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09-06-2008, 02:52
Hey all. I picked up the Bretonnia army book a week back, and want to try out a small list to see how I feel about them. I wanted to try and make the list balanced, but still decent enough to win, although I think it feels a little light on Knights. I was considering dropping some stuff like the Errants and the Bowmen and trying to fit some Grail Knights and a Reliquae in. Would that be a better idea, or keep with this list? Any recommendations?

Paladin (Battle Standard)
-Barded Warhorse
-Virtue of Duty
-Sword of Might

-Dispel Scroll

8 Knights of the Realm
-Full Command

8 Knights Errant
-Full Command
-Errantry Banner

10 Peasant Bowmen

10 Peasent Bowmen

20 Men at Arms
-Full Command

5 Mounted Yeomen

Sir Lambard
16-06-2008, 01:28
if this is 1K pts i think your fine where you are
the grail knights will be too expensive and your reliquae unit wont have the numbers to be effective at 1K
but at 1500 id add the reliquae
just my thoughts

16-06-2008, 18:26
As lambard said this looks a resoanable list perhaps reduce one the Knight Errants down to 6 and drop the damsels horse and boost the men at arms up a bit.

You don't want Grial knights or relique at this low points they are both just too expensive.

16-06-2008, 19:47
Thanks guys. I guess I didn't do to bad for a first time list, huh? :p

Time to get painting, then!