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23-10-2005, 18:45
Smoke cleared away and 10 hulking machines stood atop a pile of mangled metal. They stood victorious, atop their enemies and comrades safe in mind thay had stayed the forces of chaos.

A combined force of dreadnaughts has been chosen to assault a planet unsuatble for humans of even space marines due to the most extreme climate ever found.

Armoury any character may select 100 pts of wargear from the dreadnaught armoury

dreadnaught weapons

twin linked lascannon 20pts see codex space marines

multi melta 10pts see codex space marines

missile launcher 10pts see codex space marines

plasma gun- 15pts see codex space marines

additonal power fist 5pts pts gives the dreadnaught +1 attack

dreadnaught secondary weapons

flamer 5pts see codex space marines

heavy bolter 5 pts see codex space marines

power sword (only power fist arms) 5 pts- kills instanty.

dreadnaught upgrades

blessed hull- some dreadnaughts are covered in holy liturgys and anointed in many scared oils, they have the blessing of the emperor behind them. can re roll one penetrating hit per turn

force feild- 20pts- may ignor pone penetrating or glancing hit per game.

articulated legs 30pts- some dreadnaughts have more roatry legs, these alow them to use their legs in combat to kick foes. dreadnaught gets +2 ws and +2 attacks but the also recive -1i because of their lowered balance.

extra armour- see codex space marines

smoke launchers- see codex space marines

searchlight- see codex space marines

Special rules:

No allies- the dreadnaughts will never take any allies due to their proudness and the nature of their doctrine.

strategy rating: 3

chapter traits- any dreadnaught may select a specilised chapter trait.
Black templars 10pts- has the furious charge special rule
imperial fists 10pts- has the tank hunters special rule
iron hands 20pts- has teh blessing of the omnisiah rule used for techmarines in codex space marines.
blood ravens: 10pts- commanders only, has a strategy rating of 4 rather than 3
raven guard- 15pts: can deep strike


1 dreadnaght commander
The body of an ancient space marine commander entombed within a dreadnaught. These heros are the leaders of dreadnaught armies, contuing their former role as captain.

pts: 145 armour: fr: 12 si: 12 re: 10 ws: 5 bs: 4 s: 6 (10) i: 4 a: 2
weapons: dreadnaught close combat weapon, assault weapon
options: May select anything from the armoury
special rules:
commander- may lead an army
venerable- see codex space marines

0-1 librarian dreadnaught
Librarians encased in a holy dreadnaught will keep their psycic poweres, they are rare but valued and powerfull.

pts: 145 armour: fr: 12 si: 12 re: 10 ws: 4 bs: 4 s: 6 (10) i: 4 a: 2
weapons: dreadnaught close combat weapon, assault weapon, psycic hood
options: May select anything from the armoury
psycic power: smite- see codex space marines


venerable dreadnaughts- see codex space marines (must become venerable)


dreadnaughts- see codex space marines (can't take venerable)

fast attack

Assault dreadnaght
The assault dreadnaughts have had their legs replaced with tracks and their weaponry optimised for close combat.

pts: 160 armour: fr: 12 si: 12 re: 10 ws: 5 bs: 4 s: 6 (10) i: 5 a: 25weapons: weapons: 2 dreadnaught close cmabt weapons
options: may select a power sword at +5 pts
special rules:
tracks: may move 12" instead of 6", can move 6" through difficult terrain

heavy support

missile dreadnaught
Missile dreadnaughts replace their weapons with missile launchers to optimise anti-armour efficency.

pts: 160 armour: fr: 12 si: 12 re: 10 ws: 4 bs: 5 s: 6 (10) i: 4 a: 2
weapons: missile launcher, missile salvo
special rules:
missile salvo:- s 5 r35" ap5 barrage 1

any suggestions will be duly noted.

23-10-2005, 19:08
the powersword arm is a pointless (sic) upgrade, you get no save from a dreadnaught close combat weapon anyway and they attack at I anyway.
secondary weapon heavy bolter is a little cheap for a powerful weapon.
i would either remove or re-point.

Hideous Loon
23-10-2005, 20:24
What is the point of having an entire ARMY consisting of nothing but Dreadnoughts? Since there's about seven in an entire CHAPTER, and it's cheesy to have a Marine army with more than two? No, sir, the mere idea, and the fluff-heresy committed in making an army of Dreadnoughts... *walks off, shaking his head in dismay*

23-10-2005, 20:29
There are like 80 billion chapters of space marines.

One could be damaged to the point where they field more than the standard amount of dreadnaughts, and could indeed have an entire company devoted to dreadnaughts (not saying 100 dreadnoughts, but a large amount).

They could be an experiemental force of marines allied with the techpriests of mars. Who knows?

It isn't a huge stretch of the imagination.

23-10-2005, 20:47
no like trunks said it is a) for fun or b) it is quite easy, plenty of dreadnaughts from different chapters could join forces. As for chese they are venerble to being outnumbered, swamped, blown to bits by anti-tank.

Ill change the powersword, its meant to be insta-kill.

24-10-2005, 06:10
Actually in the Index Astartes article on Dreadnaughts there's a bit about the battle for gate IX or something. 15 Marine dreadies fighting of an Ork Killa Kan and Dread rush. Always thought it'd be fun to do.

24-10-2005, 13:24
There are like 80 billion chapters of space marines.

Err... Try approximately 1000.

24-10-2005, 18:22
I also don't like the idea of a Dread army at all (mainly because it totally contradicts fluff, is cheesy, and a quite uninteresting list), but maybe this here (http://www.kerlin.de/sm/cybot3.php) may be helpful. It's german, but quite easy to understand and you can still use babelfish. I also remember seeing some other versions of different Dread codices out there.

24-10-2005, 19:59
As I keep saying it is fr fun, who cares about fluff :D. As for unitneresting thts why I need help, I have veiwed 3 or 4 dred codexes already.

24-10-2005, 20:39
This reminds me , back in the day a friend and I were batting the idea around doing a Dreadnaought command squad. though I wouldn't want to be the marine that gets 'helped' by an apothocary dreanaught.

24-10-2005, 22:28
As I keep saying it is fr fun, who cares about fluff :D. ...

Sorry, but for me, that's a paradox.;) Have fun.

25-10-2005, 11:07
While I agree that the fluff shouldn't be ignored when making things like this, I disagree that a Dreadnaught army contradicts it entirely. Like I mentioned before the battle of gate IX (I think it's in Index Astartes 1) As a general rule sigur is right, most chapters wouldn't have enough dreads to pull this off. But for a senario or something it's a pretty cool idea. 3 or 4 Chapter putting all their dreads together as a spearhead for a massive assault, or as the strongpoint in their defencive line. It's plausible, just not common.

Instead of trying to create a new codex, just use the existing one.
Techmarine Commander, 2x Tac squads, 1x techmarine and 5 dreads. Maybe even take the Space Wolf venerable dread as the HQ if your opponant will allow it.

25-10-2005, 18:48
yeah but it is a collection of dreadnaughts from different chapters.

26-10-2005, 05:00
A dread is a machine with a guy inside. WOW! If they can make tons of leman russ tanks they can easily make tons of dreads. If they have the tech to make them they can also have the tech to mass produce them. There are like a million worlds with humans on them.

The fluff is that only great warriors may be put into dreads but a chapter can say "what if we all fight in dread suits."

26-10-2005, 14:15
warlordgrubnatz - I wasn't suggesting that this list would represent dreads from a single chapter (although it could, check the ultra's organisation in 3rd ed codex) but for senarios like Gate IX it'd be great fun.

EvilIncarnate - Actually the dread is a life support system incorporated into a combat machine. And they can't mass produce them cause the Ad mech would flip their spanners right out. Each and every nut and bolt has to be tightened with much ceremony and annointed with sacred oils and stuff. So it probably take years to build one (assuming the chapter itself builds them and not ad mech worlds). Most of a chapter's dreads would be thousands of years old.

The fluff says that only great warriors, who are practically dead, may be put into dreads.

But this is moving into the realms of the Background forum now so if you would like to start a discussion thread there I'd be happy to join in.


26-10-2005, 15:18
Actually we had this question before and everyone pretty soon agreed that this is utter heresy and impossible to do.