View Full Version : Salamanders: an old view

ML Kurze
23-10-2005, 20:28
Hey everyone!
I've been reading through the White Dwarves with the Armageddon battle reports and was thinking "the Sallies lost a lot with the new codex". So, after some thinking, I thought I'd just post my ideas on this forum and see what you think of my tiny revision of the Salamanders. It's mostly options from their old army list, combined with the current Space Marine codex.

Special Rules
- Self Reliance: when a squad is taken down to just one marine, he doesn't need to take 'All on your own' tests.
- Slow reflexes: ALL entries in the army list with an initiative value have to reduce their initiative by one (so I-4 becomes I-3). In addition, when rolling dice for seeing how far Salamanders can advance, withdraw or move through difficult terrain, half the score on the dice, rounding fractions up.
- Traits: see codex Space Marines.

- Up to two relics may be taken in grand total, rather than one. However, only one of each relic can be taken (so you can't take two iron halo's).
- Anyone with access to the armoury may take a signum at +5 pts (the signum allows you to re-roll a single failed to hit roll for a ranged weapon, that was part of the squad in which the owner of the signum is in).
- Thermal Resisting Armour, which stops any melta weapon to use two dice. Only one can be used. This costs +30 pts for Land Raiders and +15 pts for any other vehicle.

Terminator squad, Terminator Assault squad and Terminator bodyguard
The following weapon options count for all the squads, while the Assault squad is deleted from the army list. All terminators are armed with either a power fist and storm bolter, or a thunder hammer and storm shield. Any terminators may upgrade their power fist or thunder hammer for a chainfist at +5 pts. Up to two terminators may swap their storm bolter for either an assault cannon or heavy flamer (cost as in codex space marines).

The dreadnought can take a plasma cannon at +10 pts, twin-linked autocannon at +5 pts or twin-linked heavy bolters at no additional cost.

Veteran squad
The veteran with lightning claws must replace them with a thunder hammer and storm shield, while a veteran with a lascannon can exchange it for a heavy flamer at no additional cost (so it's either heavy flamer or thunder hammer, but not both).

Tactical squad
Any tactical squad may replace their lascannon for a heavy flamer at no additional cost. This is instead of a second flamer (but you can take two plasma guns if you wish to).

Predator (both types)
Two heavy flamers may be taken in the side sponsons for +10 pts.