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09-06-2008, 12:19
I will be playing a Nurgle army tomorrow. This will be my first 2000 point game with my 7th edition VC army. I have played Vampire/Undead since 4th edition so i am reasonably experienced player. However, I really have no idea what to expect tomorrow. I was wondering if i could get some pointers from some experienced Demon/Chaos players.

Brief Summary of my army:
1 Vampire Lord
3 Vampires
Core: 2x Ghouls, 1x Skeletons (bunker), Corpse Cart (load), Dire Wolves
Special: Grave Guard (GW), Spirit Hosts
Rare: Black Coach

12 PD, 7 DD, 2 Bound Spells

My Opponent: He works at GW and though i have never played him before, i know he is a power gamer. I saw part of his army in the display case and he USES the Great Unclean One and has 3x Juggernaught. I have no idea how strong a Nurgle army is so any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

09-06-2008, 12:37
Don't get your Vampires close to the GuO OR the Juggers, Juggers have a tonne of Killingblow attacks and the Great Unclean One will kill you before you kill it.

Now, swamp him, that's the biggest weakness of all, don't go for kills, go for swamping and combined charges

09-06-2008, 13:22
Maybe switch out the spirit host too as everything in the daemon army has magical attacks and will slaughter the spirit host in close combat.