View Full Version : Deamons of Chaos 2300pts (Thin on the Ground)

09-06-2008, 13:09
Been looking through a number of topics, playing a few games and generally figuring out what's good and what's not.

This is how my army looks at the moment.

Bloodthirster, Armour of Khorne, Immortal Fury=490pts
I know he's not that great, a keeper or lord of change would be better, but this guy has performed well so far, can fight just about anything and beat it, and also forces people to alter there plans. He acts alone most the time, and the rest of the army can be self sufficent.

Herald of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery=140pts
Herald of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery=140pts
The twins, I've found I like lore of Tzeentch, but I can take something else if I need to. These sit in there horror units and hope nothing comes along to beat them up.

Herald of Nurgle, BSB, Slime Trail=150pts
Kept him cheap, the bargain of the army.

10 Horrors=120pts
10 Horrors=120pts
Babysit? The heralds, also add some PD and DD.

15 Plauge Bearers, Full Command=210pts
I've found 15/16(with BSB) to be enough, and that an extra 60pts for the added rank and autobreak wasn't worth it.

5 Furies=60pts
5 Furies=60pts
The throw away units, good for hunting warmachines and screening, also good for sitting behind units likely to flee.

5 Flesh Hounds=175pts
5 Flesh Hounds=175pts
5 Flesh Hounds=175pts
My favourite unit in the book, they can combo charge with the Bloodthirster, or beat up small support units by themselves.

5 Flamers=175pts
Best unit in the book, enough said.

2 Fiends of Slannesh=110pts
The only slannesh unit, these have been hit and miss for me so far, they've taken out a war alter over several rounds, and have suicide charged a couple of level 4 mages, but in other games there just easyish victory points.

60 Models

So that's about it, I can see a few problems, it's got very few models on the table, mainly due to the greater deamon, and it really needs to be played aggressivly, but I've played a few games with it now and it's performed quite well. I've been thinking of chopping the thirster, and with his points the following changes could be made:

add 4 plauge bearers +48
add 2x4 horrors +96
add 15 daemonettes with banner and ecstasy icon +217
add another fury unit +60
add another flamer +35
add spellbreaker +25

Still debating on it though, I'd gain the daemonette unit which could hold anything, and also another fury unit. Plus the horrors would actually be able to enter combat now. Still not sure if it's worth it though.

Any opinions on the list before or after changes would be welcome.