View Full Version : 2k all comer Nurgle daemon list

09-06-2008, 22:33
Here're the goods

Big Poppa
trappings of nurgle
stream of bile

Banner of sundering

16 Plague bearers
Icon of Eternal Virulence

15 Plague bearers

10 Plague bearers

5 furies

3 nurglings

3 nurglings

2 beasts

2 beasts

09-06-2008, 22:48
I hate units of 10, drop one of your units of Nurglings and up the size of that small unit a bit. You may also consider dropping a beast in favor of giving your units Icon of Eternal Virulence, which really helps them over come the lack of unit size.

09-06-2008, 23:07
unit of 10 seems like a necessary evil. More like a flank holder / table quarter unit. The 3 nurglings will unforately be far mor useful than an extra tank.

editing: The "poison" banner thats on the 16 Pbs is actually the "Icon of Eternal Virulence", i was just too lazy to look up what its called.

09-06-2008, 23:14
Epidemius would seem to be right up your alley if your group is ok with special characters. He deals a load of attacks and the poison bit is very useful.

09-06-2008, 23:51
well, im playing tomorrow, its at a GW bunker, so Special characters are no problem. I have a love/hate thing with epi. Half his abilities are magic orientated, and hes not a magic user himself and take up vert valuable points for other magic users. 4+ poison is nice though, i can;t deny.

i also don't own the mini, and don't have any intention of getting him. So he's probably not an option