View Full Version : A sugestion for 8th, upgrade to ranged unit champs.

10-06-2008, 12:51
This is an idea that have crossed my mind a few times. There really isnt much of a reason to take a champion in most ranged units. Mostly because with the +1 Bs to 1 model the upgrade seems kinda weak compared an other guy with a ranged weapon. And it wouldnt really get better with +1A, since its a ranged unit, +1LD would be godly, and way to good. And cant really be justified.

But what could an "officer" in a ranged unit do instead of just showing of his mad skills to his mates. Which only is hitting 1/6th more often than them.
Maybe he should try and do some shouting, and giving some directions.
Like, splitting fire?

If you think of longfangs in 40k (ranged guys with big weapons) they have a pretty neat ability to split up their fire. Targeting different units each.

What if a unit champion allowed a ranged unit to fire at 2 targets? Then the champion upgrade would become, better, but in 40k it is no were near overpowered, its just a neat little rule that gives a bit more to the game.

It would also lead to that missile units would maybe no longer be fielded in minimum size only. (with some exceptions) And there would be a reason to field a command group in your ranged unit.

Game ex.
20 Archers on a hill. There is a fanatic floating around right in front of the unit. And a bigger unit behind. The champion in charge commands 5 guys to pluck down the fanatic and the rest to direct fire at the bigger unit.

Wrong, right? Initial thoughts?
Would it be something you would like to see in your games?
Or would rather not have that such things were possible?

My initial pro and cons:

Pro: 20 man units, with full command look much better on the battle field than 2*10 close together.
Pro: Bigger ranged units gets better.
Pro: The rest of the command group makes more sence in a large unit rather than a small.
Pro: Makes ranged units harder to kill (bigger)

Con: You have fewer units.
con: Would it still only lead to 2*10 instead of 20, just with a champion in each?
Con: Some pretty lame things could happen with tomb kings, with their current rules.
Con: Makes ranged units harder to kill. (bigger)
Con: The Hochland longrifle is always a problem.

10-06-2008, 13:16
I like the idea. Although the +1 BS is nothing to sneeze at, but I do admit I often forgo the option to spend the points elsewhere. Being able to split my fire would definately encourage me to buy a unit champion for my archers. I am not sure about the game balance for the points they cost, but I do like the concept.

10-06-2008, 13:21
I think it's a fantastic idea.
Perhaps even to go as far as to require the placement of the champion within the unit to allow them to split fire.

Everyone on the champions left can fire at unit A, while everyone on the champions right can fire at unit B.

I verymuch like the idea.

10-06-2008, 14:49
I voted yes, but I doubt it will happen. Too bad unit size 5+ isn't an option.

10-06-2008, 15:00
Interesting idea - however, with most missile units you want to have the whole unit firing at a one target, in order to cause sufficient damage.