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08-06-2008, 19:59
The Shadowed Elder stirred in his slumber. A dream of prophecy broke into his deep contemplation. From out of the jungle to the north streamed a green horde. At their forefront a number of magic users rarely seen among their kind. The Shadowed Elder called his power to him and met their advance. His forces arrayed before him he let loose the fury of the jungle. From the dark power within he unleashed his magic. The shadows uncoiled and swallowed the mobs leader. Great dark pits opened across the battlefield and swallowed whole groups. The terradons were destroyed by a goblin with wings and spikes flying through the air but they were of no consequence. The rest of his army was all but untouched and his magical dominance was rising as his powers rose. The rest of the invading horde stayed back, in obvious fear of the Slann and the natives of the south lands as they advanced. The Slann directed his forces and slowly and surely destroyed the invaders. The prophecy complete, the means to victory granted him, he woke fully and called his Hunter, Saborre and his servant Froggy Boy to him. The time was almost at hand.

This would be a rematch of an earlier game. In that game I got the orc general, a lvl 4 great shaman turn 1 with an IF Pit of Shades and a failed Look Out Sir. The game went three turns before being called due to outside circumstances. The final tally left me ahead just a bit, but we both felt we would have won convincingly if we had continued. So we scheduled a rematch, same exact armies.

My Army:

The Shadowed Elder
Gen 5 Slann
Battle Standard (war banner)
Plaque of Dominion
Plaque of Tepok
Diadem of Power 475
Spells: Steed of Shadows
Unseen Lurker
Pit of Shades
Second Sign of Amul
20 Temple Guard
Champion, Musician
Halberds, Shields 381

Saborre the Hunter
Spawning of Sotek, Quetzl
Pirannha Blade
Light Amror, Shield 159

Froggy Boy
Skink Shaman 65

18 Saurus of Quetzl (6 x 3)
Full command
Spears 312

10 Skinks 60
10 Skinks 60
3 Kroxigor 174
3 Terradons 195
3 Salamanders 115

Now the first game I got really lucky. I lost the Terradons turn 1 to a good Doom Diver shot, but this time I didn’t make the mistake of putting them too far from the Slann. I also now knew that he wanted to avoid combat as long as possible and do damage with magic. So my strategy was to group up and charge.

I normally do not use less then 2 units of Saurus and never use Terradons. I do not upgrade my Slann generations, so please don’t suggest it. :)

I also normally have at least 1 Stegadon. But I needed to try to Krox and terradons.

So set up went something like this, form my POV. Terrain set up was done by my wife who hates Warhammer and had no idea what was what. So it was completely impartial. It was very sparse, which was fine with both of us. Didn't really have any effect on the battle but ehere was a hill in my right flank deplyoment zone and a small forest just outside either of our deplyoment zones just off center. It was all very symmetrical actually.

His Zone: Wr (way left), from center right NG, s, NG, Orc 1, Orc 2, Giant, Boar Boys, Wolf riders in front of boars L
My Zone From center right: skinks, skinks, salllys, saurus, TG (with slann), Krox with the terr just behind the krox. I had nothing on my left side from about center onw ith everything bunched together in the right corner.
Ng: Night Goblins
WR: Wolfriders
S: Goblin Shaman
St Stone thrower
dd: Doom Diver
Orcs 1 had the general and another level 2 shaman
orcs 2 had 1 level 2 shaman
My Slann was in the TG (Temple guard) of course.
Saborre was in with the saurus.
Froggy boy with sal(amanders)

This game I actually won first turn. I was strong sided to my right. To my surprise the orc player followed suit. We ended up with almost everything in the right side of the board. The left was a throw away for me. As you can see he was very magic heavy. Goal is to prove the effectiveness of Orc magic. All I cn say is Thank The Old One I had a Slann.

Lizards Turn 1
I move forward. Magic begins. Froggy boy fails Portent of far. Slann fails on 2 dice Second Sign, (wanted those rerolls...) Steed of Shadows on Saborre is dispelled. Fireball is dispelled. I hate that Staff of Sneak y Stealing. Cost me at least one spell a round. Over all it did NOT go as well as the previous game... uh oh. That’s turn.

Orc Turn 1
Goblins move up fully. Everything else creeps forward. Far WR’s fail animosity. We miss magic and go to shooting. (Old habits...) He falls short on the Saurus with both ST. Doom Diver again smacs the Terradons, even though it was aiming at Saurus. 4 wounds later I lose 2 of 3 and make a panic check. Now on to magic... Orc player offers to exempt the Terradons as they were shot out of turn, Gaze of Mork fails to wound Shadowed Elder. Headbutt from ring does 1 wound to Saborre after I let it go. Huge right there. Doesn’t wound the shaman even though 1 is rolled. Fist fo Gork hits Saurus. 11 hits, 5 wounds, 4 die. That’s really about it, all the rest is dispelled.

Lizards turn 2
Terradons Charge the boars. Krox charge the WR. And here’s where it gets messy. Everything else goes forward. Skinks are going after the lone shaman. Let me just say here I am not a big fan of skinks. In charges the Terradon reaches the boar. The WR fail fear check from the Krox and run straight back, hiiting the now charged terradon and wiping. Krox redirect into the giant.

In magic again I do next to nothing. Portent form Froggy Boy is dispelled. Steed is scrolled. Fireball doesn’t wound the orcs. (1 hit! Grrr...) Everything else dispelled or failed.

In shooting the sallies target the NG. Plan is to hit, kill, panic and force them into the other NG and panic them. I know have a skink unit on the side where they will flee. Hoping to run them into them with panic. I roll to hit... 2, 8, 10. Not bad. 20 hits on goblins! I wound kill 7. They of course pass the panic check and now I don’t know what to do. 10 blowgun shots on the shaman... 1 hit, no wounds. Again... I just don’t get the love for these guys.

In combat the Krox do well, 3 wounds on the giant. He thumps 1 good for like 12 wounds. I lose combat but pass my break test.

Orcs turn 2

O2 charge krox. BB can’t manouver to get a charge. NG1 charge skinks who run and get away.
NG2 charges the salamanders.

Magic Headbutt from ring dispelled. Headbutt on Saborre gets through afetr I roll a 3 to dispel. He dies. Uh oh. Foot of Gork hits the saurus. Kills 2. Orc player rolls a 1... I send the foot against the BB. I LOVE Orcs. 2 BB die and they run off the table after like an 11 panic check.

Shooting. Only 1 St hits and fails to wound the lone TG it hits. I am getting very lucky here. The orc player is usually eerily good at picking distance. But everything here was 1 or 2 inches ahead or too far. I think the odd deployment screwed him up. At this point in the game though things are really going his way.

Combat the salamanders break the goblins who flee through the shaman, he passe shis panic. Grr...!!!! In the big combat of O2/Giant vs. 2 Krox I am screwed. He has like 25 orcs and 2 shamans and a ******* GIANT! I have 2 krox, 1 with 2 wounds taken. His boys whiff on the Krox and the Giant... Yells and Bawls! Perfect! For me at least. I lose by 2, and of course pass the break test. Love the giant, but this was some bad luck. Meant no over runs from destroying my krox.

Lizards turn 3

Temple Guard charge the orcs combatting krox.Saur charge the orc unit with the general. Salamanders, taking advantage of the skirmishers Charge the side of the same unit. I know have a unit of 20 TG with Slann and 2 krox fighting a giant with 3 wounds and a full unit of orc boys. The TG attack and kill 4 orcs. Including the champion after he challenged, And here’s where things turn. The giant goes first and rolls a Thumps With Club. On the krox. Dang... I need a 1 to save!! Which I do! I guess after seeing his friend absolutely squashed the first time the were ready for it. Krox attack orcs instead of the giant and I kill 4. I win combat by lots. After BSB, war banner, wounds and numbers I think I won by 5.

Second combat is 12 saurus (6 x 2) with 3 unhurt sally’s on the side. The salamanders kill 3 orcs. In a frenzy of blood and scaly fury though the saurus kill 5. 1 attack back from the Great Shaman kills 1. I now have numbers and 8 wounds. He has ranks but only 1 wound and a standard. The orcs lose by 3.

Break checks and both units break. At this point the orcs call the game. We didn’t roll flee or pursuit. At this point the orcs only had 1 unbroken WR unit, 1 NG unit and a giant with 3 wounds that was doing nothing. Plus war machines. Even if he hadn’t been caught by the multiple pursuers I had him back in his deployment zone with another full round of charges. He now no longer had chance at numbers or ranks. So he could have rallied, but I would have shut down magic again and then hammered in my saurus. He maybe could have played ot a draw, but ti would have been extremely difficult. It also had bene one of the best games we’ve ever played and I don’t think we wanted to end with a complete massacre.

I am not sure I was able to impart just how much trouble I was in. At the end of 2 he was ready to pounce. But that giant Yelling screwed it all up. And he was now out of dispel scrolls which meant the Slann would finally have started getting things off.

Slann really are nasty. They may not do anything major turn 1 or 2 but once you add in the BSB, Leadership and continued PD they just start to roll around turn 3 I’ve found. I’ve asked the orc player to post his list. It was a very good list actually and a lot of fun to play. Another epic battle between 2 long time foes.

As an aside i had maps that didn't translate so I think a lot of the visual has been lost. Sorry aski if oyu need clarification.

08-06-2008, 21:59
If you wanted a bigger "magic" feel within your army I would have suggested you take a 2nd generation slann. Personally if I decide to take a slann it is always 2nd generation, and it has never failed me yet. I think the "free dice" and such that a 2nd gen gets can potentially make the slann effective against even the most magic resistant army (and in turns 1 and 2).

I also wanted to make a comment that I personally believe that if you put the slann in a unit of 20 saurus, it will still be as effective as if you put them in temple guard. I can not personally comment on the difference because I have never used temple guards but that is purely because I use more of a "skink" orientated army (two units of 20 saurus is fine for me in 3k, any less 1 unit of saurus is fine).

As for the [magic] battle report, a little more detail may have been needed (I am sure if you had maps all the detail that I would want would be there lol). I also think that seeing the real Orc and goblin list will help as well, so I will have to wait for your opponent to post it :).

09-06-2008, 02:14
Thanks for the comments. I just don't go for 2ns gen slann. Say in this case. What if I had - I would have been down one major unit. I just don't buy that it "has" to be 2nd all the time. Unless you're afraid the Slann isn't effective otherwise. But trust me, it is.
I prefer more of a combat oriented saurus army myself and find it very effective.

The maps not working did kill some of my detail, but detail as far as magic was pretty boring. Basically he threw spell after spell at me and I failed or was scrolled or dispelled on almost all mine. I had no scrolls but used just the Slann and a level 1 skink shaman to hold back 1 level 4 shaman and 3 levels 2's.

BTW the orc general sould have his list up soon. As I said, 4 casters, 2 orc units with choppa and shiled, i think 25 strong. 2 units 25 NG, no command or fanatics. Giant, 2 units 5 wolf riders. 6 Boar Boys. Other then the sneaky stealing and the headbutt ring no idea what he had for magic. OH and 2 stonethrowers and a doom diver.

09-06-2008, 14:50
Why no banner in the temple guard unit? I would think it's worth more than a champian.

I'm not going to turn this into a slann tactica, and instead I'm just going to send you a PM on it.

That staff of sneaky stealing really hurts your magic phase no matter who you are. Giants are fun, but that random attack is annoying. I actually found it a bit funny because usually I'm hoping for yell and bawl, but in this case it was his undoing.

Good report.

09-06-2008, 15:48
Thanks. Yeah, I agree that the Giants are fun and usually that yell and brawl woud be great. Just the wrong time though. Cold blooded with ld 10 bsb right next door... ha! I'll take those odds fo failing at -2. I didn't run a standard because i had the bsb and the war banner. It basically meant having another troop. And I like my units to be "even". Meneaning i don't like fielding 4 full ranks then 1 random guy in the back. Plus, I didn't expect them to be in combat before we had already decimated the opponent with magic. Thus having ranks, numbers, and 2 standards. Plus with the stubborn I don't fear losing combat. This is actually probably the first and only time I have not run an "extra" standard. But i am really trying to go diffeent, thus the lack of dispel scrolls for one. My oppponent and I have been playing against each other for probably 10 to 13 years. We've seen and done it all. So anytime we can mix it up it's nice.

Thanks for the comments. As one of the better bat rep listers any tips would be nice. I find I lose focus a lot once i get into the game, thus the lack of some of the detail as well.

09-06-2008, 17:30
Lol I don't know about 'better', perhaps 'prolific' would be more suited.

Pictures are always nice (although I'm not one to speak as I don't bother with them).

The way it was written was clear and I was easily able to understand what was happening. The big intro-fluff was nice. The only thing I'd change is seperating the sections a bit more, as at first read I wasn't sure when turn 3 ended and the prologue started (although that too became clear very quickly).

Keep them coming : )

09-06-2008, 23:35
Hi, I was the Orc opponent.

Here is my list

The idea was to try out orc magic at it's fullest. I usually go heavy on hth but decided to try something new.

lvl 4 Orc great shaman, Staff of Badum, Horn of Urgok: Gaze of Mork, Bash em Lads, Fist of Gork, Waagh
Orc shaman, lvl 2 Nibbla's itty ring, Dispel Scroll: Eadbutt, Fist of Gork
Orc shaman, lvl 2 Dispel Scroll: Gaze of Mork, Gork's Warpath
NGob Shaman, lvl 2 Staff of sneaky stealin: Gaze of Gork, Gork'll Fix It

25 boys w/ hw & shield. Full command
25 boys w/ hw & shield. Full command
25 Night Goblins
25 Night Goblins
5 wolf boys
5 wolf boys
6 boar boys, full command, war banner
2 rock lobbers
goblin doom diver

That about sums it up.

The idea was to redirect with gobbos, tie up with boys and hammer with giant/boar boys. Also to wittle them down with magic and then bolster while in combat.

Having the giant totally screw me over with the yell and brawl kinda sucked.... hard. But if everything went according to plan, it isn't the orcs.

All in all it was a fun game played and I look forward to trying the list again.

11-06-2008, 21:30
I have to say I was more then impressed with the orc magic. sure there were lots of dice to help it a long, but the sheer offense value is nice. I also think this shows the benefit of being able to take various level mages. as opposed to say my main army of skaven where it's warp lightning and then a level 4. Domandhi was able to keep me guessing and concerned about which spell was coming. Headbutt is nice, as is the spell (bash em lads?) that hits everyone in a unit on a 4+. the only issue with a lot of it was when attacking saurus, t4 with a 4+ armor save I was willing to take the chance of little damage. either way with 7 dispel dice per turn I was blowing through all of them which left me usually with nothing for the diadem to store. that was a big deal.
I think the one thing that hurt him this game was it was a replay. Basically I knew his army and that meant more for me and my deployment. taking such an "odd" army works best as a surprise factor. Going into it the second time, knowing what he had led me to a less conventional deployment and the knowledge that i had to get there soon. First game I was content to go at his pace and assume the slann would still win magic. After seeing what he could do in a couple turns with his forces I knew I didn't have that luxury. I also knew the wolf riders couldnt really hurt me and i had a better understanding of where to send my terradons and krox, 2 units I normally don't use. His idea to redirect my units with the goblins was solid except that as I deployed i had left myself with no where to go but forward. He couldn't risk adding goblins into the strong side as well and bunching units or leaving some of his heavy hitters to far out to do anything. Will be interestign as we are thinking about round 3 with same armies.