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08-06-2008, 23:15

I just started with a VC army and I strongly need advise. I have problems to make a good balanced VC army. The theme of the army will be a dead templar army. My colourscheme will be white with red crosses. I am using a mixure of bretonnian and VC models.

Here's the list:

Vampire with flayed hauberk and Dark acolyte 155
necromancer with 2 power stones and extra spell 110
Necromancer with 2 power stones and extra spell 110
Necromancer with book of arkhan 90

3 corpse carts with balefire 300
20 skellies + spear + St + mus 192
20 skellies + spear + st + mus 192
25 zombies 100
25 zombies 100
6 dire wolfs 48
6 dire wolfs 48

6 black knights+ bard + st + champ 225
(banner of hellish vigour)
6 black knights + bard + st + champ 200
4 fell bats (pegasi models) 80
5 fell bats 100

4 cairn whaith 200

total : 2250

the whole idea is to get within 24 inch of enemy mages with the corpse carts to nullify enemy magic (-3 casting). The bats will go artillery/ mage hunting. The (raised) zombies and skellies hold the enemy units. The knights and wraiths will do (hopefully) the damage to let them flee.

As said before I am new to Vampire Counts and I have no idea if this will work. Any suggestions are welcome (especially if they are themed/fluffy!)


Brakke Aep

09-06-2008, 00:01
You need a Vampire Lord.

Using 1 vampire and having them only be a Hero level at 2250 is going to cripple your army.

I'd definitely find the points from somewhere to make your general a Lord. Fluff wise I'd go with Dread Knight as well.

What spells are you giving your necromancers? If your giving them Raise Dead then I would drop the Zombies, and replace them with a 3rd Skeleton unit. You can always summon Zombies.

I assume the Necromancers are going to be riding the Corpse Carts and going inside the skeleton units? That's another good reason to run 3x skeletons as it gives the necro/ cart a "Look Out Sir" save, as the 3rd cart will be out in the open otherwise and vulnerable to war machines. This would also be a good reason to add a champion to the skeletons to save the Necromancers getting challenged.

With only the 1 vampire your units will have trouble marching anywhere unless you clump all your units close together.

I like your idea though, I'm building a Bretonnian VC army as well. :D

09-06-2008, 08:56
This wins wost 2250 vamps list ive ever seen.

Necromancers are terrible and you dont have a lord. Theirs no blood knights and you have spears on small skeleton blocks.

6 Black knights arnt threatening when the games full of chosen knights/bretts/dragon princes/bloodknights....

1 attack knights just arnt scary.. especially Ws 3 ones.

11-06-2008, 19:16
Hi thanx for the advice and I'm sorry for the late reaction. I was away for a couple of days.

So I need a lord. First time since 5th edition I am using a lord in 2k or 2.25k. Actually it sounds pretty logical because the general is extremely important for VC. Much more important than with high elves. I am trying to make a good combination for him but I have difficulties making a good one. I think magic is important but a good fighter is maybe more important. What is actually the best combo for combat vampire lords?

I have indeed too many necromancers. I will drop one together with one corpse cart. The whole idea about them was given the enemy a -3 casting which I thought it would be a great idea. -2 is still ok too. necromancers are not bad. They are just so cheap. One necro is 55p. One blood knight is 55p too.

I will make 3 units of 30 skellies with champions and I drop the zombies. The whole plan is indeed to raise a lot of them.

The reasons I don't take blood knights are: They are ridiculous expensive (55p) and they are frenzied. Last week I played against a unit of 5 with my high elves. They are easlily lured out with an eagle and then they were countercharged by some pansy spearman. Bye bye 400+ points.

The black knights are bad too? I always played with 6 silver helms or dragon princes and they did well. Perhaps it's better to make one unit of 12 because they cause fear. In overall I still think Black knights are better than Blood knights.

Loopstah: You are building a Bretonnian army as well. very nice. How do you convert your models and which models do you use?

last question to anyone: What is a good combination for combat vampire lords which have to be close to the infantry?