get round to that dread, im sure ;))

23-06-2008, 18:37
Come join the Greater Good you know you want to.

I really am thinking about it. A Shas'O with stimulant injectors, vectored thrust, a fusion gun and shield thingy would be pretty sweet.

I think I would make him from the Ke'Ishan sept, which is attacked by xenos all the time, so he wouldnt like aliens. No auxilliaries in my army.

Anyway, enough aboput my ides, the Shas'O looks great, even better than I expected. Also his sidekick looks great.

Since you play Tau, I have a question for you. Is it possible to do a regular Crisis Suit without a helmet, like you are doing with the Stealth Suit?

You really have spawned some neat ideas for me. Anyway, great as always, cant wait to see it painted!

23-06-2008, 19:21
Cheers guys! :)

ghostmaker12: I get the feeling you want me to work on my mantis warriors some more! :D

synapse: Thanks mate, the dread will be getting some more work done in the near future I hope. Running low on supplies and have to wait till payday before I can order more stuff.

Toyship: Your're welcome. :)
Sounds like a good idea for an army thmeme!
The main thing about the Crisis suit is that the pilot is seated in the chest sort of like an armoured Sentinel. The head piece is just a sensor array.
However, Tau are reknown for their experimental suits so it may be possible to make a modified torso so that the pilot can stick his head out.
I did something similar a few years back for a Gue'vasa suit, I'll see if I can dig it out and take some pictures.

23-06-2008, 19:32
Your're welcome.
Sounds like a good idea for an army thmeme!
The main thing about the Crisis suit is that the pilot is seated in the chest sort of like an armoured Sentinel. The head piece is just a sensor array.
However, Tau are reknown for their experimental suits so it may be possible to make a modified torso so that the pilot can stick his head out.
I did something similar a few years back for a Gue'vasa suit, I'll see if I can dig it out and take some pictures.

Oh I see, that would be great if you could find a pic or two. Maybe i can figure out a new suit or something, a "mid-size" between a stealth suit and crisis suit. Just some thoughts. Thanks for the encouragement.

Ciaphas Cain
23-06-2008, 21:53
I'm a bit torn about the colour scheme, I'm thinking maybe the standard Tau Sept colours at the moment.

YES! They'd be matching mine perfectly then. Even greater inspiration:D

Can't wait to see them painted.



24-06-2008, 14:35
Doghouse: This is great work. I particularly love the Shas'o.

Any chance of more pictures at different angles?


28-06-2008, 13:10
Thanks guys! :)

Taarnak: Sure, I'll post some next time. ;)


WIP Female Firewarrior and Gue'vasa

Got a little free time today so started on the Gue'vasa test model and a female Firewarrior.
I used the head of demonette, added a top knot and will be doing some GS work to amke the head more Tau like. I ahven't altered the body simply because there is little to be gained really. Once in uniform both sexs are pretty much going to look alike.
The Gue'vasa will be a Firewarrior proxy armed with a pulse rifle or maybe a carbine along with the rest of his unit and will be lead by the Tau above. I'll probably change the body to a Tau one though.


28-06-2008, 13:28
That's a daemonette head! Very, very cool! Sure does look Tau alright.

28-06-2008, 17:12
Using Daemonette heads for Tau is just an awesome idea. I bet many people will "borrow" it. ;) I'll certainly do if I ever get to collect Tau...
The Shas'o also is a really cool conversion, as is the rest. Keep it up!

Monsterzonk :skull:

28-06-2008, 19:34
totally a good choice not to change the body shape, good idea on the head, I love the beastman. I'm sure your not taking suggestions but I always thought itd be cool to see a heavy lifter aux. Since the Tau don't give off a heavy weight champ feel (non-technological at least) I thought that they might find use for a race of Ogryn like strength oriented aliens. Be it giant lizard, Beast, Ogryn, or Wookie I just thought it would be feasable on a fringe planet for use in farms and combat if push came to shove.

28-06-2008, 20:43
First it was the beastmen heads, and now it's daemonette heads... Tau are becoming more like ... CHAOS!!! lol... nah brilliant idea mate.


28-06-2008, 20:52
this whole thread is awesome mate, really love all these models, I cant wait to see your finished take on the Gue'vasa

29-06-2008, 00:09
cool stuff dude

*cough* Mantis warriors *cough*

29-06-2008, 05:25
Cheers guys!
synapse: Thanks mate, the dread will be getting some more work done in the near future I hope. Running low on supplies and have to wait till payday before I can order more stuff.

LOL! im in the same boat! just a few days to go :D